Use Case: SIB delivering Nextcloud and Collabora Online to 2500 teachers and 33000 pupils in Brittany, France

Allowing students to have remote access, the choice of any device (smartphones, tablets, computers), advanced collaboration features around documents, and advanced sharing features including groups.
These were the requirements of SIB, a major, global public actor of digital services, when looking at improving their service to 33.000 pupils and 2.500 teachers in 57 middle schools!

SIB found an ideal solution in Nextcloud and Collabora Online

SIB supports healthcare structures and public entities in their digital transformation. The organization provides infrastructure to teachers and pupils: computers, servers, hosted applications, networks and support.
In this specific case (get the full case study!), they have been working on taking their information systems to the next level for the Ille-et-Vilaine department, including middle schools.

“We prevent interoperability problems when students work from home
with Nextcloud and Collabora Online, which avoids the need for specific Microsoft Office versions”

Using Nextcloud and Collabora Online

The new solution allows up to 33.000 pupils and 2.500 teachers in 57 middle schools to work from home, inside Nextcloud Group Folders along with Collabora Online.
This way teachers don’t have the issue that they don’t have the right Microsoft Office version to read the students’ work which removes any interoperability problems between Microsoft versions.
Also teachers and directors of the schools use Collabora Online for sharing and collaboration on administrative tasks.

Thanks to our partner Nextcloud for their great work in this project and for their blog about this case study.

Great user feedback

Users welcomed Collabora Online inside Nextcloud and all the features with great enthusiasm: they loved the remote access to documents, online collaborative edition and the user-friendliness of the solution.
Some teachers already used online hosted solutions. For them, having the same experience hosted in Britanny by a security, privacy and protection-oriented public organization was a very positive experience. For users unfamiliar with those services, support and personal coaching was offered during migration phases. They gained experience with the functionality and used it innovatively with their pupils during class time.

Tell me more!

You can read the full case study to learn more about the reasons that made SIB choose Collabora Online for this project, their initial requirements, technical configurations and infrastructure decisions.


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Collabora Online Community – our next major release was made more fun and beautiful by the community

Really soon (update: released!) there will be the final CODE 21.11! And we really love to let you know about all the people that did the hard work alongside us that made this release possible and fun!


Collabora has invested significantly in bringing a host of new features and functionality to this latest release, and accounts for the overwhelming volume of contributions. However, we want to acknowledge all of our friends and colleagues who helped to contribute not only to this, but also to the underlying LibreOffice technology, you can check out LibreOffice community credits. We cannot thank everyone involved enough for their passionate work. All of our code is open source, and available to the public on GitHub. Would you like to be part of the Collabora Online success story? Check the new website for Online with information, easy hacks and a forum for Online, report issues, and participate today!

On the community front people have been busy, hacking directly in the code and on the UI, helping with translations and improving the community website. Happily we can report successful Hacktoberfests (both last year and this) were a success with newcomers joining in our weekly Hacktoberfest meetings that were preceding our regular community weekly meetings. Those contributions kept raining down during the next weeks, month and make it into this release.

A huge thanks to Gleb Popov (arrowd) for single-handedly ported Collabora Online to FreeBSD. Oh, arrowd also found time to add and setup FreeBSD’s CI Cirrus. You rock!

Thanks to Andreas Kainz for all the many contributions around UI fixes. For all the improvements on Mobile toolbars and Desktop controls. For working on the Notebookbar spec and also for finding time to start helping newcomers :).

Alexandru Vlăduţu (1&1) has been busy making some user flows more discoverable by adding menubar shortcuts and by improving how the user edits an URL via the hyperlink dialog. Alexandru also made it easier to test and switch between multiple documents by creating a demo exactly for that browser/html/multidocs.html.

Now the avatar list is at the top right of the header thanks to Luka Trovic (Nextcloud) and Julius Härtl (Nextcloud) that also has improved the idle document dialog with new style.

Now branding theme is set as dynamic instead of constant string thanks to Julius Härtl. Who has also hacked and fixed CSP header by removing duplicated img-src rules; added the possibility to pass UI default to documents of type drawing and improved menu hide animation in the Classic UI mode.

Thanks to Stavros Kois for fixing a bug where clicking Page... button in Calc (using the Notebookbar mode) would do nothing, and also for working in the follow ups.

With regards to Docker and for those cases when only something in has changed the docker build was speeded up by moving the add script after the install script, thanks to Erik Habicht. Still related to docker thanks to Marco Marinello for setting the source of dockerfile to Debian Buster to keep things up-to-date.

Thanks to Gabriel Masei (1&amp1) a different UI mode is allowed for different views, this means that the same document can be viewed at the same time by one user: A using the notebookbar mode and by another user: B using the classic mode. To further his work, Gabriel also added support for that to be changed dynamically via post-message and without re-loading the opened view.

On the admin from Gabriel added clean-up metrics regarding resource consuming documents and also added support for lost kits clean-up.

Thank you to Hugo Peixoto for tackling many of those easy hacks related to optimizing startsWith calls on StringVector elements and for removing unused includes (c++). It’s really cool to see how fast you went with your contributions in such a short period of time!

Switching slide format via the dropdown is now possible thanks to the JavaScript bug fix from Alexandru Vlăduţu.

Martin Hoffman‘s first contribution fixed the bash script that was wrongly deploying core underneath poco’s directory resulting errors later on when doing configure --with-lo-path

Many upstream icons have been updated thanks to Rizal Muttaqi’s contributions. Thanks to Çağrı Gökçe and umutbayramoglu other new icons have been added to mobile and desktop.

New unit test added for skipping ModifiedStatus from deduplication by Gabriel Masei.

The building process was streamed lined with all the occurrences of WebDAVStorage removed by Yunus Bulut. Still in the process of clean-up, this time in the C++ realm, obsolete locking pieces were detected and removed by Shubham Goyal and duplicated include removed by Andrea Gelmini. Many unused variables and duplicated statements were also removed from Python and JavaScript files, thanks to umutbayramoglu and Bayram Çiçek. PelinkKuran was then hunting and fixing all the problems with indentations as per eslint 4.0.0

Functions in JavaScript are not better declared with less repetition and more consistency thanks to Kandarp Patel.

Lastly, text in many places has been improved, typos have been fixed throughout the code by the hand of Andrea Gelmini; Comments have been added directly into code by the hands of Serkan Danışan. Siddharth and codewithvk.

