SharePoint Integration in new Collabora Online release

We’re really happy to announce that with today’s release – version 4.2.5 – Collabora Online offers another important integration: with the Microsoft document management and storage server SharePoint.

Collabora Online brings easy integration with SharePoint Server

Collabora Online is widely recognized as the perfect solution to integrate with applications for file sharing and collaboration. Now with the new integration with the popular and widely used SharePoint server, many more organizations will benefit from Collabora’s possibilities for collaboration, rich editing, expert interoperability and business support.

This is how it looks

Using your DOCX and ODT files




Opening e.g. Visio and Publisher files from SharePoint



What’s more in Collabora Online 4.2.5

Collabora Online also comes with various bug fixes.
All details are available on the 4.2 Release Notes page.

Configuration details

Integration of SharePoint server 2016 with Collabora Online is really easy. This blog post shows the configuration that is needed.

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Collabora Online and SharePoint Integration

Integrating with Microsoft SharePoint 2016 really made easy

Collabora Online is perfectly equipped to integrate with your SharePoint 2016 Server!
Just a few simple settings are enough to make your users benefit of all the advantages of Collabora Online.

This is how it looks

Using your DOCX and ODT files


Opening e.g. Visio and Publisher files from SharePoint



Setting up

Read this blog post with the technical information: the few simple configuration settings to do this installation.


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How to: WOPI binding for Collabora Online in SharePoint 2016 Server

All you need to do for the integration of SharePoint server 2016 with Collabora Online, is the following configuration settings. And you have to deploy a Collabora Online version 4.2.5.

Configure Collabora Online

1. SharePoint uses WOPI security and requires using a proof key to authenticate WOPI applications.
The proof key is automatically generated by postinst script of the loolwsd package, so normally no user interaction is needed to set this up.
In the unexpected case, when this automatic setup does not work, use this command to generate an RSA key:


In case your config dir is not /etc, you need to check loolwsd.log, which would contain a warning about missing proof-key in discovery.
The warning would contain the command line to use for manual generation of the key, like this:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -N "" -m PEM
-f "/path/to/loolwsd/config/proof-key"

2. Authorize the SharePoint server in Collabora Online. Open loolwsd.xml, and add a host element under WOPI storage element for the SharePoint WOPI host:

<host allow="true">sharepoint-host-name</host>

If you do not authorize WOPI host, this will result in failure opening documents.
The server’s name which was not matched would then be listed in loolwsd.log.

3. Start Collabora Online.

Configure SharePoint

1. Open SharePoint Management Console, and execute the command:

New-SPWOPIBinding -ServerName cool-server-name:port -Extension ODT

Execute this command for all the file extensions that you want to be handled by Collabora Online.
If you use Collabora Online in a testing environment without SSL, then you need to add -AllowHTTP to the command. Running this command requires that no binding exists for this extension in the external zone that Collabora Online uses.
You may need to remove existing bindings first; see

2. Collabora Online uses external WOPI zone.

Set-SPWOPIZone -Zone "external-http"

That’s all. Now SharePoint should use Collabora Online to open files with the configured extensions by default.
Changing the default action for any of the configured file types can be done by using SharePoint’s Get-SPWOPIBinding and Set-SPWOPIBinding commands (

Get-SPWOPIBinding -Server cool-server-name:port -Extension ODT | Set-SPWOPIBinding


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Collabora Online and EGroupware

EGroupware is online collaboration software made in Germany. Group calendars, address books, email client, file management, tasks and projects, tracking system: the Open Source tool for business use provides versatile interlinked features. EGroupware supports integrated project teams across and within organization boundaries. Windows, Linux or Mac – the software runs browser-based and thereby independent of the installed operating system.

Discover Collabora for EGroupware



The Collabora Online integration enables EGroupware users to create, open and edit office files, such as text documents, spreadsheets or presentations, directly from within EGroupware. Collabora Online is very easy to use, has excellent support for all popular office file formats and includes many features, such as collaborative editing, Long Term Support, signed security updates and a SLA. The integration adds a lot of convenient features to your collaborative workflow. It enables you to email documents directly from Collabora Online. You can also use your own default documents and insert images using EGroupware’s native file manager. EGroupware offers both an on-premise and a cloud solution. Special  pricing for NGOs, schools and non-profit organizations is also available.

Benefits of the Collabora Online and EGroupware integration


  • View and edit documents collaboratively
  • File/Folder sharing with document editing
  • Own standard-templates
  • Send document directly by e-mail
  • Insert images from EGroupware file system
  • Generate documents from EGroupware
  • Creating and administration of custom templates
  • File versioning
  • Easy installation/integration/configuration of Collabora Online in EGroupware



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Collabora Online as Univention app appliance

Collabora maintains this supported appliance for Collabora Online built on Univention Corporate Server (UCS).
UCS offers an easy graphical setup and web-based administration. It includes user management via LDAP, as well as either Nextcloud or ownCloud for document storage and sharing. So you’re ready to start using Collabora Online fast.

Here you can choose the one best suited for you and  your virtualization infrastructure.





The app installs unrestricted enterprise-ready version of Collabora Online into your local UCS environment enabling you to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the browser. The app requires a licence key, also available from the Univention App Center.

Key Features

  • View and edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Preservation of layout and formatting of documents (WYSIWYG)
  • Collaborative editing
  • Live notifications of users entering or exiting
  • Insert, edit and reply to comments
  • Change tracking
  • Full screen presentation
  • Admin console for monitoring system utilization
  • WOPI (Web Application Open Platform Interface) protocol for communication with your web application (authentication and file transfer)


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