FileAgo and Collabora Online announce partnership

Cambridge, United Kingdom – September 28, 2020 – Collabora Productivity, creators of the online LibreOffice, “Collabora Online”, and FileAgo, Mumbai, India, announce a partnership to work together around Collabora Online under which Collabora Online will be tightly integrated to their file management and collaboration software named ‘FileAgo’

“We are excited to have Grafen Solutions as our partner” said Michael Meeks, General Manager at Collabora Productivity. “we love to work with them to create advanced powerful and interesting solutions for collaboration.”

“We are delighted to be able to offer Collabora Online as part of our product FileAgo” said Viren Gada, Business Director at Grafen Solutions. “ With the secure and powerful file management and collaboration software we deliver, the ability to edit documents within FileAgo is something which our customers are going to love, all thanks to this partnership with Collabora Online. I see it as a win-win for everyone involved, including our customers.”

FileAgo incorporates a unique granular permission model which allows users to precisely control access on their files.

Written in Erlang, FileAgo servers have been proven to run for months and even years in production without any human intervention. FileAgo is also a viable replacement for traditional file servers. Users can even connect to FileAgo’s WebDrive (a WebDAV compatible service) to access their data as a network-attached drive. FileAgo runs Collabora Online as a docker container (just like its other components) and communicates with it over the WOPI protocol. This is part of the FileAgo installation process itself, and therefore is a seamless experience for the end-user.

Collabora Online is the powerful LibreOffice-based online office that supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats, which can be easily integrated in many infrastructures and solutions. Key features are collaborative editing and excellent office file format support. Collabora Online is excellent for enterprises that need a powerful office suite in the cloud, or on-premise, that protects their privacy and allows them to keep full control of their sensitive corporate data. Collabora Online enables Hosting and Cloud businesses to include document viewing and collaborative editing functionality into their service offering. Collabora Online, while offering a great feature-richness, can also be used in combination with local office suites, such as Collabora Office. This allows storage and installation to the needs of the organization, without any pressure or constraint certain for certain third-party server types or storage. Collabora’s freedom based office productivity solution is completed with Collabora Office for iOS, Chrome OS and Android.

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About Collabora Productivity:
Collabora Productivity created Collabora Online and therefore is the driving force behind putting LibreOffice in the cloud. Collabora provides a range of products as well as consulting to enterprise and government. Powered by the largest team of certified LibreOffice engineers in the world, Collabora is a leading contributor to the LibreOffice codebase and community. Collabora Office for Desktop and Collabora Online provide a business-hardened office suite with long-term support. Collabora’s multi-platform policy is completed with Collabora Office for iOS and Android. Collabora Productivity is a division of Collabora, the global software consultancy dedicated to providing benefits of Open Source to the commercial world, specializing in mobile, automotive and consumer electronics industries. For more information, visit the product page on or follow @CollaboraOffice on Twitter.

About FileAgo:
FileAgo is a enterprise file management, file sharing and collaboration software with strong focus on data security. FileAgo is used by enterprises in the field of digital media, pharmaceutical, architecture, retail ,education, manufacturing, finance etc… to store, share and securely collaborate on their data. FileAgo has its presence in India, Europe and USA. For more information, visit

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