See all of them bellow:

HashAuthorCommit Subject

0115cbc5b Luka Trovic fix feedback for the last saved time over 1 day
32265b7c6 Julius Härtl browser: Only apply header avatars for desktop
0ccbb5704 Julius Härtl browser: cleanup header avatar handling
b31bb2c08 Julius Härtl browser: Adjust header avatars to fit default theme
f9e81b187 Luka Trovic add avatar list to the top right of the header
40c8152ee Julius Härtl browser: Move menubar to a flex-based layout
4c1185be7 Marco Marinello Fix debian dockerfile explicitly set buster as source since is now oldstable
111856f28 Julius Härtl Extract file_path from debug.html and pass other query parameters
fdfdd5909 Gleb Popov loolmount: Mimic the Linux behavior of umount2() on FreeBSD.
cc205d294 Luka Trovic remove xss vulernability
ec2e5e1ec Luka Trovic update idle document modal style
cbe99ee87 Erik Habicht Move adding the start script after running the install script.
b88708aac Gleb Popov Don’t enable SECCOMP by default on !Linux systems.
2716cc715 Gleb Popov Set –disable-setcap as default for !Linux platforms
b948e431f Gleb Popov Use more portable shebang for loolwsd-generate-proof-key script
e45358ab8 Gabriel Masei admin: add resource consuming docs cleanup metrics
5162f91ec Julius Härtl Keep branding theme dynamic
3eab4f70a Julius Härtl wsd: Only add one img-src rule to the CSP header
570c31d1a Julius Härtl wsd: Allow to pass ui defaults for drawings
b2abb5e4a Hugo Peixoto Use tokens.equals() instead of tokens[] ==
aba9bf559 Hugo Peixoto Fix typo in comment
2bdb7ed56 Hugo Peixoto Fix bug in StringVector::startsWith and add tests
8fc9dcadb Julius Härtl leaflet: Fix blocking the menu hide animation
f157b1eec Hugo Peixoto Remove unused Poco/Timestamp include
7bf0ead62 Hugo Peixoto Optimize startsWith calls on StringVector elements
46a7f6ba9 Andreas-Kainz Sidebar fix alignment for LB_SHOW_COLOR, LB_GLOW_COLOR and button2
dae6ab85d Andreas-Kainz Calc Sidebar fix for Number Format Section
f4ec05009 Andreas-Kainz Icon fix for closedocmobile it was to height at mobile insert menu
ab6719695 Andreas-Kainz Mobile Writer Graphic Context
8a8af507f Stavros kois Also add missing parameters
e29cbb281 Stavros kois Fix Page… button on Calc for NotebookBar
12e9ed689 Andreas-Kainz Mobile Sidebar Layout fixes
2f55d9e5b Andreas-Kainz Mobile BottomToolbar add context-Table commands
0e238382f Andreas-Kainz Mobile TopToolbar hide commands that are not available
a3f378e72 M.-Kupriyanov Update ingress.yaml
cb22a86a2 Andreas-Kainz Mobile Sidebar fix some alignments
2c34fdbb1 Andreas-Kainz Mobile TopToolbar Calc acceptformula and cancelformula
cf13964ba Andreas-Kainz Mobile BottomToolbar Calc add commands
c2f50008b Andreas-Kainz Mobile Bottom Toolbar Align Menu
f70824722 Andreas-Kainz Add ContectToolbar functionality
dec8bfedc Andreas-Kainz Sidebar justify-content flex-end for last-child
58599f8cb Andreas-Kainz Icon cleanup
f87628cfe Andreas-Kainz icon cleanup for smaler size
74d2563fa Alexandru Vlăduţu loleaflet: add menubar shortcuts where applicable
eb387cc7b Alexandru Vlăduţu loleaflet: add edit option in link dialog
0b361d1cf Alexandru Vlăduţu loleaflet: add demo for opening multiple docs and switching between them
3018878ae Çağrı Gökçe Create lc_checkboxoff.svg
e0cdc186e Siddharth Copy loleaflet-api.html into code: cursorURL
3dbc2657e Alexandru Vlăduţu leaflet: fix slide format JS bug in presentations
48f91a2aa Thomas Koch use Request.has instead of .find and .end
f50a2c201 Andreas-Kainz Sidebar css fixes
25c8d8b52 Andreas-Kainz Sidebar: expander with is 290px (322px – 2x16px)
20c2ab566 Gleb Popov Remove non-abstract unix socket files on shutdown.
950a5c4d1 Gleb Popov Use more sensible value for #ifdef when checking for abstract unix sockets.
0dd30ba28 Gleb Popov Remove unused private class member.
b3d5a2563 Gopi Krishna Menon Add profilezone around kitPoll function and SocketPoll constructor
9d8619397 Gopi Krishna Menon Log Last Uno 4 Commands During a Fatal Crash
5ba9db184 Serkan Danışan Copy loleaflet-api.html into code: defaultZoom
d21fade7c Hannah Meeks Copy documentation into source code as comments #2160
5ee33d15f Andreas-Kainz Mobile fix left padding insert commands
8429a2df1 Andreas-Kainz Mobile: fontnamecombobox use no left padding at mobile sidebar
9e10f0e53 Andreas-Kainz Mobile remove StyleUpdateByExampleimg and StyleNewByExampleimg from sidebar
2ac99e833 Andreas-Kainz Mobile search fold as first item
48ca25a1b Andreas-Kainz Mobile Sidebar Character remove Grow and Shrink #2488
65db91084 Jerzy Drozdz Added missing class A ip addresses regex to config file.
3d5a85a39 Andreas-Kainz Mobile show border-top ad bottomBar
c035146a8 Andreas-Kainz Mobile explorable-entry use the same padding-left than ui-header
6bc2f8f7f Andreas_K Revert “Mobile explorable-entry use the same padding-left than ui-header”
a362985f4 Andreas-Kainz Mobile explorable-entry use the same padding-left than ui-header
b956a0539 Andreas-Kainz Mobile wrap icons alignment float: left
a0257a60a Andreas-Kainz Mobile AlignToolBar use fixed icon size
84f109d88 Andreas-Kainz Mobile FontWorkShapes same alignment and padding than everywhere
746f2b78c Andreas-Kainz Mobile css remove clear after shadow
19afcbcdb Andreas-Kainz Mobile Calc Property sidebar panel fix number format and cell appearance
6142037a6 Andreas-Kainz Mobile unobuttons no additional padding needed
7040cedd0 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar shortcuts-bar horizontal center align
7f59a4766 Andreas-Kainz Mobile BottomBar Impress/Draw Align
8dfd9dab6 Andreas-Kainz Mobile BottomBar Calc Align Menu
7bc42ca28 Andreas-Kainz Mobile BottomBar Calc Align Menu
c2e8885ce Andreas-Kainz Mobile fix closedocmobile icon
1841ab66e Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar shortcuts-menu vertical alignment center
d3a16af3c Andreas-Kainz Mobile Impress/Draw share TopBar code
840032b96 Andreas-Kainz Mobile Calc Formularbar arrangement fix
fe5cfbaf1 Andreas-Kainz Mobile BottomBar fix height
3d95c1754 Andreas-Kainz Mobile Icon closedocument fix
8303496ca Andreas-Kainz Mobile add BottomBar for drawing
a73919261 Andreas-Kainz Mobile Impress mobile-edit-button same arrangement than writer
c7b76b164 Andreas-Kainz Mobile TopBar update layout
2c6224d2b Andreas-Kainz Mobile Draw add TopBar commands from Impress
7161e13d5 Andreas-Kainz Mobile Topbar Alignment
ca097c723 Andreas-Kainz Mobile Menubar update
1137aee87 Andreas-Kainz Mobile BottomBar consistency
e8255044c Andreas-Kainz Colibre styles icon update:
9b652a5e4 Andreas-Kainz CSS color-palette vars are within a separate css file
f05769b7c Andreas-Kainz Statusbar use hue-rotate styles svg icons
6adc772fe Andreas-Kainz LibreOffice mimetype icon update and fix for #2407
f595fe790 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar Cut, Copy commands without label
