CODE 21.11 RC2 – a preview on the next major Collabora Online

CODE 21.11 RC2 – you can learn and test the new features already now

CODE 21.11 is the herald of the next major Collabora Online release. The free developer version – the final release is expected already within a week – includes all features and enhancements that will be available in our enterprise version. This release candidate allows everyone to learn more about new features already now. As always, your feedback on possible issues is much appreciated!

Beautiful and responsive new Sidebar, enhanced performance, improved interoperability, easier to use UI

With the upcoming release, a long list of new features and improvements will be made available. To mention a few:

  • The new “native” sidebar is drawn directly in the browsers by JavaScript, and not constructed on the server. It uses JSON files and is always beautiful and responsive. A major improvement for all users;
  • Performance improvements in many areas;
  • New “Full Screen” and other zoom buttons are available inside the “Layout” tab inside the NotebookBar;
  • New “Report an Issue” button in the “Help” tab links to the issues section on GitHub;
  • Optimized AutoFilter searching for large numbers of unique records;
  • Improved PPTX import of grey-scaled & mirrored shaped images;
  • and many, many more…
CODE 21.11: Fast & responsive “native” Sidebar

About CODE

CODE is the Collabora Online Development Edition. It contains the latest developments and is perfect for home users. It enables them to regain control of their own online documents and to host them themselves in a secure and private environment. For tech-enthusiasts, it is a low-threshold way to get involved and familiar with our online office solution. CODE will be improved continuously and our next supported and maintained Collabora Online product will be built from it. The code is available on GitHub.


Get CODE 21.11 RC2


More soon…

The final release and Collabora Online 21.11 are expected in the next weeks.
Those come with full information and with the credits we really love to make to all people in the Collabora Online community and also those in the LibreOffice community making these release possible.

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