Collabora Online 22.05 Release Notes

Please find all information on updates, features, and fixes of the Collabora Online 22.05 branch on this page. Details about security updates are available here. For the best experience, we recommend that you use the latest version of Collabora Online from our most current development branch. Please follow these instructions for a seamless upgrade to Collabora Online 22.05. (Link currently leading to the 21.11 update instructions)

Collabora Online 22.05.22

Released on February 20, 2024

Security Fixes 

  • Security updates to 3rd party libraries: expat, libxml2, nss.’

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Embedded video playback is not happening in IOS and Android Devices
  • Fixed:  Embedded fonts aren’t saved in DOCX
  • Fixed: “Ignore all” feature from the spell checker is not working with LanguageTool
  • Fixed: The issues with load balancers which could lead to not working copy/paste functionality

Collabora Online 22.05.21

Released on January 9, 2024

  • Fixed tdf#158965 Find Record: Similarities dialog doesn’t appear
  • This update includes security fixes in core (Collabora Online was not vulnerable in default configuration).
    • Security Fixes 
      • Fixed CVE-2023-6185: Improper input validation enabling arbitrary Gstreamer
        pipeline injection
      • Fixed CVE-2023-6186: Link targets allow arbitrary script execution

Collabora Online 22.05.20

Released on October 21, 2023

A new version has been released with several bug fixes. For more in-depth information, please review the details provided below.

  • Calc: No info is shown that spreadsheet is read-only
  • Calc: LTR content in RTL spreadsheet shown as RTL
  • Download as PDF does not work with docker and Nginx
  • File gets downloaded instead of getting saved
  • Calc, mobile: Panning spreadsheet with chart is restricted
  • Empty screen at document opening , until clicked
  • TypeError on InsertButton postmessage
  • Video playback does not work with “Slow Proxy”

Collabora Online 22.05.19

Released on September 21, 2023

Security Fix

  • CVE-2023-4863 – Heap-Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in libwebp < 1.3.2

Bug Fixes

  • Writer: backspace adds indentation
  • Calc: Only print current sheet by default
  • Document Properties – Some values like file size, time of creation, were just zero
  • Crash when saving attached document
  • Calc: Issues with resize column width / row height dialogue
  • Sorting / filtering xlsx doc was slow
  • Calc: Wrong column width after save .xlsx file
  • Writer: Not all content controls are marked

Collabora Online 22.05.18

Released on August 15, 2023

  • Various bugfixes

Collabora Online 22.05.17

Released on July 14, 2023

  • Various bugfixes

Collabora Online 22.05.16

Released on June 30, 2023

  • Various bugfixes

Collabora Online 22.05.15

Released on May 25, 2023

  • Various bugfixes

Collabora Online 22.05.14

Released on May 6, 2023

  • Various bugfixes

Collabora Online 22.05.13

Released on April 14, 2023

  • New feature: Send_UNO_Command postMessage
  • Hide download in tabbed view when HideExportOption is true
  • Disable Change Password button for users who don’t own the document
  • Fixed the autofill rectangle in case of RTL in Calc
  • Calc: improved import of conditional formatting from XLSX files
  • Introduced ability to clip vertical text overflow in editengine (for MS Office interop)
  • Added Translate menu to mobile UI
  • Various fixes in DOCX importer
  • Security fixes

Collabora Online 22.05.12

Released on March 24, 2023

  • Linking API
  • Fixed export as PDF with file names that contain space
  • Fixed saving of annotated PDF
  • Fixed submenus of context menus in RTL mode
  • Fixed date picker content control localization
  • Show Zotero buttons only if integration supports Zotero
  • Fixed Zotero command execution when a dialog is open
  • Limited the header avatar list to 6 with integrations
  • Impress: remove focus from slides pane when editing area is clicked
  • Writer: fixed wrong layout of textbox in document header
  • Calc: improved import of conditional formatting from XLSX files

Collabora Online 22.05.11

Released on March 16, 2023

  • Bugfixes
  • Translation updates
  • Known regression: annotated (changed) PDF cannot be saved

Collabora Online

Released on February 27, 2023

  • Some additional fixes to

Collabora Online

Released on February 20, 2023

New features and fixes:

  • Zotero plug-in
    The user can set Zotero API key in Nexcloud Office settings, then the citation/bibliography functionality will be enabled on the References tab. It is possible to insert citations from users’s Zotero citation database. Notes and group libraries are also accessible. All citation styles are supported.
  • Export PDF (and EPUB) back to storage
    When integration supports (Nextcloud has been tested) Collabora Online can export PDF and EPUB) from the current document back to the storage.
  • Insert Page Number dialog in Writer
    It has been possible to insert page number for a long time, but now it is easier with the dialog. It saves time, when the user needs a quick and easy solution.
  • Timezone support
    Now we have internal support for respecting the client’s time zone. There were some operations, e.g. “Insert – Time” when the users expected their time, not the server’s time, and now this has been addressed.
  • Now it is possible to use Duden Corrector for spellchecking and grammar checking (requires API key)
  • Calc RTL fixes
  • Translation updates


Collabora Online

Released on January 19, 2023

New features and fixes:

  • PDF export options
    Previously PDF was from exported with default settings from Writer. Now we have a tabbed dialog full of options, including accessibility, permissions, image quality and more.
  • EPUB export options
    Similarly to PDF export, we enabled the EPUB export options dialog in Collabora Online. EPUB is the most widely supported vendor-independent XML-based e-book format.
  • New hyperlink pop-up with copy/edit/remove link buttons

    New hyperlink pop-up with additional buttons
  • Math inline formula editing. This new feature enables editing of mathematical formulas in Writer documents.
  • Sidebar controls and widgets are now faster to load.
  • User interface fixes
  • Translation updates

Collabora Online

Released on November 24, 2022

New features and fixes:

  • Playback of embedded videos in Impress
    With new support for embedded media files, it is now possible to click on an embedded video, in edit mode, and have the video played back in the browser. The user is presented with the standard video controls, including the ability to pause, seek, control the volume, and maximize the video to full screen.In addition, the user is able to move the placement of the video by using drag-and-drop interactions, and resize it.

