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Our developers have a superb expertise in LibreOffice technology and implement new features and enhancements at the client’s request. Our team regularly adds handy and important features that our customers are interested in, and improves interoperability with Microsoft file formats for LibreOffice, Collabora Office and Collabora Online. We develop tailor-made solutions for our client’s productivity workflows and migration processes. Take inspiration from these examples that we have rolled out to the satisfaction of our customers.


OpenCL acceleration in Calc

Thanks to the funding by AMD we’ve managed to hugely improve parallel CPU computation of large spreadsheets, and test all available bug documents with both threading and OpenCL to ensure great behaviour in all known corner cases. This feature has been presented in a talk by Luboš Luňák during the LiboCon 2018. Download the slides for further details!

Download the slides


PPTX import improvements

Sponsored by open-source company SUSE Collabora improved the import of PPTX files to LibreOffice and Collabora Office. The fixes address the handling of shaped bitmaps, which are now displayed in the right way and in the correct ratio after import. Learn more about this interoperability improvement.


Collabora understood our problem immediately and implemented a great, Open Source solution for us to improve customer training.

Denny Dahl
Principal Research Scientist, D-Wave Systems Inc.

VBA Interoperability in Calc

D-Wave’s the leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems and software. They want the tools used in their training programs to be platform-agnostic. Collabora extended Calc to be able to handle the VBA of their spreadsheets, so D-Wave would not have to maintain two separate VBA code bases.

Download the success story


UNO Object Inspector

To make working with UNO objects easier Collabora implemented support for a dedicated, built-in UNO object inspection tool in LibreOffice. This work was made possible thanks to a tender by The Document Foundation. Developer Tomaž Vajngerl presented this implementation during a talk at FOSDEM 2021. The slides are available for download.


The future of graphics for office productivity

Thanks to the sponsoring of AMD we introduced a new drawing backend to LibreOffice. It is based on the Skia library, allowing LibreOffice and Collabora Office to make us the modern Vulkan API for graphics operations. Find out more about this in our Blog. This feature has been presented in a talk by Luboš Luňák during the oSLO 20 conference.

Download the slides


Redaction Tool

The Redaction Tool is a feature which allows users to redact documents and to block out words or portions of a document according to rules for authorized use or viewing. The aim of this tool is to protect sensitive information and help enterprises and other groups to comply with regulations, such as GDPR. This has become vital in many types of industries, such as medical, finance, or legal. This feature was sponsored by the Ulster Hospital in Northern Ireland. Find out more details in our blog


The European Pirates are enthusiastic users of Collabora Online and really appreciate its contribution to our digital sovereignty. Four elected members of the European Parliament and their teams use Collabora Online for cooperation on press releases and internal work on legislative documents.

Mikuláš Peksa
MEP, European Pirate Party (Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance)

Collabora were very responsive and flexible to work with; they exceeded our expectations.

FT (Fekke) Bakker
LtCol, Sr Innovation Manager (Retired), Dutch Ministry of Defence

EPUB Export

Thanks to the investment of the Dutch Ministry of Defense and our Partner Nou&Off we have been able to implement EPUB3 export in Collabora Office and LibreOffice. Starting with some basic export features we could add further improvements to this feature. Find more details in Miklos Vajna's Development blog. Miklos has held a talk on this at FOSDEM 2018. The slides are available for download.

Download the slides


Pivot Charts

Pivot tables are a powerful tool to reorganize, and summarize the data set in spreadsheets. Pivot charts can render visual representations created from the output of pivot tables. Once the pivot table gets changed, so does the pivot chart. While LibreOffice included support for Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts had previously been unavailable. Thanks to the funding of Nantes Metropole we have been able to implement this feature.


Padded Numbering

Padded Numbering is a feature in Writer developed by Collabora allowing you to automatically create listings with leading zeros. Miklos Vajna originally started working on it during one of our hackweeks. The functionality of this feature was later enhanced thanks to the sponsoring of Nicolas Christener from Adfinis. The feature makes the once manual workflow much more efficient and at the same time improves interoperability with the OOXML format. Find out more details in our blog.


Custom labels for charts

Custom labels help to make charts more comprehensive. Thanks to the sponsoring by SUSE we could improve the interoperability with charts created in MS Office. LibreOffice can now import custom text extracted from an OOXML document and store it in the ODF format. Find more details about this improvement in Tamás Bunth's development blog.


Handling digital signatures in PDF files

Thanks to the sponsoring of the Dutch Ministry of Defense in cooperation with Nou&Off, we introduced the ability to add visible digital signatures to exiting PDF files. Find out how to use this feature. This feature has been presented in a talk by Miklos Vajna during the FOSDEM 21 conference. Download the slides for further details!


Continuous bibliography improvements

Thanks to the sponsoring of the TUBITAK ULAKBIM, the Turkish Academic Network and Information Center, we have been able to introduce several improvements to the bibliography feature in LibreOffice. We implemented the possibility to have clickable URLs inside the biographic list and also anchor links pointing to precise segments in listed PDF. Find more details about this in Miklos' development blog


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