Collabora Office for Android & iOS

The mobile apps of Collabora Office

Collabora Office for Android and iOS is the mobile office suite of Collabora Office. It allows you to edit documents directly on your phone or tablet, guaranteeing your privacy and putting you in full control of your data and documents.



The mobile open source office suite

Collabora Office is the first free and open source Office app released for iOS. Based on the technological principles developed in Collabora Online it brings collaborative editing of documents to the mobile devices from Apple. The previous Android app was also revised on the same basis. What was once just a mobile viewer is now a fully functional editing suite for documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Supported and enterprise-ready

The apps for Android and iOS complete our enterprise-ready product range Collabora Office consisting of desktop versions for Linux, MacOS and Windows and our flagship product Collabora Online. The mobile apps are now a supported part of our Collabora Office subscription. This gives Collabora Office customers the possibility to edit their documents wherever they like and from which device they prefer. Collabora Office subscribers benefit from Service Level Agreements (SLA), security maintenance and updates.

Data under your control

Collabora Office for Android and iOS is developed with your privacy in mind. You keep control over your data. The app that does not depend on external storage services that might compromise your privacy. Reclaim your mobile documents – there is no longer a reason to hand over your data to get rich mobile editing.


  • Fully open source
  • Native integration in Android and iOS user interface
  • Privacy by default – No external storage needed
  • Excellent interoperability with Microsoft Office and Open Document Standard
  • Signed – Collabora stands behind it


Discover Collabora Online our enterprise-ready online office suite providing the technical base of our mobile apps. Collabora Office is available on F-Droid via a third-party repository to add. We also provide the latest .apk for Android. If you would like to audit the program you can take a look at the source code. Are you interested in the history of Collabora Office for mobile devices and the people and institutions involved? Please find out more about it on our credits page. Any further question about anything just contact us.