Empowering National Defence: The Strongest Solution with Collabora Online

In our exploration of how Collabora Online empowers various sectors, we’ve already uncovered its pivotal role in government initiatives and educational institutions. Now, let’s delve into how Collabora Online extends its capabilities to strengthen the digital sovereignty of military and national defence infrastructure. Just as we seamlessly integrate with the workflows of governments and elevate the educational experience, Collabora Online stands ready to meet the unique demands of military applications. From on-premise hosting anywhere in the world to robust data security and interoperability, Collabora Online emerges as a steadfast ally in the strategic landscape of military and national defence operations.


1. Host Anywhere in the World

Collabora Online offers unmatched flexibility in deployment. Whether in a remote desert outpost, a naval vessel, or a submarine with no possibility of a reliable connection to a traditional cloud, Collabora Online proves to be the best and only secure solution. This capability is vital for military operations that demand collaborative access to documents, with real-time editing, but without dependency on any third party infrastructure system. Sensitive data can be securely shared, whilst always staying within secure boundaries with Collabora Online.

Furthermore, with our new Collabora Online Controller, deployment and management in a Kubernetes cluster in a container on the battlefield is now easier than ever.

2. Data Security and Privacy

Perhaps an obvious point, but seemingly overlooked in many cases. Governments are rightfully concerned about data security and privacy, especially in military and defence applications. In this arena, Collabora Online stands out as the only solution with real-time collaborative editing and the highest levels of security (find out more here). Its on-premise hosting capability ensures that sensitive information remains within the control of national defence authorities, removing dependence on third-party services with potential security or jurisdictional concerns.

3. Open Source Code for Unmatched Adaptability

The open-source nature of Collabora Online empowers military applications with unparalleled adaptability. Its interoperability with other systems, both proprietary and open source, enables seamless collaboration and data exchange. Additionally, our out-of-the-box source code escrow means your software is continually maintained, whilst the ability to customize and modify the source code ensures that Collabora Online aligns precisely with the unique needs and requirements of military and national defence institutions.

4. Cost-Efficiency in Defence Operations

It is no secret that cost-efficiency is a top priority for governments, which has a direct effect on military and defence spending. Collabora Online offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. By reducing licensing costs associated with proprietary software, governments can allocate resources more efficiently without losing access to a powerful and fully-featured office suite for document creation, editing, and collaboration.


As we continue to empower organisations in their journey toward digital sovereignty, Collabora Online stands as the reliable partner for military and national defence applications, offering control, adaptability, and security in an ever-evolving landscape.

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