    Video support in COOL 22.05.8
    Video support in COOL 22.05.8

    When a video is saved with thumbnail in the document, it will be presented in place of the video when displaying the document. Currently there is no support to extract a freeze-frame from the video to use as a thumbnail in Collabora Online.

    Video playback also works in full screen presentation mode (i.e. SVG export of presentation).

    Thanks to NLnet Foundation for sponsoring this work.

  • Faster tile compression with zstd
    Five times less load on CPU for tile compression, thanks to the zstd compression library (developed by Facebook), than the old solution that used zlib.

    Compression vs. Speed ratio of zstd and zlib
    Compression vs. Speed ratio of zstd and zlib

    It is about 10% performance improvement overall.

  • New menu items in context menu of a cell in Calc: Insert Cells… and Delete Cells….

    Calc cell context menu
    Calc cell context menu
  • New setting for the log level at startup: logging.level_startup. Previously the log level of the initial phase was always trace, in order to debug startup issues better. We kept it as default, but now the log level is configurable in this initial phase, too. For docker, users can set the extra_params environment variable, like extra_params=--o:logging.level_startup=warning.
  • In Impress users get correctly rendered previews of slides (master page in Master page mode, standard page view in Page mode) and do not see single tiles from other mode when multiple users work at the same time.
  • Fixed SVG export (full screen presentation) of text fields (e.g. slide number, footer) of Impress presentations.
  • Small UI fixes
  • Translation updates

Collabora Online

Released on November 17, 2022

  • Fixed a regression in release: old/deprecated setting was ignored.

Collabora Online

Released on November 16, 2022

  • Fixed a memory leak related to remote config feature

Collabora Online

Released on November 1, 2022

New features and fixes:

  • Detection missing fonts and easy remote font management without restartThe problem: When a user loads a document in Collabora Online that uses fonts the server does not have, the document looks bad. The user may think that it’s Collabora Online’s fault.The Solution: the new fonts_missing.handling configuration setting controls whether Collabora Online reports missing fonts in the log and/or informs user with a popup window.
    Missing fonts popup
    Missing fonts popup

    Admins can acquire the font and add it to the server. Every minute Collabora Online checks for a JSON file with the URL given in remote_font_config.url configuration setting. It downloads missing fonts and makes the available for future editing sessions without the need of restart.

  • In place translation of document text with DeepL
    DeepL Translator is a neural machine translation service that provides an API. After setting deepl.api_url and deepl.auth_key in configuration, DeepL is ready to use in Collabora Online. For example the selected paragraph can be translated from any supported source language to any supported target language with Translate button on the Review bar.

    Translate text with DeepL
    Translate text with DeepL
  • Export forms built with content controls to functional PDF forms
    Writer users can create fillable forms using content controls, and export them to PDF. During export content controls are mapped to PDF form widgets, therefore the resulting PDF form will be fillable, too. For more information about this unique feature, please refer to the developer’s blog post.
  • Interesting new features for integrators
    The mention feature, initally in Writer, can insert the link to the user profile of the mentioned user into the document. When the user types @ character, it activates the function. Integrators need to implement UI_Mention postmessage API endpoint. Collabora Online will send request to this endpoint with the initial character that the user typed in. In the Action_Mention postmessage API call a JSON is expected where each object contains { username: '<username>', profile: '<link to user profile>' }.The grouped Save As button allows the user to save the document in a different file format back to the storage. If the integration supports this feature, i.e. can handle the args: {format: '' } parameter in UI_SaveAs, then it can set the grouped Save As button by setting SaveAsMode='group' in uiDefaults.

    Grouped Save As button
    Grouped Save As button


  • Set, change or delete document open password (encryption password)
    Now it is possible to set, change or delete password for a document in Collabora Online, that is required to open the file. The feature is accessible through the document’s Properties dialog.

    Set, change or delete password
    Set, change or delete password
  • Slide sorter improvements in Impress (more visible selection)
  • Added EditPrintArea and AddPrintArea uno commands to Calc
  • Fixed SVG export of tabulators (Impress slideshow in browser)
  • Translation updates

Collabora Online

Released on September 27, 2022
Minor bugfix release with micro-features. Some highlights:

  • New platform: ppc64le (Ubuntu 20.04 packages and docker image for customers)
  • Cache the result of disk space check and return the error message correctly to the client, if disk space is low, all the time.
  • Properly remove comments from the document, when their anchor is deleted.
  • Fixed detection of capabilities needed for bind mounting in unprivileged LXC or docker containers
  • Improvements to scrollbars
  • UI tweaks
  • Translation updates

Collabora Online

Released on August 22, 2022
Small fixes to the initial release:

  • Fixed missing icons
  • LOKit: load template documents as regular documents, otherwise they cannot be directly saved
  • Fixed buttons in Autofilter popup not working correctly

Collabora Online 22.05

Released on August 4, 2022