Flexible Integrations, Custom UIs, Genuine Partnership – Collabora Online and EGroupware

In a recent video call with EGroupware Managing Director, Birgit Becker, we learned about some of the impressive ways EGroupware is leveraging the power of Collabora Online to enhance productivity across their software suite. In this blog post, we’ll take a quick dive into some of the ways Collabora Online’s adaptability and openness shine in this integration.

Powerful email integration

A customised user interface is just one of the ways Collabora Online has been adapted to seamlessly fit into the EGroupware ecosystem. Something that can only be dreamed of with proprietary systems, this becomes a reality with Collabora Online. In their customisation, EGroupware developers have added email functionality directly into the Collabora Online document editor interface. Rather than having to download a document and attach it to an email with a separate email application, the whole process can be managed directly from the document editor UI with just a few clicks. This integration is then further developed within the EGroupware CRM, enabling EGroupware users to quickly and easily identify which documents have been sent to which email addresses.

Flexible custom fields

EGroupware takes further advantage of Collabora Online’s versatility by allowing the insertion of EGroupware standard data or custom fields from other EGroupware modules directly into Collabora Online documents. The open-source nature of Collabora Online enables this kind of deep integration, providing users with a flexible platform where functionalities can be extended to meet specific needs. This adaptability ensures that Collabora Online is not a one-size-fits-all ‘my way or the highway’ solution, but a dynamic tool that evolves with the unique requirements of each user.

Genuine partnership

As Birgit put it towards the end of the call, “If we have a problem, we can open a ticket at your side, and it’s always one-to-one discussion. It doesn’t make us feel like a smaller company or something – we are just a partner.” At Collabora Online, we take great pride in the service we provide to our partners and integrators. This comment highlights the friendly and collaborative nature of the partnership between Collabora Online and EGroupware. With direct lines of communication, problem-solving is quick and efficient, fostering a relationship where both sides feel equally valued.

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Find out more about the Collabora Online and EGroupware integration here.

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