Thank you for an exciting 2021!

Looking at what we have achieved together đŸ€

At the end of the year, we like to look back at what we have achieved as a team – in cooperation with our worldwide network of partners and the community. The year 2021 was again dominated by the global pandemic. While it had little impact on our work processes, it meant that personal encounters remained very rare.

At the same time, we launched the first COOL Days, a new event that brings together people interested in Collabora Online and LibreOffice technology. Collabora Online, Collabora Office and our mobile apps have all seen major performance improvements and increased functionality this year. At the end of the year, we released CODE 21.11, which previews what our flagship enterprise product, due out in early 2022, will look like. Thank you, for your support this year. See what we have achieved together this year. 💜

🆕 Collabora Online includes new functionalities and better performance đŸ’»

This year Collabora Online has undergone a number of important updates. In addition to interoperability and user experience, there was a strong focus on performance enhancements. Many ground-breaking new functionalities already celebrated their premiere in the 6.4 release branch. With the release of CODE 21.11, more new implementations from the desktop were added.

Collabora Online 6.4 adds ground-breaking features

Pivot Tables in Collabora Online 6.4.x
Select & run macros in Collabora Online 6.4.7
Anchors in Collabora Online 6.4.10
Anchors in Collabora Online 6.4.10


âšĄïžÂ Powerful new features arrive for Collabora Office on the desktop đŸ–„ïž

Collabora Office 21.06 brings enhanced productivity and smooth migration

June 2021 saw the major release of our desktop product Collabora Office. This release brought many UX improvements and smoother document interchange. Collabora Office 21.06 was focused on performance and making migration simpler for organizations. This release introduced a new numbering system, based on the year and month of its release, and many powerful features like a style inspector, better access for extensions and improved PPTX filters and many more.

Improved PPTX import in Collabora Office 21.06
Powerful new Style Inspector tool in the Sidebar of Collabora Office 21.06
Collabora Office 21.06 makes it easier and more convenient to find and install extensions

Collabora Office 6.4 saw many updates and improvements

  • April, version 6.4-33: Printed publications can now make use of Gutter Margins and PPTX import improvements for shaped bitmaps arrive
  • May, version 6.4-39: Improvements on XML import have been implemented
Add Gutter Margins to text documents in Collabora Office 6.4-33
True to the original PPTX import if shaped bitmaps in Collabora Office 6.4-33

🧰 CODE 21.11 provides insights into the upcoming enterprise version 📄

CODE 21.11 is the herald of our new enterprise version to be released next year. The current development edition introduces the full range of new features and performance enhancements for testing. Among other things, it contains the new native sidebar, improved interoperability and a number of new effects for objects such as glow, soft edges or blurry shadows. The numerous performance improvements include asynchronous save, JavaScipt acceleration, more efficient network traffic, and improved multi-user editing. Learn more details in our announcement.

New “native” Sidebar in CODE 21.11
CODE 21.11 includes a new “native” Sidebar
Apply glow and soft edge effects to objects in CODE 21.11
Improved PPTX import/export filters in CODE 21.11

🆕 Many new features for Collabora Office for Android, iOS & Chrome OSđŸ“±

Large, user-friendly UI on tablets
CSV Import in Collabora Office on Android
Moving Sheets in Collabora Office on Android
Smart connectors in presentation in Collabora Office on Android
VBA macros in Collabora Office for Android


🏠 Small scale work-from-home-solution and ARM64 supportÂ đŸ‘šâ€đŸ’Œ

In March, together with our partners at Ubuntu and Nextcloud, we introduced a work-from-home solution for the Raspberry Pi including the easy-to-use Collabora Online built-in server. In April, we announced that CODE now also officially supports the ARM64 platform.

Canonical, Nextcloud and Collabora deliver work-from-home solution to Raspberry Pi

📰 Amazing news, interesting figures 📈

Over 250 partners worldwide

In 2021, our large network of amazing partners kept growing. We can now rely on over 200 partners from more than 50 countries. We help each other to promote open source, privacy & digital sovereign solutions and re-invest the proceeds into creating great new software. Find a Collabora partner in a special field or area! Or become a partner yourself! available in four new languages

We continued dedicating a lot of effort to make our website and the information about our products easily available to a larger set of people. This year we implemented translations in Simplified Chinese , Japanese đŸ‡ŻđŸ‡”, Russian đŸ‡·đŸ‡ș and Czech 🇹🇿 to the available options on Thanks a lot to the translators. Also, the community translating Collabora Online kept growing. Would you like to help to translate our software to your language? Join our translation team on Weblate! is available in new languages, including japanese.


