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Collabora Online is a celebrated solution for online editing and collaboration on office documents, both in the Microsoft Office file format and in Open Document Format, the open standard ODF. You, too, can benefit and get a complete, slick and feature rich office suite, without having to set up and maintain the infrastructure yourself! Hosting providers around the world offer Collabora Online as a service. Contact one in your area and get Collabora Online working directly in your browser!

Collabora Online Hosting in Europe


CONTENTShare The reliability of the business solution is of central importance. CONTENTShare gives you access to the right documents and information, secures your work results and facilitates your processes. The user-friendly interface supports teamwork and communication and allows efficient task management and document management. Digitization is an important advancement that brings you a big step closer to success. Our focus is on personal consulting when implementing your strategy.

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algoo specializes in the development of ergonomic, customized and high-performance web applications. The company develops Tracim, a collaboration platform including Collabora Online allowing you to organize the work of your teams and ensuring efficient communication.

Get Collabora Online from algoo

Aukfood is a French company that believes in the software it deploys.
Their team is composed of experts in the fields of free infrastructure such as Linux.
That is why they integrate and manage only free and open source software.
Through this, they help companies, associations and administration to master the sovereignty of their IT.

Get Collabora Online from aukfood is Jeci’s online document management service based on Alfresco Community and Collabora Online. Jeci is a French information technology services company that specializes in Free and Open-Source technologies (FOSS), providing professional services on Alfresco Community and Collabora Online software. Jeci is offering expertise on deployment automation and application cloudification.

Get Collabora Online from Jeci

Worteks provides customers with recognized expertise in heterogeneous and complex infrastructures, whether physical or virtual (DevOps, cloud,). They integrate professional solutions such as their application and collaborative portal W’Sweet.

Get Collabora Online from Worteks



EGroupware is an Open Source groupware server, that enables users to manage email, files, contacts, appointments and more. It comes with a native web-interface which allows accessing data from any device, on any location.

Get Collabora Online from EGroupware

Founded in 2006, the‘s platform technology takes a hosting approach that allows its clients to customize the services that fit their projects. Collabora Online is available as part of their Managed Nextcloud offering.

Get Collabora Online from

PathConnect wants to make open source software easily accessible to everyone. We take care of installation, hosting, maintenance and security. If you have any problems, questions or requests, we are always there for you. We are committed to protecting your privacy and, as a German company, we strictly comply with the GDPR.

Get Collabora Online from PathConnect

Quality Location give great importance to high performance, customer friendliness and personal support. They combine a wide range of products and extensive competencies for individual all-round carefree packages, including dedicated Nextcloud hosting including Collabora Online.

Get Collabora Online from Quality Location

STRATO is a reliable web host for everyone who wants to be successful online. STRATO makes web hosting fair and simple – at the best price and without unnecessary bells and whistles. The product range extends from domain, mail, website and server to online marketing tools and Germany’s largest cloud storage HiDrive. The complete packages include flexible contract terms, a 30-day money-back guarantee and six-time award-winning customer service. Collabora Online is part of their HiDrive cloud storage.

Get Collabora Online from Strato

unaone is a hosting provider based in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, in the north of Germany. The focus is on offers for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as private customers and clubs / associations. Special emphasis is placed on personal support with individually suitable solutions, preferably on an open source basis.Get Collabora Online from unaone

United Hosters creates intelligent solutions to pave the way to the cloud for businesses. For over 18 years, they have been helping sole traders, small businesses and SMEs to use the advantages of the internet for their business.

Get Collabora Online from United Hosters


ViOffice is a complete and feature-packed personal cloud and remote office solution for individuals, smaller groups or entire companies. It integrates a plethora of open-source file and office applications used daily by millions of people worldwide.

Get Collabora Online from ViOffice


The Good Cloud is a privacy-centered hosting provider based in the Netherlands. Their mission is to safeguard everyone’s data and privacy when files are uploaded to the cloud. Most importantly, they believe that privacy is a fundamental human right for all.

Get Collabora Online from The Good Cloud


We are a team of seasoned professionals, with over 15 years of experience in the field of IT and web hosting. Since our inception we have aimed to offer affordable fast, reliable and comprehensive solutions in web hosting, domains, SSL certificates, e-mails and VPS to numerous companies all around the globe.

Get Collabora Online from



Friprogramvarusyndikatet is a non-profit, ethical, and sustainable free software and hostingcompany. It is located in Sweden and offers hosting services including file-sync solutions and collaborative editing with Collabora Online for companies, individuals and non-profit organizations.

Get Collabora Online from Friprogramvarusyndikatet

WebbPlatsen is a Swedish company that has been supplying SaaS, hosting, and web solutions since 1998. We help companies stay on the right side of GDPR. WebbPlatsen can help your organization with Nextcloud, Collabora Online, and many other GDPR-safe solutions. Hosted within the EU. Always.

Get Collabora Online from WebbPlatsen



Linuxfabrik help organizations with all aspects of Linux and open source software, from consulting to secure operations and maintenance, including Collabora Online. As part of our service and support models, we can help you with almost any Linux and open source need. Our hosting and cloud services are maintained by Linux specialists in data centers and virtual machines – anywhere in the world. This includes all aspects of managed hosting, from installation and operation to monitoring and backup with state-of-the-art security standards such as CIS or HIPAA. At Linuxfabrik, we work daily with Open Source technologies that we use for ourselves and our customers and pass on this knowledge in practical courses and workshops.

Get Collabora Online from Linuxfabrik


Collabora Online Hosting in the Americas

United States

Viridio, (previously Affordable Internet Services Online, Inc (AISO)) offers green hosting. Our green data centre is environmentally friendly in design and powered via on-site solar.

Get Collabora Online from

CiviHosting is a small, privately held, American firm specializing in high-quality shared Linux hosting. since 2006 they have migrated many clients from all kinds of different “big-name” hosts. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with their service or support, they will refund your money.

Get Collabora Online from Civi Hosting


Collabora Online Hosting in Asia


BuyOnCloud Software Services is a Consulting and Advisory firm working with Business Owners and top-management members to bring about transformation in business, as they seek to achieve their long-term vision and goals.

Get Collabora Online from BuyOnCloud

Exzatech have built a formidable presence as a much sought after IT and software solution provider in India and abroad. They are deeply committed to providing strategic guidance to their clients with respect to enabling business processes through enhancements to IT. Their vendor-agnostic approach gives them the levy to provide the most suitable analysis, advice, and solutions for businesses.

Get Collabora Online from Exzatech



informology is located in Malaysia. They consult, design, migrate, implement enterprise cloud solutions and have than 20 years of experience in consulting and implementing ICT Projects for the public sector.

Get Collabora Online from informology

Collabora Online Hosting in Africa

South Africa

Sive.Host is a web hosting and cloud computing company founded in South Africa. They help web professionals get recurring commission year after year on all web hosting plans they bring clients for. They are “the right partner in hosting”.

Get Collabora Online from Sive.Host

Collabora Online Hosting in Oceania

New Zealand

Marsh Web Solutions, based in New Zealand, offers privacy-centric web and email hosting, SSL certificates, and domain registrations. Renowned for secure, personalized solutions that ensure client autonomy with self-hosted setups, the company ensures businesses thrive securely and affordably.

Get Collabora Online from Marsh Web Solutions