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About Collabora Productivity

Collabora Productivity provides Collabora Online, an open-source solution for editing and collaboration, alongside a range of other products and consulting services tailored to enterprise and government needs. With the largest team of certified LibreOffice engineers globally, we are dedicated to contributing to the LibreOffice codebase and community. Our business-hardened office suite, Collabora Online for browser and Collabora Office for desktop, ensures long-term, multi-platform support. Additionally, we extend our services with Collabora Office for iOS and Android.

Logo Usage

We use the Collabora Productivity parent brand logo to represent the entire Collabora Productivity ecosystem including the company, products and services. It appears in places where people encounter all of our offerings, such as web pages covering setting up or working with Collabora Online, Collabora Office, Collabora Integrations or events hosted by the Collabora Productivity brand.
The parent brand lockup of icon + wordmark is the preferred usage for partnerships, co-branding, and in media articles.The icon should never be used to represent a single product in the line. Our products have their own unique marks.If you need any other materials, formats or resolutions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at ~ 396 kB

Download all logos in a .zip file. Includes:

  • Collabora Online
  • Collabora Online Development Edition
  • Collabora Office


Collabora Online

Supported version for SMBs and enterprises

Collabora Online Development Edition

Free, unsupported

Collabora Office

Desktop and mobile apps

Default logotypes (preferred)

Logotype variants for dark backgrounds (limited use)

Logotype variants for light backgrounds where horizontal space isn’t available (limited use)



Default logotype (preferred)

Logotype variant for dark backgrounds (limited use)

Collabora Productivity

Default logotype (preferred)

Logotype variant for dark backgrounds (limited use)

Logo usage guidelines


Montserrat is the font used to create the logo lockups for Collabora Productivity products.Carlito is the font we use as our secondary typeface for use in paragraph text and small elements.

License OFL (SIL Open Font License)
Designer Julieta Ulanovsky
License OFL (SIL Open Font License)
Designer Lukasz Dziedzic

Clear space

For clear space around the logo, use the lowercase x set in Montserrat font as a guide. Montserrat is the font used to create the logo lockups for Collabora Productivity products.

Color palette

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