Collabora Online 23.05 Release Notes

Please find all information on updates, features, and fixes of the Collabora Online 23.05 branch on this page. Details about security updates are available here. For the best experience, we recommend that you use the latest version of Collabora Online from our most current development branch. Please follow these instructions for a seamless upgrade to Collabora Online 23.05. (Link currently leading to the 21.11 update instructions)


Collabora Online 23.05.4

Released on 21 September, 2023

The 23.05.4 version incorporates an array of new features bug fixes and security fixes. Please find a detailed breakdown of the latest enhancements and fixes below.”

Security Fixes

CVE-2023-4863 – Heap-Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in libwebp < 1.3.2

New Feature

  • Font previews in Online

  • Bring to Online Barcode / QR code dialogue

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Navigator Sidebar: Headings Do Not Update Nesting Instantly
  • Fixed: Calc:  sorting / filtering xlsx doc slow
  • Fixed: Calc: With multiple views, an edited comment is committed when the other user switches sheets
  • Fixed: Calc: Elements in Chart Type dialogue when editing chart positioned incorrectly
  • Fixed: Calc: Wrong column width after save .xlsx file
  • Fixed: Dark Mode – Document and text is dark
  • Fixed: Assertions in 23.05
  • Fixed: Android app or browser: cannot open PDF
  • Fixed: Notebookbar: Online help mixed with keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed: Read-only shared document does not immediately show fonts
  • Fixed: Pasting in Firefox 117 pastes old content because Ctrl+C doesn’t copy
  • Fixed: Calc: Only print current sheet by default
  • Fixed: Tabbed bar: Missing French translations
  • Fixed: Writer: Not all content controls are marked 
  • Fixed: No style previews / font selector when switching from compact to tabbed mode
  • Fixed: Error/warning log for read only with new version
  • Fixed: Use “Insert hyperlink” dialogue from core: Inserting hyperlink with shortcut still triggers the simple dialogue
  • Fixed: Save icon in tabbed bar doesn’t show changed status

Collabora Online 23.05.3

Released on 29 August, 2023

This version update includes performance improvements and various bug fixes for different parts of the product. See details of the latest improvements and fixes below.

Performance Improvements 

  • Improved “laggy user experience”: slow response while editing different types of documents.
  • Improved the performance of Calc/Writer when scrolling the page down, contents was delayed.
  • Fixed performance issues with large XLSM files when it was hard to open, edit, scroll.
  • Improved the loading time for large XLSM files.

Bug Fixes 

    • Fixed: can not play the presentation on iPad.
  • Fixed: view separation doesn’t seem to work for multiple views, that have different colour configurations for the Draw/Impress presentation.
  • Fixed: Calc fill-down handle doesn’t work with display scaling.
  • Fixed: PPTX issues.
    • During slideshow the paragraph content after heading on left is underlined.
    • During slideshow the whole lines are underlined.
    • During slide view and presentation mode the headings have bullets (they don’t in PP)
    • During slide view and presentation mode the actual bulleted entries are far apart.
  • Fixed: page navigation automatically opens the ‘Bookmarks’ section and scrolls down when first clicked on.
  • Fixed: the spellcheck has wrong dark mode, it is white and doesn’t otherwise show automatic colour text.
  • Fixed: the Collabora iFrame is on the same page as another textbox, the Collabora Online iFrame takes the focus away from the cursor in the other textbox after some time, usually within 10 seconds.
  • Fixed: nothing happens when the user tries to insert a Text Box in a Presentation with the menu in Compact View.
  • Fixed: sidebar – spacing, indent number fields don’t work with up clicks in 23.05.2
  • Fixed: Calc: no way to pick chart type when inserting chart.

Accelerator Keys Improvements 

  • Improved Accelerator Keys: Press the “Alt” key on the keyboard now shows the info boxes.

Collabora Online 23.05

Released on 28 July, 2023