Updated LibreOffice growth infographic (2016)

We have updated our LibreOffice growth infographic (previous versions: 2014 & 2015), recollecting the most interesting LibreOffice figures and visualizing them in an easy to read and share infographic.

The number of LibreOffice users has grown significantly last year, to 120 million active users (20 million new users in one year), and we’ve doubled the number of countries with commercial support (from 21 to 42).

In total there were 21941 commits (based on commits in the last year: between 5.0 and 5.2), against 20026 commits last year. And we added to the infographic: the Coverity Scan Score. At the time of making of this infographic, LibreOffice had the perfect 0.00 score!

Check out the infographic:


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