Collabora’s Contributions to LibreOffice 7.1 and 7.2

Collabora is part of the ecosystem developing and advancing LibreOffice Technology. Our developers responsible for many commits to the LibreOffice core. Many of the new features in LibreOffice 7.1 and LibreOffice 7.2 like Smart Art improvements, blurry shadows for objects, gutter margins or the possibility to add visible digital signatures to existing PDF files have been implemented by Collaborans. Find more details of our 7.1 contributions in our blog.

PDF signing improvements by Collabora in LibreOffice 7.1


Updated LibreOffice growth infographic 2021 📈

We updated the popular LibreOffice growth infographic. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, the statistics around LibreOffice collaboration are impressive. Over 210M active LibreOffice users, over 70M pulls from the CODE Docker image, 500K installs of the Collabora Office mobile apps, and more than 12K code commits from the community and the ecosystem to the LibreOffice code. Have a look at the numbers!


đŸŽ™ïž Together at a distance – a year of online conferences 👏

The major events – foremost the large international conferences – had to take place online due to the global pandemic. Nevertheless, also new events emerged. We were part of the Open Source Day for Enterprises in Russia. For the first time, Collabora hosted the COOL Days, a virtual conference completely focused on Collabora Online. While most conferences took place online, there have also been a few opportunities to meet in person. For instance, in France, at the Open Source Experience and on at the it-sa fair in Nuremberg and some smaller German events like digital + souverĂ€n.

A fresh breeze on the calendar – COOL Days 2021

This year we hosted the COOL Days for the first time. A two-day online event that focused exclusively on topics related to Collabora Online. The first day, the Developer Day, focused on technical topics. The second day, the Business Day, dealt with questions of marketing and digital sovereignty. The schedule is available on our website, the videos from the Developer Day can be found in our playlist on YouTube.

FOSDEM 2021 went online

Europe’s largest open-source event had to take place as an online this year. However, this did not stop our team and the open-source community from presenting themselves and their latest developments. Collabora was present with a whole series of talk covering Collabora Online and LibreOffice technology. Find the videos of our FOSDEM 2021 talks and more slides available for download in our blog.


“Collabora Online for your documents” by Michael Meeks. Download the presentation!
“How Collabora Online development improves LibreOffice” by Jan “Kendy” HoleĆĄovskĂœ. Download the presentation!
“Porting LibreOffice to macOS on Apple Silicon” by Tor Lillqvist. Download the presentation!

Collaborans contributing strongly to the LibreOffice conference

In contrast to last year’s joint conference, this year’s LibreOffice conference was hosted solely by The Document Foundation. The Collabora team presented 12 talks this year. All links to the videos and the slides for download can be found in our blog.

Download “Collabora Keynote” by Michael Meeks
Download “PDF and other graphic improvements” by TomaĆŸ Vajngerl
Download “JSDialogs improvements over the past year” by Szymon KƂos


đŸ’Ș A welcoming and vibrant COOL community đŸ€

More than a year after moving the work on Collabora Online out of the TDF infrastructure and onto GitHub, we can say that it was a good decision. We have lowered the barriers to participation while increasing the transparency of the project. New, active members have been found, keeping in touch via the Telegram channel, and supporting the work on CODE and Collabora Online. Once a week, always on Thursdays, the community meets for a call.

Users can now easily file issues on GitHub, and the community answers questions from home users in the forum. The minutes of the community meetings can also be found there. Another great way to get involved is to help translate. At the same time, we are happy to be an important ecosystem partner of the LibreOffice community helping to advance LibreOffice Technology.


Showcasing our Consultancy work đŸ’»

Our developers have a superb expertise in LibreOffice technology and implement new features and enhancements. This year, we did set up a page showcasing some of those implementations we realized on our client’s request – to the benefit of everyone. Find out more!


Presenting the benefits of Collabora Online for educational institutions đŸ‘©â€đŸŽ“

Scalable, reliable, privacy respecting and secure! Collabora Online is an ideal solution for modern learning environments. We have put together a web page with the many benefits of Collabora Online in educational institutions. Learn more!


The Collabora Online SDK ⚙

Collabora Online SDK describes the main methods that allow you to interact with different Collabora Online components. Find installation guides, frequently asked questions, Post Message API and documentation on exiting integrations and on how to create new ones on our new SDK pages.

Google Summer of Code 2021 ☀

This year, the Collabora team again provided mentors for LibreOffice projects within the Google Summer of Code. Among the topics mentored were interesting implementations such as the VCL graphics backend, the text style deck and revisions to the SVM format. Detailed information on these and other projects can be found in our GSoC 21 article.

