Collabora Office 23.05 Release Notes

Collabora Office is the enterprise-ready and long term supported version of LibreOffice. It is available for Linux x86_64, Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit and macOS. Collabora Office 23.05 is based on the upstream LibreOffice 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6 source code, where all our code is contributed to. If you want to try out Collabora Office you can request a free demo or even test the latest snapshot. For business use, please read about the support & services Collabora Productivity offers, and please also visit the page featuring our collaborative online office solution Collabora Online based on Collabora Office.


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Collabora Office 23.05.6

Released on: 10 December, 2023

  • All fixes from upstream LibreOffice 7.5.9
  • Interoperability with MS Office
    • Improved support of floating frames in Writer: see the blog post series of Miklos Vajna.
    • Support of STYLEREF fields in Writer
    • Support of “Move” operation in Writer change tracking
    • Deleting text from other users tracked insertion does not break the original insertion into multiple operations any more
    • Conditional formatting rule priority in Calc now matches Excel
    • Improved fontwork text placement (tdf#148000)
    • Adjust OOXML import to handle first header/footer (tdf#136472)
    • Support writing SVG images into OOXML using the MS OOXML extension (tdf#126084)
  • Crash fixes
  • Performance fixes

Collabora Office 23.05.4

Released on: 18 September, 2023

We are thrilled to deliver the release version of Collabora Office 23.05.4, packed with improvements, and some fixes to enhance your experience.

  • Interoperability with MS Office
    • Better support of document themes
    • Support for nested floating tables in Writer
    • Pivot tables: allow sort by selection in non-manual mode
    • Correctly import default cell background color from XLSX files
    • Fixed column with exported to XLSX
  • Crash fixes
  • Fixed CVE-2023-4863- Heap-Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in libwebp <1.3.2

Collabora Office 23.05

Released on: 7 August, 2023
This is the major release of Collabora Office. Find more details on the new features in the official announcement.

Fixes and Improvements


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