Collabora Online for Education

Collabora Online for Education

Great learning environments for modern people

Students, scholars, teachers, professors and staff around the world work and collaborate safely thanks to Collabora Online. These tens of thousands of people on schools and universities are working on all their office documents – text files, spreadsheets and presentations – fast and reliable.


Scalable and reliable solution at universities

Collabora Online is a secure, reliable and easily scalable solution for academic institutions. Find out how we enabled 70,000 at the University of Lille to collaborate on online office documents or download the Case study on how we increased productivity serving 40,000 academic users in the Dutch university and research landscape!
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Easy to use integration for schools with Moodle

Collabora Online combines high functionality with ease of use. It can be easily integrated with common educational platforms. For example, Moodle, via a simple plug-in, allowing students to do read or edit all sorts of files, and work – alone or together with their peers – on tasks and assignments.

Icon illustrating the strength of having Collabora Online integrated with your own product making it an ideal solution targeting your clients’ needs.Icon illustrating the benefits of having Collabora Suite on your own server. Display of added security while keeping intact your privacy.Icon illustrating the strength of having Collabora Online integrated with your own product making it an ideal solution targeting your clients’ needs.


Collabora Online – flexible homeschooling solution

Easy to use – fun to work with. On any type of device from a phone to a laptop. Collabora Online can be used via any modern browser. In addition, for local use there is Collabora Office, a supported LibreOffice based desktop solution for Windows, MacOs, Chrome OS and Linux, as well as free mobile apps for Android and iOS. The code for all our products is open source!

Collabora Online educational users

Institutions from all over the world benefit from the possibilities Collabora Online is offering to education and science. Discover some customers using Collabora Online as their main office suite.


Privacy & control – On-premises or hosted by Local Partners

Collabora Online was developed with security and privacy in mind, enabling you to keep control of your documents. You can deploy it as an on-premises solution or have it hosted locally by one of our international partners.


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Flexible and easy to integrate

Collabora Online is a highly flexible tool that can be easily integrated into learning platforms such as Moodle or different file sync solutions such as Nextcloud, ownCloud and Sharepoint or groupware solutions such as EGroupware. Contact us, on how to benefit from Collabora Online in your environment.



Prices for educational institutions and NGOs

We offer a special price for educational institutions and NGOs. If you want to deploy Collabora and you are an educational institution or a NGO, please, contact us to discuss details or receive an offer straight away.