Collabora Office for Android & iOS Credits

About Collabora Office for Android & iOS

Thank you for your interest in Collabora Office for Android & iOS. These mobile apps are based on the core engine of LibreOffice and developped by Collabora Productivity with the help of other partners. In combination with a new front-end based on Collabora Online, it reads and saves documents similarly to LibreOffice on the desktop. Collabora engineers have been developing the Android support since 2012. Collabora Office has been the first free and open source office app available for iOS. For more details on the evolution of the software, we strongly recommend you to read Michael Meeks’ article about the evolution of Collabora Office for phones. On this page we would like to credit many of those who contributed to making this open source office suite for phones and tablets possible by giving a chronological overview over this huge effort that extended over several years.

2012 – Android Prototype

FOSDEM 2012 presentation by Michael Meeks

Screenshot of prototype presented at FOSDEM 2012


2013  – LibreOffice based CloudOn app for iPads

  • Many of SUSE’s LibreOffice Core developers are spun out to form Collabora Productivity
  • VC funded CloudOn makes a key investment to work with Collabora on a native iOS app for iPads
  • Matus Kukan (Collabora) builds the foundations to link the entirety of LibreOffice into a single shared library image
  • Jan Holešovský (Collabora) and Tor Lillqvist (Collabora) implement tiled rendering inside Writer

2014 – LibreOffice Viewer (Beta)

  • Funding from Smoose and Collabora makes the first development of a ‘real’ Android viewer possible
  • Andrzej Hunt improved and extend tiled rendering to Calc and Impress during Google Summer of Code 2014
  • Kohei Yoshida (Collabora) reviews, re-works and merges the Calc tiled-rendering code to master.
  • Tomaž Vajngerl re-target the Fennec tiled-rendering code from Mozilla’s android browser to target the LibreOffice core

Writer screenshot of 2014 LibreOffice Viewer (Beta)

Impress screenshot of 2014 LibreOffice Viewer (Beta)

2015 – LibreOffice Android Editor prototype

  • Collabora wins a TDF tender to “develop the base framework for an Android version of LibreOffice with basic editing capabilities”
  • Igalia won the part of the tender to implement an ownCloud integration.
  • Collabora released an LibreOffice for Android: prototype editor preview that implements tiled editing in the LibreOffice core, as well as the input handling work in Java based on the Fennec code.
  • Collabora creates Online – a new codebase for collaborative web editing

2015 Writer editor preview

2015 Calc editor preview

2016 – Hoping for a LibreOffice Android Community

  • LibreOffice for Android it is hoped, will be completed by community volunteers; the basic editing is kept as an experimental / advanced feature
  • Christian Lohmaier does important work in keeping the viewer compiling and fighting bit-rot for TDF

2017 – Summer of Code Initiatives

  • Collabora helps out by mentoring several students on top of the Fennec / Java framework
  • Gautam Prajapati, mentored by Collabora Developers Tomaž Vajngerl and Miklos Vajna, worked on improving the LibreOffice Viewer for Android during the Google Summer of Code 2017
  • Ximeng Zu, also mentored Tomaž Vajngerl and Miklos Vajna from Collabora, worked on solving bugs in the LibreOffice Android Viewer during GSoC 2017

2018 – Stagnant Development

  • Muammer Mert Tümer, mentored by Collabora Developers Tomaž Vajngerl and Miklos Vajna, worked on the Google Summer of Code 2018
  • TDF continues calling for more voluntary development support. The (unlisted) video below is a beautifully done example, that – unfortunately – this fails to attract significant support for the app.
  • Mert working for ULAKBIM / Pardus fixes a number of issues with the Fennec code

Dec 2018 – 2019 – Collabora Office re-writes to use Online for iOS + Beta version for Android

Spell checking in Collabora Office on iOS
Writer spell checking in Collabora Office on iOS

Collabora Office on iOS for editing spreadsheets.
Collabora Office on iOS for editing spreadsheets.

