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We are the driving force and leading contributor to LibreOffice Online, and the second biggest contributor to the LibreOffice for desktop codebase.

Building LibreOffice

Our flagship products, Collabora Online and Collabora Office, are 100% Open Source code, using new and existing code that has been carefully tested in-house and packaged for enterprise use. Enterprise-specific features exclusive to Collabora Online and Collabora Office include Long Term Support, incremental updates, and active directory integration, as well as our Collabora branding and theming.

Open Documents for enterprise

Collabora Productivity are the leading experts on the use and implementation of OpenDocument Format. Having implemented core functionality from ODF 1.2 into LibreOffice and Collabora products, Collabora engineers are working towards ODF 1.3 within the OASIS ODF Technical Committee. Our products provide the leading ODF implementation for government and public sector use, combined with cutting edge interoperability with over 100 third party documents formats, including Microsoft OOXML.

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