830f38105 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar Shortcuts-bar simplify icons and alignment
3b62a9adf Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar Shortcut bar add Fullscreen #2417
a18765503 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar Tab hover use primary color
4fa8fdc20 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar add outline for hover commands
71831e273 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar add commands to File and Layout tab
8914dfae3 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar Draw/Impress add Layout and Review tab
b8c5c12ab Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar Tablet: remove tab height
2ca514f46 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar Layout Tab add Sidebar show/hide #2295
9d4b047e9 Andreas-Kainz Calc Formular bar alignment #809
d1bbb6ada Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar.css var color update
3ff42011e Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar: add missing context toolbars #2175
de8a07d57 Andreas-Kainz Colibre icon fix d=”” was wrong cause of copy/paste
6d1045b44 Andreas-Kainz Colibre icon update: property wheel use white background
6b92bd140 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar fontnamecombobox was one px to low
88c52d166 Andreas-Kainz Calc Formular bar alignment #809
572d1aa48 Gleb Popov Add Cirrus CI configuration for FreeBSD testing.
f12eb8373 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar: Home tab: positioning direct formatting icons #2085
871669f51 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar.css remove settings for #table-optionstoolboxdown
735c98473 andreas kainz notebookbar.css use –gray-light-txt-color for dimgray
662205355 Gleb Popov scripts/refresh-git-hooks: Create hooks dir before making links.
3ac539b1c andreas kainz Notebookbar: Tab: Fix vertical alignment
031f71bd8 andreas kainz Notebookbar Writer cleanup id values
77a122b88 andreas kainz Notebookbar Draw use branding color yellow0
6eba1e6fc andreas kainz Notebookbar ScrollButtons height shrink to 72px
df2e0a9d5 andreas kainz Thesaurus work only in writer #2129
53e1c0250 Gleb Popov Use Util::getThreadId() instead of Linux system call.
b5e3fc49b andreas kainz Notebookbar height 72px instead of 84px #2088
1000dab3e Michael Weghorn tdf#129833 android: Move reading file to separate thread
93bc5f608 andreas kainz Text dropdown fit into notebookbar row height
6e79c7b64 andreas kainz Notebookbar.css cleanup unrelated values was removed
369c8b6fc andreas kainz Button dropdown is now 24px in height like all other commands #2088
742cda8b4 Gleb Popov Don’t try use abstract unix sockets on !Linux platforms.
f11ca121a Gleb Popov Use SOL_LOCAL value instead of 0 in getsockopt() calls.
32c3488b9 Gleb Popov Fix a crash in the FreeBSD part of loolmount due to uninitialized variables.
b46c57952 andreas kainz Help icon last-updates update #2026
9c8776ab9 andreas kainz Notebookbar Find and Replace everywhere in Home Tab #2136
8211c3219 andreas kainz Notebookbar Clac Sheet tab was renamed to Layout #2130
495d5d811 andreas kainz Notebookbar: wrapper: vertical center all tabs
1700533c8 codewithvk Copy loleaflet-api.html into code: tileHeightTwips
967505b82 andreas kainz Update Help icons #2026
534813e3e andreas kainz Notebookbar Selected icons and icons + labels design update
7b54f0b30 codewithvk leaflet: show checked status for full screen in menu
4023a118c andreas kainz Notebookbar Draw Tab update #2007
23dc1b2aa andreas kainz Fix insert line and shape icon #2152
b1865b2b5 andreas kainz Colibre icon theme update to correct colors and forms
8a7278f94 andreas kainz Colibre Icons update insertgraphic #2151
3463c2eca Jan Holesovsky Revert “fix #1285 remove elipsis … from NB strings”
961b771ec andreas kainz Notebookbar writer calc remove grow-shrink subgroup
e6c233769 andreas kainz Notebookbar impress – draw home tab update
926686b87 andreas kainz Notebookbar Calc sync tab arrangement wit writer/impress
34b8dee38 andreas kainz update colibre filter icons
4d356ad99 andreas kainz Update Colibre icons
902442d4e Andreas_K Notebookbar Writer/Impress Table Contextual Tab update
584e139bb Andreas_K Notebookbar Calc Sheet and Data Tab update #2007
d267e7ccc Andreas_K fix
04ddf179b Andreas_K Notebookbar Format Tab update #2007
17d49e1a3 Andreas_K Notebookbar Writer Reference Tab update #2007
a1bf84f80 Andreas_K Notebookbar Writer Layout Tab update #2007
f12990a7b Andreas_K Notebookbar Insert Tab update #2007
3dc12fe6e Andreas_K Rename BasicShapes string #2111
647e2bbdd Andreas_K NB File Tabs SaveAs Label similar between apps
faf91d27e Andreas_K NB File Tabs SaveAs Label similar between apps
769c0dca4 Andreas_K NB Calc update Home Tab
850a657a3 Andreas_K fix #2095 NB File Tab update at all apps
a41ab8ff3 Andreas_K fix #1285 remove elipsis … from NB strings
72ab267f0 Andreas_K fix #1611 remove gray background of uno:color command in NB
36047958b Andreas_K add dropdown arrow to color picker
ca682ade8 codewithvk Fix : Notebookbar Labels Decrease font size
49bf42403 Ayhan Yalçınsoy added stdexcept include to fix build error
7bef5b5c2 Ayhan Yalçınsoy eslint:v.bump to 7.0.0
21d514ecf Gabriel Masei admin: add support for lost kits cleanup
201510798 Gleb Popov Add explanation for trick used in WhiteBoxTests::testTime()
5bb2f9368 Gleb Popov Fix testTime tests on libc++/FreeBSD.
c3a3a0d7a Gleb Popov Mark the argument as unused to silence compiler warning.
ed85b0a9d Emil Velikov android: Add support for split APKs to gradle
c9681a246 Emil Velikov android: inline constant gradle variables
c17a24769 Emil Velikov android: remove unused custom gradle variables
be4ab2a90 Emil Velikov android: Fold duplicate gradle settings
f3a22e981 Gleb Popov Port loolwsd-systemplate-setup to FreeBSD.
21bfa19e9 Gleb Popov Fix compilation with libc++
422723cbd Bayram Çiçek removed a duplicate of if statement in TileLayer.js
877ce2faf Gabriel Masei loleaflet: add support for changing ui mode dynamically
d08fda974 umutbayramoglu Remove unused variables
8727db174 Gleb Popov Fix build with libc++: std::min() parameters should be of the same type.
c03940312 Rizal Muttaqin Add download as csv icon
fff344afe Martin Hoffmann fix wrong directory after poco install
038c85b8f Andreas-Kainz change default sidebar icon size to use 24px icons (like in toolbars)
d3ff48f65 Andreas-Kainz Sidebar should use .png icons instead of .svg fix #786
79374db3a Andreas-Kainz Signed-off-by: Andreas-Kainz <> Change-Id: I3ce2be9cc6362c09725fe1692e6853f195274211
3a3867e1c Shubham Goyal Resolve #805 : Remove Mutex lock
1f5feb153 Andreas-Kainz Notebookbar: disable commands without gray background
e50a2d8ce Andreas-Kainz Writer NB: Layout tab fix icon size of align commands
c4c30ecc0 Andreas-Kainz add clone and clear to ContextMenu
81a5d029e Andreas-Kainz NB shortcuts-bar vertical alignment update
