Collabora Online in Univention Corporate Server (UCS)

Univention is the leading provider of open source software for digital sovereignty in the area of Identity & Access Management (IAM) and portals in Europe.
With the IAM solution UCS, Univention enables authorities and companies alike to manage user identities and access to IT applications and resources centrally and under their own control. With preconfigured roles and rights models for users, UCS offers a customizable web portal that enables easy access to all IT services and administration tools. The platform can be operated both locally and in the cloud and has open interfaces for the integration of IT services and specialist applications. UCS offers comprehensive functions for connecting to Windows Active Directory and, thanks to single sign-on, enables the use of all services with just one user account. Data-protection compliant self-services, such as password reset, are also offered. UCS is scalable from a few to millions of users and is based 100% on open-source technology. For the education sector, the UCS extension UCS@school, which has been specially optimized for school operations, is available and offers additional functions for IT-supported teaching and connection to school-management solutions for the automated import of user data.

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Easy deployment of Collabora Online with UCS

The integration of Collabora Online into UCS offers a pre-configured environment as well as pre-installed packages and a user-friendly interface. This allows for easy management of users via UCS LDAP and seamless integration with Nextcloud or ownCloud for document storage and sharing. Collabora Online is also available via the Univention App Center, which makes the entire integration process extremely simple and uncomplicated.

The uncomplicated provision of Collabora Online via UCS makes it easier to protect all data and documents. Data processing and communication remains within your own network, making it easier to comply with GDPR guidelines and ensuring that all data remains within your own jurisdiction and control.

Collabora Online in Nextcloud and ownCloud

Collabora Online offers comprehensive document editing, but requires connection with data storage and authentication. Fortunately, both Nextcloud and ownCloud support our vision of secure, locally hosted data management and provide a robust storage and authentication infrastructure for our application.

By using Collabora Online with Nextcloud or ownCloud you get the security you need. You retain full control over sensitive company data and can deploy multiple instances depending on your needs and security requirements. Choose the application that best fits your virtualization infrastructure.


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Key Features

– View and edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations & more
– Preservation of layout and formatting in documents (WYSIWYG)
– Collaborative editing
– Live notifications of users entering or exiting
– Insert, edit and reply to comments
– Track changes
– Full screen presentation
– Admin console to monitor system usage
– WOPI (Web Application Open Platform Interface) protocol for communicating with your web application (authentication and file transfer)