Add Visible Digital Signatures to Existing PDF Files in Collabora Office 6.4

Collabora Office already had the capability to add a digital signature to an existing PDF file. The PDF file was to be selected, starting with File > Digital Signatures > Sign existing PDF. This still works the same now. The file is then opened as read only in Draw and the button Sign Document on the notification bar, allows you to add a digital signature. That signature however is (and was) only visible on the status bar and in file properties. There is no visible signature in the PDF file.

Now in Collabora Office 6.4 it is possible to ad visible signatures too.


Adding a Visible Digital Signature

To achieve this, the procedure starts the same: select the PDF file with File > Digital Signatures > Sign existing PDF. Then, as the file is read only in Draw, choose File > Digital Signatures > Signature Line.
After opening the PDF for signing, again use File > Digital Signatures ..

The mouse pointer changes, and it is possible to drag a rectangle in the file. When the mouse is released, the dialog to select the signature appears.


When done, the notification bar now indicates the button Finish Signing. Click that and the digital signature will be confirmed. The rectangle, showing a picture and information about the signature, can be resized before signing is finished.


If needed, the signature image can be resized

After that, again all is read only – of course. It is possible however to add another signature, so that for example more people can sign.


Confirm signing the PDF file

Some more background details can be found in the developer blog by Miklos Vajna. Thanks to the Dutch Ministry of Defense in cooperation with Nou&Off who made this work by Collabora possible.

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