Empowering Governments: Collabora Online and Sovereignty

In our previous post, we delved into Collabora’s exciting collaboration with the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and other partners on the groundbreaking openDesk project. Today, we’ll take a closer look at why Collabora Online, in particular, is an ideal fit for governments aiming to strengthen their digital sovereignty.

1. Bringing Real Pedigree

You might not have heard of Collabora Online until recently, but we are based on and are the world’s largest code contributor to LibreOffice, which traces its history back to 19851 (5 years earlier than Microsoft Office2). As mentioned in the introduction above, we are a core part of the German Government’s openDesk project, and are already used by many more authorities, both local and national.

With this history comes our long-running commitment to interoperability which means that governments can seamlessly integrate us into their existing IT ecosystems, whether they be document management systems, email clients, or cloud storage solutions. Unlike some of our larger proprietary competitors, it’s not ‘my way or the highway’ with Collabora Online.

2. No Hidden Tricks

Collabora Online is built on a foundation of open-source software, which aligns perfectly with the principles of transparency and openness that governments value. This ensures that governments have full access to the source code, allowing them to review, modify, and tailor the software to meet their unique needs. It’s the epitome of control and autonomy.

Furthermore, we are committed to long-term support and development. Governments can rely on a stable and continuously evolving office suite that adapts with their needs. As an open-source solution bringing zero risk of vendor lock-in, governments and civil servants also need not fear of having their data or certain functionality held ransom as is increasingly being seen in the adoption of granular subscription models3 .

3. Data Security and Privacy

Arguably this should have taken top spot on the list. Governments are rightly concerned about services that require exporting data to third-party companies operating in foreign jurisdictions (we’re looking at you Office 365/Teams). Whilst GDPR regulations are going some way to reduce extra-national jurisdictional questions (more on that here [link to GDPR post]), the only real solution for governments is to host their applications and data themselves, or with a local hosting service, an option unavailable from any other leading collaborative document editor.

Collabora Online brings real-time collaborative editing, twinned with the highest levels of security[security onion link] and on-premise hosting. Utilizing Collabora Online, governments can protect their data while collaborating effectively.

4. Cost-Efficiency

One of the top priorities for governments is to provide value-for-money services for their citizens. Collabora Online provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. We allow governments to reduce licensing costs associated with proprietary software while still enjoying a full-featured and powerful office suite for document creation, editing, and collaboration.


Collabora Online isn’t just an office suite, we’re a partner in the quest for digital sovereignty. Public bodies worldwide are recognizing the importance of maintaining control over their digital infrastructure, and Collabora Online offers a robust and flexible solution that aligns with these goals. As we continue to work on the openDesk project and similar initiatives, Collabora reaffirms our commitment to supporting governments in their journey toward digital sovereignty.

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