£1.2 Million for Office Software? Collabora Office and Healthcare Savings

(First published 2018, SEHSCT went on to become a Collabora Office customer)

The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust (SEHSCT) provides six hospitals in Northern Ireland with acute hospital services and community health and social services to 345,000 people, with a budget of just under £500 million and a staff of 8,500 with computer accounts. Microsoft Office licenses were due for renewal in 2018, at a cost of £145 per user each year.

For the Trust, these licenses would have cost in excess of £1.2 million a year.

Faced with the high cost of renewing its licenses for Microsoft Office, the SEHSCT began a feasibility study to examine the possibility of using Collabora Office.

“We’re happy with the software. It has been a real pleasure working with Collabora to fix our migration issues”
– Darren Henderson, SEHSCT

Financial Efficiency

The SEHSCT was going through a feasibility study, assessing the shift from Microsoft to Collabora Office. The motivation? Substantial savings on licenses – a vital consideration for institutions grappling with tight budgets. Collabora Productivity offers a highly competitive solution, with licenses costing a fraction of Microsoft Office’s annual license fee (£145 per user at the time).

Functional Parity and Beyond

Despite concerns about compatibility issues due to the vast number of applications used, Collabora Office proved itself by offering a reliable and functional alternative.

Ongoing Support and Adaptability

Collabora Productivity’s team demonstrated a commitment to addressing compatibility concerns promptly. The collaboration between the SEHSCT and Collabora Productivity ensured continuous improvement and adaptation to specific needs. With a modest annual fee, institutions can gain access to an extensive wealth of expertise. Collabora Productivity’s team, with decades of experience, provided unparalleled support to navigate migration challenges successfully.

Download the Full White Paper

Explore the full details of how Collabora Office and Online can enhance secure collaboration within healthcare institutions. Dive into the full white paper to uncover the benefits and insights.


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