Engineering Support

Bugs are an intrinsic part of any software development (even the most costly proprietary software). The availability of contracted support, to address potential software code issues against an SLA is vital when considering the deployment of any program in a corporate environment. Collabora supports its builds based on LibreOffice at the Source Code level. As such we analyse, diagnose and solve issues at code level, we provide our customers with Problem Temporary Fix (PTF) patches, and when the fix is confirmed we include these into the next patch release of Collabora Office in addition to contributing them to the LibreOffice project.
Collabora has a large team of certified LibreOffice developers, who are recognised for their depth of knowledge and their bug fixing capabilities. Over the years, we have provided the solution to many problems; regressions, simple application flaws and interoperability issues. Based on this experience, the company offers annually contracted Level 3 support packages. While we provide some bug fixing capability into our product purchases often fixes for issues can be included later in our development roadmap. By procuring Level 3 code-fix packs you get an SLA for commencing work on fixing your issue. In special circumstances we can also offer one-off fixes against specific client issues.

Level 3 support package

Each of these packages provides a bundle of several root-cause code-fix tickets with different severities. This allows a customer to select the severity that best matches their immediate from their package. Tickets are purchased in advance as an annual entitlement, funding our ongoing staff commitment to your support. Tabulated below are the package contents ie. the number of bugs of each severity, and the relevant price:

Annually contracted Level 3 (code issues) support packages
Bronze 1 high & 2 medium severity* €17.200 £14,800 $20,200
Silver 2 high & 4 medium severity* €29.500 £25,700 $35,400
Gold 3 high & 6 medium severity* €42.900 £38,000 $52,200

Case severity Levels

*Case Severity Level Initial Response Work Effort Communication Frequency
High 1 Working Days (9×5) Daily, during Business Hours only Once every 2-3 Working Days
Medium 2 Working Days (9×5) Weekly during Business Hours Once a week

Custom packages available for 9+ cases per year.


Another options for improving the integration with custom systems, or addressing a specific feature gaps is to engage us on a consultancy basis. We can provide bespoke development work across the entire code-base, this could include:
  • Support and advice on integrating Collabora Online with your application.
  • Specific new application features anywhere in Writer, Calc, Impress or Base.
  • Read / write support for an unusual file format.
  • Document format conversion or PDF rendering improvements.
  • Particular computational needs that only become possible with better performance.
  • Integration and interfacing with a back-office system.
  • Interoperability solution with disparate packages.
Collabora is delighted to help improve LibreOffice to meet your needs through our consultancy services.
Collabora are dedicated to open-source development and are therefore committed to contributing all code enhancements up-stream in order improve the LibreOffice core for everyone.
Collabora is an Open Source company, and so will not accept consultancy development work on proprietary software and solutions, although we are used to working together in a team with customer’s developers on the Open Source part of the problem.
With an unparalleled team of certified LibreOffice developers, Collabora is ready to service all your office productivity needs.

Our team

We have a large team of certified and experienced LibreOffice developers, who are recognised for their depth of knowledge and their bug fixing capabilities.