e6cc492e9 Andreas-Kainz NB Impress home tab align bullet commands
7692247d6 Andreas-Kainz NB Calc home tab align character commands
0396307ea Andreas-Kainz NB Writer home tab align bullet commands
87aff3566 Andreas-Kainz NB update Format Tab
cb27d2cda andreas kainz NB: vertical-align content
d9cadd125 andreas kainz NB: Update writer and impress file tab according to calc #1080
6cceee7e4 andreas kainz NB update: calc file tab: bottom align labels
952b5c021 andreas kainz NB writer: add context-graphic tab
51ba40862 andreas kainz Notebookbar Insert Tab: update writer insert tab
a596e3292 andreas kainz Notebookbar Insert Tab: update calc insert tab
db2280bbb andreas kainz Notebookbar Insert Tab: update impress insert tab
fed8ed59a Gleb Popov Use portable `/usr/bin/env bash` shebang, instead of `/bin/bash` one.
d6de33d9e Gleb Popov Require pkg-config on all platforms except Darwin.
3cea82d6f Gleb Popov Extend some Linux conditionals to the FreeBSD case.
292aa7e9b Gleb Popov Stub out hasAnyCapability for !Linux platforms.
458d2b4ee 22shubh22 Remove unwanted Poco::Timestamp functions
f7d993da7 umutbayramoglu Mobile: Modify ‘insert comment’ icon
b7abd7ef0 andreas kainz TopToolbar Calc textalign menu: add vertical align commands
da5c34183 umutbayramoglu Update insert comment icon
2358b8305 umutbayramoglu Create new icon that replaces the ‘insert comment’ icon
99c9ac172 Gabriel Masei wsd: allow different UI mode for different views
613026a54 Ayhan Yalçınsoy Calc:recalculate command is added at Data menu
d2330390a bayramcicek Port to Util::make_unique for kit/ChildSession
df925222a andreas kainz TopToolbar better arrangement of breaks
054ab5f61 Ashod Nakashian wsd: specialize thread ID serialization
854065200 Gleb Popov Do not try to convert std::thread::id to integer value.
12cd5affc Gleb Popov Reuse __linux__ code path in __FreeBSD__ case too.
f7faaad79 Gleb Popov Replace all `__linux` in CPP conditions with `__linux__`.
78904302d Gleb Popov Do not call non-standard std::thread::id constructor.
3ee1ee0b5 Gleb Popov AdminModel.cpp: Fix build with libc++.
92c0d375e Gleb Popov Port mount.cpp to FreeBSD.
7f0b19baa Gleb Popov map.cpp: Add an implementation of glibc-specific error() function.
8c6cbedd5 Gleb Popov Socket.cpp: Use LOCAL_PEERCRED flag on FreeBSD instead of SO_PEERCRED.
57eab254c Gleb Popov On FreeBSD, link to libexecinfo and libz from base. Require 3rd-party libiconv.
55ed321a1 Gleb Popov Implement SslContext::id() for FreeBSD systems by calling pthread_getthreadid_np().
aa97476f0 Gleb Popov Util.cpp: Do not call setpriority for thread handles on non-Linux systems.
3930ea86a Gleb Popov FileUtil.cpp: Fix building on FreeBSD.
414dd5de5 Gleb Popov Seccomp.cpp: Fix building on FreeBSD.
a90bbc922 Gleb Popov Log.cpp: Extend #ifdef conditional to FreeBSD case.
333a70c05 Gleb Popov Kit.cpp: Fix build on FreeBSD and use cap_enter() to constrain the process rights.
7553c1f2f Gleb Popov ForKit.cpp: Implement haveCorrectCapabilities() for FreeBSD by checking that we are running as root.
ec4d35a53 Ayhan Yalçınsoy loleaflet: eslint v.bump to 6.0.0 #396
4de771751 andreas kainz Calc: menubar update in sheet calc menubar fix #549
e6b31fea6 andreas kainz Clac: add commands to calc menubar format section
1cf11ba05 andreas kainz Calc: add commands to calc menubar view and insert
687d02e5b andreas kainz Add space between drop down widget see issue #350
aa9cfa621 andreas kainz menubar writer tools and insert update
f532a3f4d andreas kainz Shape icon update
8e5354173 kuesji koesnu edited behaviour: if you pass csv input file with –csv parameter you get output in single line with comma seperated format
591a5ac9b kuesji koesnu added `–csv file` argument for taking author list from comma seperated format removed mail addresses from author list
c1df79e22 Ayhan Yalçınsoy loleaflet: Towards eslint 6.0.0 #396 – no-prototype-builtins
d1b13ddb4 andreas kainz Menubar Writer Format section update #433
d1e119b8f andreas kainz Menubar view – move sidebar to other show/hide items
a308453fe Marc Rodrigues Update
d7656402d Jan Dageförde Migrate code to use generic sendError
7206231ed Jan Dageförde Rewrite FileServerRequestHandler::sendError to rely on generic sendError
c543e4415 Jan Dageförde Provide methods that output error headers into the socket
76ef26cf1 andreas kainz Merge branch ‘master’ of
be953a912 andreas kainz Update file menubar arrangement #433
42c56919b Ayhan Yalçınsoy Remove Poco/TimeStamp.h left-over part-2
c1b8a64fc Ayhan Yalçınsoy Remove Poco/TimeStamp.h left-over
1ef9ad4f5 Ayhan Yalçınsoy Remove Poco::LocalDateTime left-overs
7aae0ddc4 Jan Dageförde Simplify another Util::getHttpTimeNow() in headers
8aaebf9e1 Gleb Popov Add FreeBSD case to
d6dfd80ee ihristova11 chore: bump eslint version to 5.0.0
be98e41c2 Nicolas Christener Fix #391, Add “Actual behavior” to GitHub issue…
166f4b717 andreas kainz icon fix
bb5e11292 Pelin Kuran loleaflet: Bump eslint version to 4.0.0
48c2f217b andreas kainz Issue #213: add css theming support to shape icons
eee61971b Ayhan Yalçınsoy Remove unnecessary escapes for eslint 4.0.0 conformance
e6390089a pelinKuran Fix indentations as per eslint 4.0.0
29251ef43 dilaverdemirel Replaces Poco::DateTimeFormatter to Util::getHttpTimeNow #207
e9252a258 bugrakurt loleaflet: eslint 4.0.0 conformance
c6486d472 bugrakurt loleaflet: eslint 4.0.0 conformance
0f96c51f9 bugrakurt loleaflet: eslint 4.0.0 conformance
10c78cf11 pelinKuran Fix indentations as per eslint 4.0.0
3dc3a70a9 pelinKuran Fix indentations as per eslint 4.0.0
6dd2d4fc1 pelinKuran Fix indentations as per eslint 4.0.0
e9ea83efa Mücahid Aydin pep8 coding style conformance for scripts/
d977d1397 Yusuf Keten port to util::make_unique for wsd
0b5734de6 Buğra Kurt loleaflet: eslint 4.0.0 conformance for Control.Menubar.js,
0f229b841 andreas kainz Fix issue #210: StyleAply drop down menu width
161d5cd34 pelinKuran Fix indentations as per eslint 4.0.0
44006a2a1 dilaverdemirel Fixes some eslint 4.0.0 format rule mismatches #229
084a29504 Alan Verdugo Fixing pycodestyle errors
6ce6e0fbb corleone77 locorestrings style fixed
5452c205e Alan Verdugo Fixing pycodestyle checks
4768baf1d Rizal Muttaqin Update Impress sidebar icons
00cfe2246 Rizal Muttaqin Update icons to match newest Colibre color scheme
21373089c Gabriel Masei Unit test for skipping ModifiedStatus from deduplication
e982a8665 Yunus Bulut Remove WebDAVStorage in Storage.hpp #111
35ad7d426 Yunus Bulut Destroy WebDAVStorage and section #169
9d0154068 Andrea Gelmini Fix typos
6e7f2a1f8 Andrea Gelmini Remove executable bits on gif file
42d835ca4 Andrea Gelmini Fix typo in code
b2360fec3 Andrea Gelmini Removed duplicated include
596b26c7d Andrea Gelmini Fix typo in code
94e737b89 Kandarp Patel Ensure consistent function declaration in TextInput.js
170b7dd0b Kandarp Patel Fix Issue #68 Ensure consistent function declaration

