Collabora Productivity – Statement on COVID-19

Several of our customers and partners have asked us in recent days about our plans to ensure continuity of support and service levels for our products, particularly as they deploy Collabora Online to enable enhanced home working for their teams during this crisis.

From its inception, Collabora Productivity has been a decentralized company, hiring the best engineers to work from their homes. That means that all of our staff are highly experienced in collaborating via the internet, across timezones and via multiple channels.

This brings extraordinary benefits from a business continuity perspective with no two of our support and development staff working from the same location, being distributed across twenty countries, with the knowledge and skills for essential tasks in support and development being duplicated among various people.

Some of our staff live with other members of their family, and may find themselves unexpectedly sharing their homes with numbers of ‘fun-sized’ people during the working day. We ask our customers to bear with the occasional brief intrusion during live conversations – say of the enthusiastic presentation of a new picture to a parent – at least for the duration of widespread lockdowns. Offsetting this, other staff have found they have more time to focus on their work. Overall, there appears not to have been a significant effect on productivity to date.

To further increase robustness, we have gone further by expanding staff training and increasing overlapping in key areas of support and release engineering. In addition we share administrative function and offices with our parent Collabora. Collabora has also moved its office based staff to home working.

From a business perspective, we operate a conservatively geared business with no debt and significant cash reserves to safeguard us through business shocks such as this. This has allowed us to continue to hire people and execute our plans for further growth.

It also seems as though our widely appreciated secure, collaborative document editing products are seeing a significant increase in both interest and sales. Collabora Online in conjunction with a partner’s storage solution provides an ideal way for users to quickly deploy a secure, on-premise solution for collaborative editing with third parties of documents from the Enterprise to Education giving our customers the confidence that they can keeping control of their documents and their privacy.

In conclusion, Collabora Productivity is uniquely positioned to continue to offer support, services, sales and product development for our existing and new customers without interruption during this difficult time.

Thank you to all our customers for choosing us at this time as we continue our mission to driving the success of Open Source.

With best wishes to all for a speedy recovery in every respect.

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Winners of the open source classic award at DINAcon!

On 19th October 2018, at Welle7 Workspace in Bern, Switzerland, we attended DINAcon – the conference on digital sustainability. Our General Manager, Michael Meeks, had a talk about “How best to migrate to LibreOffice”, where he explained the best ways to move to a supported Open Source and Open Standards solution. Also, he talked about Collabora’s latest work with our partners, and our new tool to migrate existing legacy Visual Basic line of business apps.

If you missed his talk then check out the slides above for the complete presentation:

Download the slides from the presentation “How best to migrate to LibreOffice”!

DINAcon Awards!

Great news from Bern – we won the open source classic award at DINAcon! 🙂

For this award were running a lot of amazing open source products, including Collabora Online and Collabora Office. We are honored to receive this award – it is a big motivation for the whole team! Thanks a lot everyone for your support.


The conference ended with the hacknight and of course that we couldn’t miss it. It was the perfect time to work on LibreOffice bugs. 🙂

Digital Economy Award

Another nomination! Collabora Office & Collabora Online are nominated for the Digital Economy Award 2018 and our partners, Adfinis SyGroup, presented about our products in front of the jury of the Swiss Digital Economy Award. (Thank you, Nicolas. 🙂 )

The winners will be announced at the Digital Economy Award Night, on November 21, in the Hallenstadion in Zurich. Until then, fingers crossed. 🙂

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“Real Time, Secure Collaboration” presentation at Nextcloud Conference 2017

From August 22 until August 29, Nextcloud held their annual conference, including a enterprise day, providing enterprise focused talks about large scale use of Nextcloud, security, scalability, Real Time & Secure Collaboration with Collabora Online, and much more.

Collabora Productivity’s General Manager Michael Meeks gave a talk about Collabora Online in Nextcloud. Collabora Online is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office that supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats, which is easy to deploy in Nextcloud, as a simple extension. Key features are collaborative editing and excellent office file format support.

Collabora Online at Nextcloud Conference recording

In his talk Michael explained how Collabora Online improved in the last year, and mentioned Nextcloud / integration wins, such as significant performance wins and public link editing. And, some other very interesting info was shared. The complete presentation was recorded and has been made available by Nextcloud. Check out the video above!


Download the slides from the presentation “Real Time & Secure Collaboration”


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Collabora Online attracted a lot of attention at HostingCon

The first week of April Collabora Productivity attended the HostingCon conference in Los Angeles, introducing Collabora Online for the first time ever in the United States. It was a very successful event for us as Collabora Online, the online Office Suite you can run yourself, attracted a lot of attention.

HostingCon was very well organised, with network events around the 2 days the exhibition hall was open. In total (together with Data Center World) there were around 250 companies with a stand, attracting a nice crowd of people. The attendees were people from hosting an cloud businesses, data centers and different enterprises, from all over the world.

Our booth was very well attended, and the people that visited us were informed about how Collabora Online could help them to obtain more business (by offering their own Online Office suite) or how they could increase productivity as end users. We had tons of information, explaining why you should become a partner or end-user, what the features are and how we compare with competitors. We also had a demo people could play with, which was very well received. Of course, we also had some cool swag to give away.

All different sort of people stopped at our booth, and they were amazed about to hear what Collabora Online could mean for them and what they could do with it: run their own powerful online office suite that fully respects their privacy!

We want to thank the organisation of HostingCon, and all the great people we met there. We are looking forward to see each other in future events. And although this has been the last edition of HostingCon, for sure we’ll meet again at other events!

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Collabora at WorldHostingDays (

Collabora, the developers of LibreOffice Online, will be attending WorldHostingDays ( in Rust, Germany, showcasing enterprise-ready LibreOffice in the Cloud with Collabora Online to leaders and experts from all over the globe, spanning all areas of the internet and cloud sector. is a week-long event for cloud services and internet infrastructure, with over 200 exhibitors and 6500 attendees. The most cutting-edge digital innovations are shown to the public, like Collabora Online 2.0.

Collabora Online 2.0 is the powerful LibreOffice-based online office that supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats, which Hosting and Cloud businesses, who wish to include document viewing and collaborative editing functionality into their service offering, can integrate in their own infrastructure.

For enterprises that seek a secure office suite in the cloud, Collabora Online is also a perfect match. It allows enterprises to run their own online office suite on-premise, while protecting their privacy and allowing them to keep full control of their sensitive corporate data.

Are you also going to WorldHostingDays and are you interested in learning more about Collabora Online, or would like to see a real time demo? Fill out this for and meet us there!

Meet us at 2017

Simply fill out this form and meet with us at, March 25 – 31 2017, Rust, Germany

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