How SURF keeps 66,000 users productive in Dutch universities


SURF, the collaborative ICT organization for Dutch education and research institutions, plays a vital role in supporting 14 universities, 36 universities of applied sciences, and 70 research institutions by managing their IT infrastructure. To address the need for secure data exchange within this academic ecosystem, SURF deployed SURFdrive, an ownCloud-based file-sharing platform. However, they also required an online office productivity suite to enable real-time collaborative editing of documents, tables, and presentations.

In response to stringent data security requirements, SURF sought a solution that could be self-hosted, ensuring efficient and secure data exchange while allowing simultaneous real-time collaboration. ownCloud met their file-sharing needs, but they still needed an office productivity suite. Collabora Online emerged as the ideal solution, seamlessly integrating with ownCloud to enable users to access, create, and edit office documents collaboratively. Multiple authorized users could work on the same documents simultaneously, eliminating version conflicts.


Find out how the combination of ownCloud and Collabora Online has been highly successful for SurfNet, allowing SURFdrive to connect 59 institutions and serving 66,000 users in the Dutch academic landscape.

Download the Full White Paper

Explore the full details of how Collabora Online is helping in The Netherlands. Dive into the full white paper to uncover the benefits and insights.


Case Study

“Together with ownCloud and Collabora Online, we have created an IT infrastructure that meets [and] can keep up with the large enterprises in terms of performance and usability”

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