Thanks to all translators Weblate contributions also kept coming with added missing strings left and right:

김주현; Abdul Mukti Nurrohman; Abduqadir Abliz; abidin toumi; Adam Rak; Adolfo Jayme Barrientos; Akhlak Ahmad; Ákos Nagy; Alexandre Brochand; Allan Nordhøy; Andika Triwidada; Andras Timar; Andreas Pettersson; Andrej Shadura; André Marcelo Alvarenga; Andrew Lee (李健秋); Àngels Giménez; Artem; Asier Sarasua Garmendia; Ayhan Yalçınsoy; bact; Baurzhan Muftakhidinov; belkacem77; Besnik Bleta; bormant; bruh; Budi Aryo; ButterflyOfFire; Carlos Moreira; Cédric Valmary; Cheng-Chia Tseng; Christian Kühl; Christian Lohmaier; Còdaze Veneto; Cor Nouws; DaeHyun Sung(성대현, 成大鉉); David Lamhauge; Dimitris Spingos; doanmanhduy75; Donald Rogers; Elisa de Castro Guerra; Eloy Crespo; Eugenia Russell; Ezinne Nnamani; Felipe Viggiano; Flávio José de Siqueira Cavalc; Florian; FW; Gábor Kelemen; George Kitsoukakis; Giacomo Bertolotti; Gökay Şatır; Gontzal Manuel Pujana Onaindia; Harri Pitkänen; HelaBasa; Henry Castro; Hirae; Ihor Hordiichuk; Imanuel Ronaldo; Jan Holesovsky; Jean-Baptiste Faure; Jeff Huang; Jesper Hertel; J. Lavoie; Joachim Vincent; Joan Montané; Jörn Liebau; Karl Morten Ramberg; kees538; K. Herbert; koffevar; Kolbjørn Stuestøl; Kruno; Lars Kirschmann; Leif-Jöran Olsson; Leif Lodahl; liimee; LL Magical; Lukáš Jelínek; Luna Jernberg; Marco Cecchetti; Marco Marega; Marc Rodrigues; Martin Srebotnjak; Masa Murakami; Matthaiks; Mehmet Sait Gülmez; Mert Tümer; Michael Bauer; Michael Wolf; Michalis; Mihail Balabanov; Mike Kaganski; Milo Ivir; Miloš Šrámek; Ming Hua; Mirsad; Modestas Rimkus; Muhammet Kara; Muḥend Velqasem; naniud; Nathan; Naveen; Necdet Yucel; Nguyen Trung Kien; Nguyen Tuan Anh; Nikita Epifanov; Niklas Johansson; No Ne; Oğuz Ersen; Olav Dahlum; Olexandr Pylypchuk; Olivier Hallot; Osoitz; Oymate; pan93412; Paul Roos; Pedro Pinto Silva; phlostically; Piotr Rudzki; Pranav Kant; Quentin Pagès; raal; Reza Almanda; Rhoslyn Prys; Rizal Muttaqin; Rob Pearson; Roman Vasylyshyn; Ron Stephen Mathew; Rybnicek-PCHELP; Saikeo; Samson B; SC; Sebastiaan Veld; Sérgio Marques; Sérgio Morais; Slimane Selyan Amiri; So; Sophie Gautier; ssantos; Stanislav Horáček; Steen Rønnow; Stratos Kostidis; Stuart Swales; Sveinn í Felli; Szymon Kłos; tamer dab; Thais Vieira; Tor Lillqvist; Tymofii Lytvynenko; Unihuppio; uzadmin; Valter Mura; VenetoABC; vpanter; wck317; William Gathoye; wxf26054; Xosé; Yaron Shahrabani; Zhou Nan; Андрій Бандура; Євген Кондратюк; امير محمد العمري; غادة الذياب; வே. இளஞ்செழியன் (Ve. Elanjelian); 日陰のコスモス; 村上正記; 琨珑 锁

This release also marks the very first community smoke test, annouced in many places:

David Negreira; Rodrigo Borges; Jaime Pereira; Gabriel Masei; Peter Hagen; Rob Pearson; BigTwoProduction; Nicolas Christener; Sebastiaan Veld;

Lastly, we also received many improvements from newcomers to the Community website,

Sachin Hatikankan; Marc Rodrigues; Jaime Pereira; noel; LUCANM; Mariana Beldi; PareshHK; Shubham Ingale; Cor Nouws; Philippe Kalaf

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Collabora presenting the 2021 LibreOffice & Online growth infographic

In the aftermath of this year’s LibreOffice conference, we are glad to provide you with the latest update of our LibreOffice growth infoGraphic, including beautiful visuals and interesting numbers! We do hope you appreciate it and would love to hear your feedback. And of course, it is great if you find the format, in which it is presented, convenient to share.