News by Collabora directly into your inbox 📹

This year, we have updated our public newsletter. We made it visually more appealing and lowered the frequency of the mail outs. If you would like to receive regular updates like this one on the news on Collabora Online, Collabora Office and the COOL Days please sign up to our newsletter, that is mailed approximately 6 to 8 times per year.

Tip: keep an eye on our new releases for more new features.



It has been a very busy year here at Collabora Productivity. We enjoy seeing the Collabora Online Community grow and keep on advancing our mission to make open-source rock. We continued giving users privacy and businesses control over their data. We managed to achieve excellent results, and had a good time working on them – despite the challenging conditions that 2021 persisted. The first edition of the COOL Days was a real highlight for us. We have big plans for 2021, and hope there will be more possibilities to meet in person on conferences and on events. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, if you’d like to partner with us, or to buy from us. Thank you for the great support this year. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank You!

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Cas d’utilisation : SIB fournissant Nextcloud et Collabora Online Ă  2500 enseignants et 33000 Ă©lĂšves en Bretagne, France

Permettre aux Ă©lĂšves d’avoir un accĂšs Ă  distance, le choix du matĂ©riel (smartphones, tablettes, ordinateurs), des fonctionnalitĂ©s de collaboration avancĂ©es sur les documents, des fonctionnalitĂ©s de partage avancĂ©es, et le partage en groupe.
Tels Ă©taient les besoins de SIB, un acteur public majeur de services numĂ©riques, lorsqu’il a envisagĂ© d’amĂ©liorer son service auprĂšs de 33 000 Ă©lĂšves et 2 500 enseignants dans 57 collĂšges !

SIB a trouvé la solution parfaite dans Nextcloud et Collabora Online.

SIB accompagne les structures de santĂ© et les entitĂ©s publiques dans leur transformation numĂ©rique. L’organisme fournit des infrastructures aux enseignants et aux Ă©lĂšves : ordinateurs, serveurs, applications hĂ©bergĂ©es, rĂ©seaux et support.
Dans ce cas prĂ©cis, ils ont travaillĂ© Ă  faire Ă©voluer les systĂšmes d’information au niveau supĂ©rieur pour le dĂ©partement d’Ille-et-Vilaine, notamment les collĂšges.

“Nous Ă©vitons les problĂšmes d’interopĂ©rabilitĂ© lorsque les Ă©lĂšves travaillent Ă  domicile
avec Nextcloud et Collabora Online qui Ă©vitent le recours Ă  des versions spĂ©cifiques de Microsoft Office”

Utilisation de Nextcloud et de Collabora Online

La nouvelle solution, jusqu’Ă  33.000 Ă©lĂšves et 2.500 enseignants dans 57 collĂšges, permet aux Ă©lĂšves de travailler depuis leur domicile, Ă  l’intĂ©rieur des dossiers de groupe Nextcloud et d’utiliser Collabora.
De cette façon (lisez l’Ă©tude de cas complĂšte!), les enseignants n’ont pas le problĂšme de ne pas avoir la bonne version de Microsoft Office pour lire le travail des Ă©lĂšves, ce qui rĂ©sout les problĂšmes d’interopĂ©rabilitĂ©.
De mĂȘme, les enseignants et les directeurs d’Ă©cole utilisent Collabora pour le partage et la collaboration sur des tĂąches administratives.

Merci Ă  notre partenaire Nextcloud pour son excellent travail sur ce projet. Lisez leur blog pour en savoir plus sur cette Ă©tude de cas.

Excellents commentaires des utilisateurs

Les utilisateurs ont accueilli Collabora Online et Nextcloud ainsi que toutes les fonctionnalitĂ©s avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme : ils ont apprĂ©ciĂ© l’accĂšs Ă  distance aux documents, l’Ă©dition collaborative en ligne et la convivialitĂ© de la solution.
Certains enseignants utilisaient dĂ©jĂ  des solutions d’hĂ©bergement en ligne. Pour eux, le fait d’avoir la mĂȘme expĂ©rience hĂ©bergĂ©e en Bretagne par un organisme public orientĂ© vers la sĂ©curitĂ©, la confidentialitĂ© et la protection a Ă©tĂ© une expĂ©rience trĂšs positive. Pour les utilisateurs qui n’Ă©taient pas familiers avec ces services, un soutien et un accompagnement personnel ont Ă©tĂ© proposĂ©s pendant les phases de migration. Ils ont acquis de l’expĂ©rience avec toutes les possibilitĂ©s et l’ont utilisĂ©e pour des usages innovants avec leurs Ă©lĂšves pendant les cours.

Ce n’est pas tout !

