Empowering Education: A Smart Choice with Collabora Online

Following on from our recent post about Collabora Online and governments, as well as our recent discussion of the German government’s openDesk initiative, we want to explain why Collabora Online is increasingly becoming the document editor of choice for many universities and educational institutions.

Some Background

Collabora Online has now been operating for over 10 years, bringing control and security to an increasing number of sectors. In this span of time, we’ve seen legislation and regulations evolve, and more recently universities are also waking to the significance of data security and digital sovereignty. In the wake of global events, such as the Ukraine war, dependency on foreign organizations for digital infrastructure also sparks concerns.

1. Join the Free World

Learning is synonymous with free thinking, creativity, and innovation. For centuries, universities have been the bastions of research and progress, pushing against a secretive world. As dynamic environments where ideas flourish, opting for an open solution, such as Collabora Online, aligns seamlessly with the spirit of academia.

Unlike proprietary platforms that may impose limitations and roadblocks, Collabora Online empowers universities to foster a culture of exploration and intellectual freedom. By embracing an open-source approach, institutions ensure that their students and faculty are not confined to a predetermined path, but rather equipped with a versatile and adaptable tool that grows alongside their evolving needs and aspirations.

2. Privacy and Data Control

With growing concerns about data privacy, Collabora Online provides a secure environment for educational institutions to work within. Institutions can maintain control over sensitive information, ensuring that student and faculty data remains protected. French1 and German2 governments in fact have already said that Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace should not be used in schools due to ongoing concerns about data sovereignty, and privacy. Other governments and public bodies appear to moving in the same direction3,4.

Take control of your personal data, your research data, and your students’ data with Collabora Online.

3. Compatibility and Accessibility

Collabora Online’s compatibility with popular document formats ensures smooth integration with existing systems. This flexibility allows universities and schools to transition seamlessly to Collabora Online, preserving compatibility with a wide range of file types and ensuring a smooth workflow for both educators and students.

We are also continuously developing our accessibility, ensuring the the world of education remains as open as possible.

4. Integrations

With an open code, you can use Collabora Online however you want. Integrate with the open-source learning platform moodle, or your existing sharepoint, or your email client, or your video calling provider, or your… If you can dream it, we can do it. Join the new world of possibilities!


In conclusion, Collabora Online emerges as the ideal document editor for universities and educational institutions. Unbound by the rules of closed platforms – we fully embrace the spirit of exploration and creativity. Choosing Collabora Online, universities empower their students and faculty with a tool that not only respects privacy and data control but also seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

As institutions worldwide navigate the complexities of digital sovereignty, Collabora Online stands as a beacon, offering a reliable and versatile document editing solution for the academic community. Embrace the future of education with Collabora Online – where openness, compatibility, and security converge.


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