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic in general, the statistics around LibreOffice collaboration are impressive. Although the total number of contributions to the LibreOffice core has slightly dropped compared to the year before, our developers remain top code contributors to LibreOffice with 4188 code commits (32.3%). The popular Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE), for home use & small teams, saw over 70 million Docker image pulls! We are glad to acknowledge, that the move of Collabora Online to GitHub has resulted in an increased number of contributions from the community. We are truly grateful to the growing number of partners, customers and volunteers for making this work possible.

The number of worldwide Collabora Online partners has raised to 230, the Collabora Office app for Android, iOS and Chrome OS saw 500,000 installations and the last year’s joint online conference by LibreOffice and SUSE did welcome over 130 participants from all over the world.

Would you like to see some previous versions of the info graph? Please find them here: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016.

So, without further ado, please have a look at the updated LibreOffice growth infoGraphic on 2021 here:


Try Collabora Office and Collabora Online!

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Collabora Office for Android & iOS – Gives You the Widest Range of Features and Best Performance

The latest Collabora Office release brings many new features to your Android-based phones and tablets, as well as to Chromebooks and iOS. It offers better speed and comes with many user interface improvements. Among the new features are the editing of fontworks, CSV import and the ability to open PDF documents on mobile devices. Many of the improvements had already arrived on iOS with the recent 6.4.12 update. More-so than ever, Collabora Office empowers you to maintain control of your documents, no matter where you are!



Import CSV files to your phone

Collabora Office 6.4.13 for mobile adds the ability to open CSV files in a spreadsheet. When opening a CSV file in Collabora, the dialog with the import settings, such as the character set, language, starting row, and separator, are shown. The dialog will also display a preview of the imported values before you tap ‘OK’ to import a file in Calc.


VBA compatible macros on mobile

Macros extend the functionality by automating tasks in Collabora Office. Run them now on your mobile application.


Move sheets and freeze rows or columns

Two very convenient features for working with spreadsheets arrived on Android. Use the tabs to access a dialog allowing you to move or copy the selected sheet. Also, the possibility to freeze panes or rows is now available on your mobile devices via the Sheet dialog.


Fontwork text art on mobile devices

Fontwork objects are fun to work with and a good way to add visual highlights to your documents. You can now add and edit them on your mobile device. The new feature is available in the Insert dialog.


Connector tool and glue points

The connector tool is a very handy feature to visualize relations in presentation, drawing with for example organizational charts. The new glue points can be attached to the junctures of any objects. The glue points will appear automatically when a connector is selected.


Style preview on tablets & Chromebooks

All the above features are available on phones, tablets, and Chromebooks alike. However, there is more to be discovered using the bigger screens. Tablets and Chromebooks do feature the new Style Preview widget found on the NotebookBar, making it easier to recognize and select Styles in all your text documents, such as open document format (ODT) and Microsoft OOXML DOCX.


Improved context menus for tabs in spreadsheets

The context menus of the tabs in spreadsheets have been revised. They now react flexibly and display the appropriate options in each case. For example, if only a single or several tabs are available in the spreadsheet.


Largest set of features and best performance

There are also important aspects to our mobile apps which you can’t see with your naked eyes, but which noticeably improve your workflow with documents. Over the last few months, we have focused heavily on maximizing the performance of our flagship product, Collabora Online, streamlining code and optimizing processes in a number of places. Many of these improvements have been incorporated into Collabora Office 6.4.13 for Android and Chrome OS, and the earlier released 6.4.12 version for iOS. The current release is our mobile office suite with the largest set of features, and is at the same time the most performant.


Download Collabora Office 6.4.13

Collabora Office for iOS, Android and Chrome OS is available through the Play Store and App Store. We do also provide the latest snapshot .apk for Android for download! The iOS version had recently already been updated to version 6.4.12 and will see additional fixes soon. A vibrant and welcoming community has evolved around Collabora Online & Collbaora Office. If you would like to get in touch or get involved, visit us in the forum or on GitHub.


LibreOffice Technology


LibreOffice Technology
Collabora Office for Mobile devices is built on LibreOffice Technology


About Collabora Productivity

Collabora Productivity is the driving force behind putting LibreOffice in the cloud, providing Collabora Online and a range of products and consulting to enterprise and government. Powered by the largest team of certified LibreOffice engineers in the world, it is a leading contributor to the LibreOffice codebase and community. Collabora Office for Desktop and Collabora Online provide a business-hardened office suite with long-term, multi-platform support. Collabora Productivity is a division of Collabora, the global software consultancy dedicated to providing the benefits of Open Source to the commercial world, specializing in mobile, automotive and consumer electronics industries. For more information, visit or follow Collabora Office on Twitter .


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Collabora Online Community Roundup #11

On 1 October 2020, Collabora Online moved to its new home on GitHub, and started settling in the new infrastructure, expanding its fantastic community, and continuing the work to deliver the latest and greatest developments in productivity and collaboration together. Check our community website for all the details!

Collabora developers also keep fixing and improving our lovely mother project LibreOffice. As all the good work requires some appreciation, let’s take a look at what the seasoned developers of the Collabora team and the volunteer contributors from our community have been doing during the last few months. -Have been wondering what happened to the “weekly” roundups? Well, your friendly community mentor was having a time off for health reasons due to the pandemic, but now he is all good and back online. ;)-

Month in Numbers

On the Collabora Online code repository in the last month, 47 authors have pushed 266 commits to master and 907 commits to all branches. On master, 258 files have changed and there have been 8,685 additions and 2,186 deletions.

Screenshot of GitHub Pulse for Collabora Online
Development Activity on Collabora Online GitHub Repository from May 23, 2021 to June 23, 2021

New Contributors

Congratulations to Jerzy Drozdz, Vivekkumar Javiya, Gökhan Karabulut for their first pull requests on our GitHub repository!

  • Thanks to Jerzy Drozdz for adding the missing class A IP addresses regex to the loolwsd config file, thus helping COOL to be compatible with very large networks.
  • Thanks to Vivekkumar Javiya for adjusting the Notebookbar font size, adding support for signaling the fullscreen status in the menu, and adding comments to the Map.js to improve the inline documentation of the code-base.
  • Thanks to Gökhan Karabulut for helping COOL become easier-to-debug and more clutter-free by improving the state dumping and removing some unused fields on the C++ side of the code-base.

Thank you all, and welcome aboard! 🙂

Join the fun!

