Collabora Office

Collabora Office

Enterprise-ready Office Suite for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Collabora Office is the enterprise-ready office suite. We provide installation and administration utilities together with long-term maintenance and contracted support to deliver successful deployments with expertise.
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LTS support

We offer LTS support for 3 years as standard, with up to 5 years if required. Incremental updates via MSP installers and software repositories. No installation or redeployment required.

Centralised deploy management

ADMX templates provide control over 10,000 settings from a single interface, including security & localisation.


Major new releases once a year with fresh features and improvements, tested, packaged and ready for deployment.

Support and Services

With Collabora you can achieve significant cost savings for a much better product. You will also get a real product management relationship with those behind it, with a company that really cares about your business.

Mobile Apps and Online

In addition to productive work on the desktop, and of course online, the mobile apps from Collabora Office for Android and iOS enable users to edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go. Learn more about them on the product page.


  • Get your priorities met
  • Get your features implemented
  • Roadmap access
  • Interact with engineers
  • File an unlimited number of Level-3 problems and tickets
  • Have a token prioritization process – based on your spend that drives our ongoing development and improvement work

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