LibreOffice interview with Michael Meeks

LibreOffice has published a very interesting interview with Michael Meeks, the general manager of Collabora Productivity, where he talks at FOSDEM 2017 about some of the great work Collabora is doing alongside the LibreOffice community.

The following questions were asked:

  • How has LibreOffice improved since the early days of the project back in 2010?
  • How easy is it to get an overview of how the components fit together?
  • Can you give us some backgrounds on LibreOffice Online?
  • How difficult was it to take LibreOffice and make it usable in a web browser?
  • What’s in the pipeline for LibreOffice Online?
  • For your day-to-day work, what text editor do you use?
  • You gave a talk at FOSDEM this year – what was it about?
  • Finally, how do you see LibreOffice growing over the next few years?

Check out the video below:

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LibreOffice now uses pdfium to render inserted PDF images

Collaboran Miklos Vanja has written a post about his work on making LibreOffice use pdfium to render inserted PDF images. Check it out:

pdfium is the rendering library used in Chromium’s pdf viewer. It’s based on the foxit pdf renderer and its rendering quality is much better compared to the pre-existing “convert PDF to ODG, then to an image” code when it comes to just viewing a PDF file. First, thanks to PMG who made this work possible.

Let’s look at a few samples that compare the old pdfimport rendering result and the new pdfium-based one. One important feature is that embedded fonts are handled. This is how this inserted PDF looked like previously:

Compare it with the new result:

To continue reading and see more examples, check out the blog post on the website of Miklos Vanja.

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Pivot charts in LibreOffice – part 2

Last week we informed you about the blog post of Collaboran Tomaž Vajngerl, about his work on Pivot charts in LibreOffice, funded for by Nantes Métropole and Ville de Nantes in France. Now he has published an update – Pivot charts in LibreOffice – part 2.

This time I’ll present some necessary changes to make pivot charts actually useful and one unique feature that pivot charts have and normal charts don’t – field buttons.

Pivot chart creation
If you watched the first video, you should notice that I showed the pivot chart was already created from the start. The reason for this was that the functionality to create a new pivot chart from the pivot table wasn’t implemented yet. I have fixed this, so it is now possible to create a new pivot chart if you position the cursor on the pivot table, and select from the menu to create a new chart. The chart creation code will detect the pivot table and create a pivot chart instead of a normal chart.

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(image and video by Tomaž Vajngerl)

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Pivot charts in LibreOffice

Collaboran Tomaž Vajngerl has blogged about his work on Pivot charts in LibreOffice, funded for by Nantes Métropole and Ville de Nantes in France. Check it out!

Pivot tables are a powerful tool to reorganise, manipulate and summarise the data set in spreadsheets to get the valuable information from it. To get a quick visual representation of the information, pivot charts can be used. A pivot chart can be created from the output of the pivot tables, and if the pivot table gets changed, so does the pivot chart.

Support for pivot tables in LibreOffice is available for a long time, but there was no support for pivot charts until now. For the past week I was working on pivot charts in a feature branch (feature/pivotcharts) and I got to a first milestone. Pivot charts will be released in LibreOffice 5.4.

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(image and video by Tomaž Vajngerl)

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CODE 2.0 updates

code-logoWe would like to annouce a new update of the Collabora Online Development Edition 2.0. It’s a bugfix release with updated localizations.

Main new features and fixes

  • Minimized UI for readonly documents
  • Reconnect silently when disconnected
  • Stability fixes
  • Updated translations

Minimized UI when in read-only

How to update

To check out this latest version of CODE, simply update with:

docker pull collabora/code


Want to meet Collabora Productivity, the driving force behind LibreOffice in the Cloud? Check out the list of event that we’ll attend and meet us there!

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