Lisez l’Ă©tude de cas complĂšte pour en savoir plus sur les raisons qui ont poussĂ© le SIB Ă  choisir Collabora Online pour ce projet, ses exigences initiales, ses conïŹgurations techniques et ses dĂ©cisions en matiĂšre d’infrastructure.


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Use Case: SIB delivering Nextcloud and Collabora Online to 2500 teachers and 33000 pupils in Brittany, France

Allowing students to have remote access, the choice of any device (smartphones, tablets, computers), advanced collaboration features around documents, and advanced sharing features including groups.
These were the requirements of SIB, a major, global public actor of digital services, when looking at improving their service to 33.000 pupils and 2.500 teachers in 57 middle schools!

SIB found an ideal solution in Nextcloud and Collabora Online

SIB supports healthcare structures and public entities in their digital transformation. The organization provides infrastructure to teachers and pupils: computers, servers, hosted applications, networks and support.
In this specific case (get the full case study!), they have been working on taking their information systems to the next level for the Ille-et-Vilaine department, including middle schools.

“We prevent interoperability problems when students work from home
with Nextcloud and Collabora Online, which avoids the need for specific Microsoft Office versions”

Using Nextcloud and Collabora Online

The new solution allows up to 33.000 pupils and 2.500 teachers in 57 middle schools to work from home, inside Nextcloud Group Folders along with Collabora Online.
This way teachers don’t have the issue that they don’t have the right Microsoft Office version to read the students’ work which removes any interoperability problems between Microsoft versions.
Also teachers and directors of the schools use Collabora Online for sharing and collaboration on administrative tasks.

Thanks to our partner Nextcloud for their great work in this project and for their blog about this case study.

Great user feedback

Users welcomed Collabora Online inside Nextcloud and all the features with great enthusiasm: they loved the remote access to documents, online collaborative edition and the user-friendliness of the solution.
Some teachers already used online hosted solutions. For them, having the same experience hosted in Britanny by a security, privacy and protection-oriented public organization was a very positive experience. For users unfamiliar with those services, support and personal coaching was offered during migration phases. They gained experience with the functionality and used it innovatively with their pupils during class time.

Tell me more!

You can read the full case study to learn more about the reasons that made SIB choose Collabora Online for this project, their initial requirements, technical conïŹgurations and infrastructure decisions.


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Collabora Online performance wins – what we did for CODE and Collabora Online 21.11

Learn about the many performance improvements in CODE and Collabora Online 21.11

CODE 21.11 – announced yesterday – and of course also Collabora Online 21.11 bring together many performance improvements that we have been working on through the 6.4.x lifecycle as well as some more advanced optimizations. These are rather hard to screenshot for your viewing pleasure for obvious reasons, so please forgive some technical details and links to further reading for those interested. It is ongoing work; more about that at the end of this blog.

Asynchronous save

Collabora Online works hard to preserve your edits in the unlikely case of server-side failure. We regularly auto-save the document while users are editing, however in the past storing your document through to the back end storage had to be completed successfully before the user could continue typing. This could cause some jerkiness from time to time as people typed. Now this up-loading part of the saving is done asynchronously – i.e. in the background. For more technical details you can enjoy a talk on the design. For times when it is necessary to save synchronously such as during a save-as, we now provide animated user-feedback, color-coded according to the respective current application:

Accelerated JavaScript

Lots of work has been done first to profile, and then to optimize the performance of Collabora Online. Our profiles showed, somewhat surprisingly, that a lot of the scope for improvement was in the browser. As such we have significantly improved our websocket message handling, pixel processing and grouping of UI refreshes to give very significant interactivity improvements to more recent 6.4.x versions.

Online calc profile image before optimization
avoiding duplicate work (shown) by performing DOM updates after processing a batch of incoming events.

Moving more of the document to the client

Collabora Online 21.11 brings an understanding of text documents’ page positioning to the browser. That allows us to rendering page surrounds there avoiding a source of perceived flicker when moving up and down documents, and giving a smoother experience. This builds on more recent work in Calc to render worksheet backgrounds, and grid in the browser for similar reasons – giving slicker editing.

Improved spreadsheet performance in Calc

Collabora continues to put a lot of effort into enhancing the performance of our collaborative office suite. As an example, our streamlining of the Find & Replace functionality resulted in a massive performance boost. Also, opening speed of large XLSX files saw a some significant improvements. In Collabora Online 21.11, we have fundamentally revised the way spell checking is done in Calc with a new spell check that prevents continual re-rendering as strings are processed, while also caching spell-checking information, yielding considerable performance improvements. Similarly, AutoFilter searching has been optimized for large numbers of unique records.

