Pivot charts in LibreOffice – part 2

Last week we informed you about the blog post of Collaboran Tomaž Vajngerl, about his work on Pivot charts in LibreOffice, funded for by Nantes Métropole and Ville de Nantes in France. Now he has published an update – Pivot charts in LibreOffice – part 2.

This time I’ll present some necessary changes to make pivot charts actually useful and one unique feature that pivot charts have and normal charts don’t – field buttons.

Pivot chart creation
If you watched the first video, you should notice that I showed the pivot chart was already created from the start. The reason for this was that the functionality to create a new pivot chart from the pivot table wasn’t implemented yet. I have fixed this, so it is now possible to create a new pivot chart if you position the cursor on the pivot table, and select from the menu to create a new chart. The chart creation code will detect the pivot table and create a pivot chart instead of a normal chart.

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(image and video by Tomaž Vajngerl)

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