You can also join the fun, and be part of our next list of new contributors! 🙂

Just go to our GitHub repo, fork it, build it (on Linux or on any platform), grab one of our newcomer-friendly easy hacks, and send your first pull request. And if you get stuck at any point, just drop by one of our communication channels. 😉


Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #30

COOL Weekly Meeting #30 has taken place on Thursday, February 24, 2021 at 10:00:00 am (UTC) with participants both from the community contributors and the Collabora team. We have got a quick update on what’s going on and discussed matters raised by the contributors, as well as having the chance to say hi to fellow members of the community. Topics discussed in the meeting include:

  • During the quick update part by Muhammet Kara, it’s been reported that we have 7 easy hacks at the moment, and planning to increase the number of them. He has also mentioned that COOL is now listed on the First Contributions platform.
  • Michael Meeks brought up the topic of Interactive Performance, and mentioned updates on the ongoing work by various team members, such as image scaling profiling, improving table pieces, fixing Calc’s interactivity & drag and drop selection, and benchmarking and performance profiling during collaborative editing by multiple users.
  • Szymon Kłos shared a status update on his recent work on native sidebars, which would improve the performance and user experience while working with the sidebars.
  • Michael Meeks mentioned that all of the patches for the async saving work are now merged, and the bug fixing step is the next.
  • Muhammet Kara mentioned the nice work by Chetanya Kandhari on the Mattermost integration of Collabora Online.
  • Gabriel Masei shared an update on the stability profiling/improvement efforts going on, followed by a discussion with Andras Timar on the docker image scripts.
  • Quick updates on various ongoing efforts were shared by Michael Meeks.
  • Various topics around design bits were discussed, signalling a lot of visual/aestetic improvements especially on Calc.
  • Pedro Silva pointed out that the Cypress tests need to be made more stable, and acknowledged the recent nice work by Rashesh Padia on that front.
  • Andras Timar shared that CODE 6.4.10 release is planned for the next week.
  • Muhammet Kara reminded everyone that the CfP deadline for LibOCon 2021 is on June 30th, so ~1 week left to submit papers.

Check out the meeting minutes for the details of the meeting, and join us on Thursday, July 01, 2021, at 10:00 am (UTC) to stay in touch with the rest of the community. You may also make your own suggestions for the next meeting by following the link shared in the COOL Telegram group before the next meeting. We’re looking forward to hearing from you live. 😉

Move to Libera.Chat

We set up a #cool-dev channel from the first day of Libera.Chat to help people migrate, and recently made the decision to drop our Freenode channel. Thankfully, the LibreOffice channels are also moving, so we will stay aligned with the wider project. So if you were wondering where everyone went, here is your answer. 😉

Collabora Online (COOL)

  • Thanks to Marco Cecchetti for adding cypress tests for the fullscreen presentation, thus helping us ensure the stability and quality of COOL while doing presentations.
  • Thanks to Gabriel Masei for adding support for lost kits cleanup, thus helping COOL become more friendly in terms of system resource usage as well as making sure the button for the hyperlink dialog is enabled and disabled properly while dynamically changing the UI mode to classic.
  • Thanks to Yunusemre Şentürk for improving the CODE docker image creation for arm64.
  • Thanks to Ayhan Yalçınsoy for helping to ensure COOL code-base’s compliance with the modern JS coding standards by updating the eslint version to 7.0.0 as well as making sure it builds without error on certain platforms.
  • Thanks to Ezinne Nnamani for making sure the paste shortcut CTRL+V works properly on the comment dialog, as well as for ensuring that the Impress slide previews in vertical orientation are fitting the screen nicely on mobile devices.
  • Thanks to Mike Kaganski for adding support for integrations that use certain URL parameters, and improving pixmap handling for watermarks thus possibly helping COOL perform better on related scenarios.
  • Thanks to Muhammet Kara for enabling CodeQL checks for C++ on our code repo, thus helping to maintain the code quality while adding new features and fixing issues, along with various improvements around the contributor friendliness of our project.

    CodeQL is the analysis engine used by developers to automate security checks, and by security researchers to perform variant analysis.
  • Thanks to Aron Budea for various fixes and improvements such as making sure the Page Up and Page Down keys work properly in the slide sorter on Impress, and updating Cypress from 6.2.1 to 6.8.0 thus helping COOL’s testing facilities stay up to date.
  • Thanks to Gleb Popov for a lot of fixes and improvements around the FreeBSD support of COOL such as fixing tests and adding new CI configurations to ensure continuous stability of COOL on the aforementioned systems.
  • Thanks to Tamás Zolnai for a lot of fixes and improvements around cypress (testing framework), and the testing facilities thus helping COOL maintain quality over time.
  • Thanks to Henry Castro for various fixes and improvements such as adding configuration options for macro enabling macros and also setting security level for macros, thus helping COOL become easier to customize for different work settings.
  • Thanks to Mert Tümer for a series of fixes and improvements especially around improving experience on mobile views.
  • Thanks to Pranam Lashkari for fixing various issues around comment handling such as fixing an error on annotation insertion in Impress, and also for updating the instructions to set up COOL in Kubernetes (K8s), along with many other fixes and improvements.

    Kubernetes logo
    Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.
  • Thanks to Miklos Vajna for various fixes and improvements especially towards general stability of the code-base, and also for helping us move our IRC notifications to #cool-dev’s new home on Libera.Chat.
  • Thanks to Andras Timar for fixing tooltip text for some notebookbar items, thus improving the user experience of COOL, along with various other improvements and maintenance especially around localization, containerization and packaging.
  • Thanks to Rashesh Padia for many fixes and improvements especially around the Cypress UI tests, thus helping us maintain high quality of COOL’s user experience.
  • Thanks to Michael Meeks for a lot of improvements particularly focused on performance testing and asynchronous behavior, thus possibly making user experience smoother for the users of COOL.
  • Thanks to Gökay Şatır for his work on the new CanvasTileLayer towards offering a much smoother and crisper viewing experience for the users at different zoom levels.
  • Thanks to Dennis Francis for a ton of fixes, which can’t fit into a single sentence of the summary, from getting rid of the flickering during zoom animations to ensuring that the autofill behavior works properly without unwanted view jumps, thus improving the overall user experience of COOL in various ways.
  • Thanks to Pedro Silva for various fixes and improvements especially around the user interface of COOL to make it have a better and more consistent look and feel, as well as improving the Cypress tests to ensure the continuous quality of COOL.
  • Thanks to Tor Lillqvist for a lot of fixes and improvements towards modernizing the code-base.
  • Thanks to Andreas Kainz for his work towards making COOL look better on all platforms with a shiny and consistent look & feel, in cooperation with other contributors and team members such as our UI expert Pedro Silva.
  • Thanks to Szymon Kłos for various improvements and fixes especially around the notebookbar, sidebar, cypress and various dialogs, thus helping COOL become richer in feature and have an even better user experience. Check out his blog post for an update on his recent work on native sidebars!

    Native sidebars on Collabora Online in action
  • Thanks to Ashod Nakashian for various fixes and improvements towards increasing general stability of COOL and maintainability of the code-base along with tests to make our code-base future-proof, working on the async upload feature which will provide a much smoother experience for the users especially in collaborative environments, and also for reviewing pull requests of other contributors, and for mentoring them through tough issues.

Collabora Office on Android & iOS

  • Thanks to Michael Weghorn for moving the file reading logic of the Android app to a separate thread thus possibly helping it to become more responsive while opening office documents.
  • Thanks to Mert Tümer for various fixes and improvements on the Android app such as making it possible to open PDF files.
  • Thanks to Miklos Vajna for making sure the Android app knows the user’s name or nickname properly and improving localization of the app by marking certain UI strings for localization, along with various other fixes and improvements.
  • Thanks to Tor Lillqvist for various fixes and improvements on the iOS app such as allowing it to open PDF files, and ensuring it is built without errors.

