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COOL Days 2024:

  • Engaging Workshops
  • Enhance Your Brand Visibility
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Hack with the COOL Community
  • Team Building Activities
  • Evening Socials


Monday 8th April

Event Presenting Location Start
Arrival The Moller Institute from 14:00
Coach to Team Building Reception 15:30
Team Building Quy Mill Hotel 16:00
Coach back to Moller Institute 18:45
Dinner & Drinks Main Restaurant 19:30

Tuesday 9th April

Event Presenting Location Start
Breakfast Main Restaurant from 07:00
Introduction & Welcome Pedro Pinto da Silva Study Centre 09:00
Musings on Personal Productivity Italo Vignoli Study Centre 09:05
PDF & Export options Nicholas Wingate Study Centre 09:15
QA Ezinne Martina Nnamani Study Centre 09:20
Collabora Online in Pristy Lucie Lesage Study Centre 09:25
How we have improved testing Neil Guertin Study Centre 09:30
Translations – 12 months of stats & how to get involved Andras Timar Study Centre 09:35
Questions Study Centre 09:40
Calc: new function tooltip Gülşah Köse Study Centre 09:45
Benefits of ISO Certification Anna Nazaryan Study Centre 09:50
Impress Online tips and tricks Cor Nouws Study Centre 09:55
1st page header and footer interoperability Tomaž (Quikee) Vajngerl Study Centre 10:00
Typescript migration Szymon Klos Study Centre 10:05
The basics of Interoperability & migration Miklos Vajna Study Centre 10:10
Security examples (eg. Hyperlinks) Caolán McNamara Study Centre 10:20
Questions Study Centre 10:25
Tea Break Study Centre 10:30
LibreOffice Technology & Design Heiko Tietze Study Centre 10:50
Collabora Online at 1&1 Mail & Media Cosmin Humeniuc Study Centre 10:55
COWASM – Online / Offline Caolán McNamara Study Centre 11:00
Calc cell protection – protect sheets and cell ranges Hubert Figuière Study Centre 11:05
Feature comparison Mazin Alhaddad Study Centre 11:10
Conquering multi-page floating tables Miklos Vajna Study Centre 11:15
Design and Usability improvements Pedro Pinto da Silva Study Centre 11:20
Ugly Debugging Caolán McNamara Study Centre 11:25
Questions Study Centre 11:30
Spreadsheeting Made Easier: Auto filter and freeze panes Darshan Hitesh Upadhyay Study Centre 11:35
Open Source Marketing Tools Naomi Obbard Study Centre 11:40
Opendesk Lily Logua Study Centre 11:45
Accessibility checker Tomaž (Quikee) Vajngerl Study Centre 11:50
Enhancing Performance: Async Dialogs Javiya Vivekkumar Dineshbhai (Vivek) Study Centre 11:55
Nextcloud integration topics Julius Härtl Study Centre 12:00
Antecedent & Collabora Online Raymond Oenbring Study Centre 12:10
Questions Study Centre 12:20
Lunch Study Centre 12:30
Drupal integration of COOL Hubert Figuière Study Centre 13:30
Making Documents Accessible with Screen Readers Marco Cecchetti Study Centre 13:35
Who am I following?: Improving the user list and following UI Skyler Grey Study Centre 13:40
Recent performance improvements Noel Grandin Study Centre 13:45
Font previews, JSDialog widgets updates Szymon Klos Study Centre 13:50
Arawa & Collabora Online Dorianne Damour Study Centre 13:55
Programming challenges of multi-view Miklos Vajna Study Centre 14:00
Showcase EGroupware App VIDOTEACH & Collabora Birgit Becker Study Centre 14:05
Allotropia plans, and past work around WASM Balazs Varga Study Centre 14:15
Questions Study Centre 14:25
ODF / whole document encryption Thorsten Behrens Study Centre 14:30
Fri programvaru-syndikatet & Collabora Online Leif-Jöran Olsson Study Centre 14:35
Tips for debugging your text documents Miklos Vajna Study Centre 14:45
Visualizing and hiding latency – People vs. the machine Michael Meeks Study Centre 14:50
Marketing Collaboration with our Partners Naomi Obbard Study Centre 14:55
Introducing new QR code and help dialog functionalities Darshan Hitesh Upadhyay Study Centre 15:05
Collabora Online Case Studies Eloy Crespo Study Centre 15:10
Spreadsheet calculation threading improvements Caolán McNamara Study Centre 15:15
Questions Study Centre 15:20
Tea Break Study Centre 15:30
Improvements on Calc tab and grouping Bayram Çiçek Study Centre 16:00
Calc Online tips and tricks Cor Nouws Study Centre 16:05
Smarter Ways to Track Document Changes Attila Szűcs Study Centre 16:10
Numbering for lawyers Mikhail Kaganskiy Study Centre 16:15
5 Forum Highlights in 5 Minutes Mike Dworski Study Centre 16:20
Reducing CPU and memory use – Go faster stripes everywhere! Michael Meeks Study Centre 16:25
Reworking copy and paste Miklos Vajna Study Centre 16:30
Questions Study Centre 16:35
Re-designed PostMessage test harness Hubert Figuière Study Centre 16:40
Secure view Richard Brock Study Centre 16:45
Optimizing Collabora Online for Mobile and Touchscreen Skyler Grey Study Centre 16:50
HA Proxy and load balancing Szymon Klos Study Centre 16:55
Background Save – Wow – I can edit while saving? Michael Meeks Study Centre 17:00
Collaborative goodness Justin Luth Study Centre 17:05
Conditional formatting improvements Tomaž (Quikee) Vajngerl Study Centre 17:10
Mattermost integration update Chetanya Kandhari Study Centre 17:15
Beezim and Zimbra Elise Moreau Study Centre 17:20
Questions Study Centre 17:25
Wrap Up Study Centre 17:30
Finish Study Centre 18:00
Dinner Main Restaurant 18:30
Astronomy Evening The Institute of Astronomy 20:00

