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Pricing for Collabora Online and Collabora Office supported versions

The fully supported version of Collabora Office or Collabora Online costs € 17 (alternatively £ 12 or $ 18) per user per year or less. We also offer special prices for Educational institutions and Non-Profit organizations. Please get in touch with us for volume discounts and other special pricing.

Authorized partners for Level 1 and Level 2 support

If you are interested for Level 1 and Level 2 support from our authorized partners, get in contact with them! You can find here our partners we have near your location:

Contact Collabora to purchase a Level 3 support package

Each of these packages provides a bundle of several root-cause code-fix tickets with different severities. This allows a customer to select the severity that best matches their immediate from their package. Tickets are purchased in advance as an annual entitlement, funding our ongoing staff commitment to your support. Tabulated below are the package contents ie. the number of bugs of each severity, and the relevant price:

Annually contracted Level 3 (code issues) support packages
Bronze 1 high & 2 medium severity* $15,000 €14,000 £10,000
Silver 2 high & 4 medium severity* $26,000 €24,000 £17,000
Gold 3 high & 6 medium severity* $38,000 €35,000 £25,000