LibreOffice conference – 7th edition!

It’s the time of the year for the LibOCon gathering! The 7th edition of LibOCon was held in Rome, Italy from October 11 to October 13, 2017. The beautiful city of Rome gathered many LibreOffice contributors at Capitol Hill. As a tradition, our team was there and gave several talks.

Oct. 10th: Tuesday – Team day

The special Collabora team-building event happened just before the LibreOffice Conference, on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, in Rome! It was a very nice event where we played an exciting Airsoft game and had a relaxing lunch at a beautiful restaurant in Rome.

Oct. 11th: Wednesday – First day

LibOCon started! The organizers welcomed us at this edition of the LibreOffice conference, three days full of interesting talks.

Collabora was again this year a proud sponsor of the conference and Michael had a presentation regarding the involvement Collabora has with LibreOffice! 🙂

From Collabora Productivity team Aron had a talk about “Filing better interoperability bugs – from users to development “, Miklos about “LibreOffice Code Overview” and the last one was Tamas about “Quantum computing with VBA“.

Of course that this year we couldn’t miss out on handing some really nice swag for the participants! 🙂

In the evening it was the time for the community dinner that took place at Rome Scout Center. A very lovely evening that we spent enjoying the delicious Italian food and under the company of the friendly LibreOffice community.

Oct. 12th: Thursday – Second day


The second day started very early and with a lot of energy. At the second day we had talks from Jan about “LibreOffice Online – new features since the last year” and “LibreOffice Online Extensibility“, Tomaz about “Pivot Charts”, Ashod about “Per-Paragraph Signatures in Writer“, Szymon about “Per-Improved interoperability of Writer’s features“, Andras about “Mail merge Writer data source“, Pranav about “Native comments and change tracking support in LibreOffice Online” and “Tunneling dialogs to LibreOffice Online“, Michael about “Unit testing in online” and Tamas about “OOXML support maintenance“.

The HackNight took place on Thursday, from 7 PM to 11 PM, at Rome Scout Center where we spent the night hacking on LibreOffice!

Oct. 13th: Friday – Third day


Last day of the conference! This third day of LibOCon our team members Marco, Michael, Tor, Noel, Ashod, Mike and Miklos had various talks. Marco had a talk about “Approaching the 1M columns/rows limit in Calc Online“, at the same time at Sala della Commissioni Michael had a talk about “LibreOffice in a UK Hospital“, followed by a session of “Making Calc Calculate in Parallel” by Tor. Later on, we had talks from Noel about “Brute force clang plugins”, Ashod about “How to stop blocking and learn to love non-blocking sockets“, Mike about “LibreOffice: SharePoint integration. A year of progress” and the last one was from Miklos about “A year in LibreOffice’s PDF support“.

And we came to the end of the conference, announcing the next city where will be host LibOCon…

Even this year LibOCon was a great event. Kudos to the organizing team for their great job!

See you soon in Tirana, Albania!

PS: PS: If you missed LibOCon and you are interested to see the presentations from our team, we have thought about you too! 🙂 You can download all the hybrid PDF files by clicking the button below or one by one through the links in this article. Files are under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.

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