Wednesday 10th April

Event Presenting Location Start
Breakfast Main Restaurant from 07:00
Introduction & Welcome Pedro Pinto da Silva Study Centre 09:00
Single process mode Jaume Pujantell Traserra Study Centre 09:05
Improved hyperlink pop-ups – and thumbnails Henry Castro Study Centre 09:10
Read-only documents – better hyperlinks etc Gokay Satir Study Centre 09:15
Writer Online tips and tricks Cor Nouws Study Centre 09:20
Reducing invalidations Caolán McNamara Study Centre 09:25
Improvements in coolwsd – Asychronicity Ashod Nakashian Study Centre 09:30
Questions Study Centre 09:35
Page Navigator Attila Szűcs Study Centre 09:40
How to write a simple Cypress test Neil Guertin Study Centre 09:45
Community update Pedro Pinto da Silva Study Centre 09:50
STYLEREF update Skyler Grey Study Centre 09:55
Colour picker Szymon Klos Study Centre 10:00
How to prepare templates for theming Tomaž (Quikee) Vajngerl Study Centre 10:05
Comment threads in Writer Pranam Lashkari Study Centre 10:10
Dataport, Phoenix & BMI Arne Karsten Study Centre 10:15
Questions Study Centre 10:20
Tea Break Study Centre 10:30
Improved Fontwork Text Placement Attila Szűcs Study Centre 10:50
Global keyboard shortcuts Gokay Satir Study Centre 10:55
ItemSet Performance Armin le Grand Study Centre 11:00
Release Engineering at Collabora Andras Timar Study Centre 11:05
Security work & process – how it works Caolán McNamara Study Centre 11:10
Presenting like slides effortlessly Méven Gweltas Car Study Centre 11:15
Improving impress interoperability Henry Castro Study Centre 11:20
Interoperable Calc Hyperlinks Attila Szűcs Study Centre 11:25
ownCloud & OCIS Holger Dyroff Study Centre 11:30
Questions Study Centre 11:40
Lightning Talk Wrap Up Michael Meeks Study Centre 11:45
Integrations and Customisation Overview Pedro Silva Study Centre 11:55
Questions Study Centre 12:10
Lunch Study Centre 12:30
Hackfest Technical Team Study Centre 13:30
Partner Workshop Welcome Michael Meeks Study Centre 13:30
Product Roadmap Workshop Michael Meeks Study Centre 13:50
Support & Feedback Anna Nazaryan Study Centre 15:10
Tea Break Study Centre 15:30
Product Roadmap Results Michael Meeks Study Centre 15:50
Account Management Eloy Crespo Study Centre 16:05
The COOL Controller Rashesh Padia Study Centre 16:35
Round Table Michael Meeks Study Centre 16:55
Integration and Customisation 1:1s Technical Team Study Centre 17:25
Finish Study Centre 18:00
Drinks The Lounge Bar 18:30
Dinner Main Restaurant 19:30

Thursday 11th April

Event Presenting Location Start
Breakfast Main Restaurant from 07:00
Internal Team Meetings Collabora Online Team Study Centre 09:00
Tea Break Study Centre 10:30
Internal Team Meetings Collabora Online Team Study Centre 10:50
Lunch Study Centre 12:30
Team Departure  Collabora Online Team Study Centre 13:30