Improved multi-user editing

One of the unfortunately pathological test-cases users like to do is to mash the keyboard – which generates text at around ten times the speed of a normal typist. Nevertheless this is something we have been optimizing along with scalability to larger numbers of concurrent editors of the same document. For more details checkout some insights into our ongoing work, or a deeply technical blog on optimizing for a larger number of users. Failing that – we have a video of a torture test of an intense multi-user editing session showing old, 6.4.x, and 21.11 versions from top to bottom:

Optimizing pathological loads – old/6.4.x/21.11

Ongoing work

We continue to work to profile and optimize uses-cases that are important to our users, the upcoming 21.11 micro-releases will exhibit more continuous improvement in this area – as well as ongoing improvements to our document pixel compression to make things even faster and lighter. It is well worth staying up-to-date with the latest releases.

There is also a summary talk of many other recent performance improvements for those with a deep interest in this area.

Test CODE 21.11


Please try out CODE 21.11 and let us know of any workloads which you find have issues so that we may expand our internal testing & benchmarking to include them.

About Collabora Online

Collabora Online is the powerful LibreOffice-based online office that supports all major documents, spreadsheets and presentation file formats, which can all be easily integrated in many infrastructures and solutions. Key features are collaborative editing and excellent office file formatting support. Collabora Online is excellent for enterprises that need a powerful office suite in the Cloud, or on-premises, that protects their privacy and allows them to keep full control of their sensitive corporate data. Collabora Online – built on LibreOffice Technology – enables Hosting and Cloud businesses to include document viewing and collaborative editing functionality into their service offerings.



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Les partenaires de Collabora Online brillent au salon Open Source Experience Paris 2021

Le salon Open source Experience 2021 à Paris était un bel événement. Nous avons rencontré un grand nombre de personnes, mais aussi plusieurs partenaires de Collabora Online !

Si vous avez manquĂ© le salon la semaine derniĂšre Ă  Paris, vous devriez envisager d’y aller l’annĂ©e prochaine. Et si vous y ĂȘtes allĂ©, il y a de fortes chances que vous ayez vu plusieurs partenaires actifs de Collabora Online ! Nous vous montrons le travail de cinq d’entre eux, qui aident leurs clients et nos utilisateurs de diffĂ©rentes maniĂšres.

Tout d’abord, commençons par fĂ©liciter :

Arawa team
L’Ă©quipe d’ Arawa qui a remportĂ© le prix de la meilleure stratĂ©gie d’innovation Open Source Ă  Paris ! Ils le mĂ©ritent pour avoir aidĂ© de nombreuses moyennes et grandets organisations ainsi que des administrations publiques Ă  migrer et Ă  se consolider sur l’open source.En savoir plus sur Arawa

Nous étions également heureux de voir le stand de Jeci . Ils travaillent dur sur la prochaine version de leur intégration Alfresco-Collabora Online.En savoir plus sur Jeci

Les personnes souhaitant un hébergement robuste de Collabora Online peuvent en trouver un bon chez Worteks, qui présentait ses derniÚres nouveautés à Paris.En savoir plus sur Worteks

D’une tout autre ampleur, et spĂ©cifiquement pour une gestion et un travail d’Ă©quipe Algoo proposait Tracim sur lequel Collabora Online s’intĂšgre merveilleusement.En savoir plus sur Tracim

Enfin, nous avons Ă©tĂ© trĂšs heureux d’avoir Ă©tĂ© invitĂ©s par Nextcloud afin de partager un stand Ă  l’Open Source Experience Paris. Nous avons ainsi rĂ©pondu Ă  toutes les questions des visiteurs, rĂ©alisĂ© des dĂ©monstrations de nos outils, offert des t-shirts, des autocollants et plus encore.

Les Ă©quipes de Nextcloud travaillent dur pour terminer leur prochaine version majeure, comprenant des nouvelles croustillantes sur les documents bureautiques 😉 .

Merci à tous ! Nous sommes vraiment heureux que tant de personnes aient trouvé le chemin vers des logiciels sécurisés et respectueux de la vie privée.

Richesse et diversité de nos partenaires et soutien à notre travail

Nous sommes heureux d’avoir pu vous retrouver sur cet Ă©vĂ©nement situĂ© Ă  Paris. De plus, nous sommes trĂšs honorĂ©s de constater la vitalitĂ© de nos partenaires qui proposent des services sĂ©curisĂ©s et respectueux des donnĂ©es personnelles !


Si vous recherchez un partenaire, rendez-vous sur notre page partenaire.

Si vous souhaitez devenir notre partenaire ou en savoir plus sur notre programme de partenariat ou contactez notre équipe dédiée !

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