Collabora Online Integrations

  • Thanks to Dave Conroy for fixing OOXML template extension, thus making sure OOXML spreadsheets can be successfully created on Collabora Online’s Nextcloud integration.
  • Thanks to Joas Schilling for helping with the housekeeping of Collabora Online’s Nextcloud integration by updating node and npm versions.
  • Thanks to Roeland Jago Douma for reviewing and merging the pull requests from other contributors on Collabora Online’s Nextcloud integration.
  • Thanks to Valdnet for various fixes and improvements around the localization of Collabora Online’s Nextcloud integration.
  • Thanks to John Molakvoæ for various under-the-hood improvements on Collabora Online’s Nextcloud integration.
  • Thanks to Szymon Kłos for various improvements and fixes on Collabora Online’s Nextcloud integration, such as making sure the configuration caching doesn’t cause users to be stuck in an erroneous state on certain cases after a fresh boot of COOL.
  • Thanks to Julius Härtl for countless fixes and improvements on Collabora Online’s Nextcloud integration as well as reviewing and merging pull requests of others.
  • Thanks to Semih Serhat Karakaya for fixing PHPStan issues on Collabora Online’s ownCloud integration, thus helping to improve its CI facilities.
  • Thanks to Phil Davis for helping to keep Collabora Online’s ownCloud integration up-to-date, as well as reviewing and merging pull requests of others.
  • Thanks to Piotr Mrówczyński for various fixes and improvements on Collabora Online’s ownCloud integration such as ensuring that secure view is enabled by default for all documents when it is enabled.
  • Thanks to Jürgen Weigert for helping with the housekeeping of Collabora Online’s ownCloud integration by updating packages and the changelog as well as reviewing and merging the pull requests of other contributors.
  • Thanks to Dipak Acharya for updating CI facilities of Collabora Online’s ownCloud integration, thus helping to maintain its code quality.
  • Thanks to theheyon for various under-the-hood fixes and improvements on Collabora Online’s ownCloud integration.
  • Thanks to Jan Ackermann for a lot of fixes and improvements on Collabora Online’s ownCloud integration, as well as reviewing and merging pull requests of other contributors.
  • Thanks to Jérémie Lesage of Jeci for countless fixes and improvements on Collabora Online’s Alfresco integration, from updating the README file to make it more developer-friendly, to adding CI facilities to ensure its continued quality.
  • Thanks a lot to Chetanya Kandhari of Brightscout for revamping Collabora Online’s Mattermost plugin completely, making it more user-friendly and modern-looking, as well as bringing it in alignment with Mattermost’s plugin guidelines.

    Collabora Online’s Mattermost integration in action

Honorable Mentions

  • Thanks to Cor Nouws for leading the marketing team, and not stopping there but continuing with testing & reporting bugs, attending to community events, and keeping us all informed about what’s going on. He also attends LibreOffice Design meetings from time to time to help COOL’s mother project LibreOffice have a better UI & UX.
  • Thanks to Eloy Crespo for his efforts to help the project well-funded as always.
  • Thanks to Marc Rodrigues for continuing to keep us updated on various news around Collabora Online and related FOSS projects, and creating a lot of yummy content to read!
  • Thanks to Pedro Silva for improving various points around the COOL Community Page and forum, and also for helping other contributors by providing instructions on their pull requests as well as reviewing them.
  • Thanks to Andras Timar for keeping us organized, maintaining our translation project on Weblate, and delivering hot new releases of our software!
  • Thanks to Yunusemre Şentürk for various tasks towards keeping our CI chains healthy.
  • Thanks to Jan Holesovsky for doing a lot of research on different topics, and providing mentoring/patch-reviewing/hand-holding/wisdom within the team, in our communication channels, and also on various channels of our lovely mother project LibreOffice.
  • Your friendly community mentor, Muhammet Kara, is also creating & improving easy hacks, running workshops, helping new contributors solving their setup & build issues and reviewing their pull requests, working on easing the build procedure, improving our GitHub presence bit by bit based on its community guidelines, compiling/composing these community updates…


Last but not least, we can’t thank enough to our translators who constantly help COOL and its friends talk many languages on this earth. Collabora Online speaks many languages, thanks to all of our translators in our translation project, and all of those who previously contributed and keeps contributing to our mother project, LibreOffice.

We’re continuing to work to find good ways to credit translators’ hard work in the product. Please see a list of those involved, and please get in touch if you’re not listed. Many thanks to all those who have worked on translating Online, you rock!

If you would like to help COOL speak your language, you can just go to our translation project on weblate, and start contributing! 😉

Collabora Online translation project on Weblate
Collabora Online translation project on Weblate

Collabora loves LibreOffice!

We’re still contributing to LibreOffice and encourage you too to do so because LibreOffice rocks. 😉

  • Thanks to Gabriel Masei for making sure that mpWindowImpl is checked before referencing, thus improving stability of LibreOffice by preventing possible crashes.
  • Thanks to Miklos Vajna for many improvements and fixes along with adding new cool features to LibreOffice. Here are a few of them:
    • After the bibliography improvements in LibreOffice Writer, funded by TUBITAK ULAKBIM, Writer now has three improvements in this area: more information about the bibliography entries in the form of a mouse tooltip and clickable URLs in the table, the ability to refer to a specific page of a (potentially long) source. Check out his blog posts[0][1] for details!
      Tooltip for bibliography entry fields
      Clickable URLs in the bibliography table

      Refer to a specic page of a bibliography source, user interface
    • Improvements to gutter margin in Writer as part of his hack-week activity at Collabora.
    • Improved borders of merged table cells in Writer. Also thanks to Docmosis for making this improvement possible by funding the work on it.
    • Writer line heights: removing a 16bit limit. Also thanks to Vector for making this improvement possible by funding the work on it.
  • Thanks to Tomaž Vajngerl for continuing his work towards developing a built-in Xray-like UNO object inspector. This effort has been funded by The Document Foundation, so also thanks a lot to the TDF Board of Directors, and the TDF donors who made the work on this tool possible! Check out his blog posts for all the details:
  • Thanks to Mike Kaganski for implementing support for multi-column layout in LibreOffice’s text boxes. Also thanks a lot to SUSE, our valued partner, for making this improvement possible by funding the work on it. Check out the blog post for all the details!

    Multiple columns in LibreOffice text boxes
  • Thanks to Gülşah Köse for various fixes and improvements especially towards improving interoperability of LibreOffice with foreign document formats, thus improving interoperability with other office suites.
  • Thanks to Noel Grandin for doing various code-quality improvements and modernization all around the LibreOffice code-base.
  • Thanks to Tor Lillqvist for a lot of fixes and improvements especially towards better support on macOS and iOS.
  • Thanks to Gopi Krishna Menon for ensuring[0][1][2] crash reports are more detailed, thus making it easier to fix critical issues on LibreOffice.
  • Thanks to Sarper Akdemir for various fixes and improvements on OOXML file formats, thus helping LibreOffice to improve in terms of interoperability.

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