Empowering Finance: The Safest Bet with Collabora Online

Welcome back to our series looking at how Collabora Online matches the document-editing needs of different sectors. Today, we will dive into the world of finance, where information and data means money, and security is key. Collabora Online stands tall as the guardian of your document vault, keeping your information more secure than a Swiss bank.

Building Your Document Fort Knox

In finance, information security is paramount. At Collabora Online, we get it. So unlike other cloud-based document editors, Collabora Online will keep your files secure on your server, in your premise, under your jurisdiction, all the time. Rather than duplicating and posting copies to every file editor or reader’s browser, Collabora Online retains your files centrally, and operates more like a hyper-efficient remote desktop than a browser-based document editor, yet still allows end users to view or edit documents depending on their permissions.

For users without editing privileges, there can be no unauthorised stripping of permissions, and download or copy/paste access is controlled in a way that other document editors can only dream of – fully enforced from the server, with no reliance on client-side access controls.

Documents can also be further watermarked with user IDs, burnt into the document pixels at the server, reducing any remaining likelihood of leaking screenshots or photos, and ensuring the source of any information loss is immediately identifiable.

Dictum Meum Pactum – ‘My Word is My Bond’ might be the motto of the London Stock Exchange, but we’d rather not risk it…

Your on-premise cloud

You might be wondering, “Does this ultra-secure, on-premise document editor mean sacrificing remote accessibility and collaborative efficiency?” Fear not – Collabora Online not only ensures top-level security, but also unleashes the power of remote access and seamless collaboration.

Collaborate on your financial reports, spreadsheets, and documents from anywhere with an internet connection. Our platform is designed to maximise security, whilst still retaining accessibility, giving you the freedom to work without compromise. You can think of it as giving each user their own unique and trackable pen to write on the same document concurrently, but you are holding the document centrally throughout the process. This methodology is different to most other browser-based document editors that essentially function by making copies of documents, distributing copies to every editor to work on individually, before collating all the changes made centrally.

With Collabora Online your files don’t venture into the unknown, they stay within the confines of your server or trusted local hosting partner. No unauthorised sharing, no uninvited guests, just your documents and your users.

A safe bet with Collabora Online

Choosing Collabora Online is a smart investment, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s don’t do document editor ratings, but if they did, we’d be AAA. With all the functionality you know and expect, real security, a familiar interface, robust version history, redlining, tracked changes and more, your financial documents will have everything they need.

Smart money collaborates with Collabora Online.

Keep your data secure with Collabora Online.

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Collabora Online – Safe, Powerful, Flexible.

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