Collabora Online 4.0.8 – Debian 10 support, Secure Watermarking, faster scrolling .. and more!

Cambridge, United Kingdom, October 24, 2019Collabora Productivity, the driving force behind bringing LibreOffice to the cloud, Providing Collabora Online and other enterprise supported products, is excited to announce a new release of our product Collabora Online 4.0.8. This release comes with interesting new features and bugfixes too.

What’s new in Collabora Online 4.0.8?


  • Packages for Debian 10.
  • The order of slides can now be changed via drag-and-drop.
  • Scrolling in Calc  is much faster.
  • With secure collaboration there is a different watermarks for each user.
Watermark view Collabora Online
With secure view Collabora Online can give each user it’s own watermark
  • Improved startup → less flicker, hide progress-bar for ~2-3 seconds.
  • A new setting to force that when a document is closed, it is always upload to storage, also when it’s not changed.
    For this there is the new setting per_document.always_save_on_exit.
  • The dimming when a document is not actively in use, is much more relaxed. About 4 times slower.


  • Occasional erroneous limits popup is now gone.
  • Font size list behaved wrong, not showing fonts in some situations.

Getting Collabora Online 4.0.8

Collabora Online is suitable for large scale deployment, comes with an SLA, Long Term Support with signed security updates as well as a rich product management interaction helping to direct our development priorities.

Enterprises interested in using Collabora Online can check out more information on partner integrations and online demos. For tailored solutions, contact

Hosting and Cloud businesses that wish to add Collabora Online to their product portfolio can become a partner by filling in the partner form or contacting

Collabora Online is only one part of a larger Enterprise File Sync & Share, Groupware, or Hosting solution. Collabora is excited to go to market with a long list of Partners each of which has an integration and provides you with useful support.

Online demo

You also can get an online demo of Collabora Online and try it out yourself right now!

For more information:

About Collabora Productivity:

Collabora Productivity is the driving force behind putting LibreOffice in the cloud, providing Collabora Online and a range of products and consulting to enterprise and government. Powered by the largest team of certified LibreOffice engineers in the world, it is a leading contributor to the LibreOffice codebase and community. Collabora Office for Desktop and Collabora Online provide a business-hardened office suite with long-term, multi-platform support. Collabora Productivity is a division of Collabora, the global software consultancy dedicated to providing the benefits of Open Source to the commercial world, specializing in mobile, automotive and consumer electronics industries. For more information, visit or follow @CollaboraOffice on Twitter.

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