Collabora Office 5.3 End of Life Announcement

Collabora Office 5.3 End of Life Announcement

After 3 years of maintenance Collabora Office 5.3 reached end of life. Collabora Productivity customers typically chose for a professional supported Collabora Office to benefit from fast implementation of features and improvements and for the long period of excellent maintenance. Collabora Office 5.3 has now been maintained for three years, compared to the 6 months of LibreOffice 5.3.

The facts of three years long term support

During its three-years-long life cycle Collabora Office 5.3. has accumulated an impressing number of improvements and fixes. We’d like to show you, what has happened since the first release in April 2017.

Over the 3 years we delivered:

  • 20 releases
  • 1170 patches (over the base of libreoffice-5-3)
    • 41 backported fixes found by OSS-Fuzz
    • 354 backported bugfixes that had a TDF bug number
    • all relevant security fixes (CVEs) in LibreOffice or in 3rd party libraries
  • a bunch of new features requested by our customers

All eyes on Collabora Office 6.0 and 6.2

With the end of life of version Collabora Office 5.3 our engineers are concentrating on the support of Collabora Office 6.0 (LTS supported until June 2021 at least) and the most recent version Collabora Office 6.2 (supported until December 2022 at least). If you want to learn more about the possibilities and advantages for your organization, get info and a demo here!

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