Creating presentations in Collabora Office iOS
Creating presentations in Collabora Office iOS

2020 – Collabora Office available for Android

  • The Mobile phone UX is completely re-written, with a new expandable bottom palette of simple, frequently used tools created by Szymon Klos
  • Native platform storage provider interface added on Android integrating with ownCloud, Nextcloud, Seafile, OneDrive or DropBox (this obsoleted Igalia’s TDF funded native Java integration from 2015 mentioned above, and allowed accessing all system content integrations)
  • Collabora Office for Android is released with full editing capabilities, a focus on privacy and free of charge

File picking on start-up of Android app

Copy/paste available through convenient gestures on Android

Easy to use pop up menus for Calc on Android

More contributions from the Collabora Team

Throughout the initial first prototypes, the LibreOffice Android Viewer to the fully functional Collabora Office for Android & iOS apps, many other not yet mentioned Collaborans have been contributing a lot of important work into this project. Here is an alphabetical overview of some of their key contributions. Again, this information is taken from Michael Meeks’ Collabora Office for Phones article.

  • Andras Timar took care of various l10n peculiarities
  • Aron Budea has spent a lot of time testing, reporting bugs and fixing regressions
  • Ashod Nakashian was heads-down improving the focusing and showing / hiding the keyboard, fixed crashes, exposed sidebar (reused for the Szymon’s work) & lots of related fixing
  • Dennis Francis has done many fixes all over the place in the UI – crashes, panning, context menus additions, zooming
  • Florin Ciornei has ported most of the shell functionality from the old app (as mentioned above), and created a separate notice and licence activity
  • Gülşah Köse has implemented the initial WebView app and improved the files association
  • Grzegorz Araminowicz has fixed zoom and reworked the hyperlink dialog
  • Henry Castro has implemented the image or shape preview when dragging or rotating, read-only mode handling, context menus improvements, scrolling, toolbars, and many more.
  • Marco Cecchetti has reworked the formula input bar in Calc work via dialog tunneling and list of formulas
  • Mert Tumer has added features even to the old, fennec-based app, and later decreased the size of the APK, improved the usability by adding progress bars to some events that take a lot of time.
  • Muhammet Kara added text box insertion, page setup menu, various chart-related work, and line formatting.
  • Pedro Pinto Silva has done huge amount of work to make the app beautiful.
  • Pranam Lashkari has implemented the inertia and smooth scrolling, row/columns improvements in Calc, sheet renaming, and various smaller things
  • Szymon Kłos has repurposed the sidebar as a single-finger-controllable menu representation; more on that below
  • Tamás Zolnai has prototyped a new unit testing framework via Cypress
  • Tomaž Vajngerl has co-mentored the Android GSoC, improved language setting, implemented export / save as functionality, hugely improved the clipboard handling
  • Yunusemre Şentürk: Fixed build errors & implemented the CI

Contribution by affiliation

So how does the project to date until May 2020 look ? this is based on code changes to Online:

Almost all of the original Smoose / TDF funded code doesn’t survive in Online, but it built a bridge to a bright future, and naturally all of the LibreOffice Core code is still shared with the core community. You can find an infographic and credits for all the other awesome community members who help to develop the LibreOffice core too. In the core core the contribution is more evenly spread:

Licence, Source Code, and Download

Collabora Office for Android & iOS is open source and released under the Mozilla Public License v2 and others. The source code is available here. You can download Collabora Online for Android & iOS via the app stores. The latest .apk of Collabora Office for Android can also be found here!

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Collabora’s LibreOffice development experts are supporting students for GSoC 2020

Collabora developers are mentoring students during this year’s Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code is an amazing, international program encouraging the participation of university students in open source software development. It enables students to independently gain practical experience on concrete projects and matches them with experienced developers. This year a record number of almost 1200 students is taking part in the sponsored projects. Collabora is always delighted to support GSoC projects: some of our experienced developers are mentoring the students: guiding them in the code, encouraging them, and supporting the growth of their skills.

Collabora developers at GSoC 2020

Also for this year’s GSoC several students are being mentored by Collabora Productivity team members. Tomaž Vajngerl, Muhammet Kara, Miklos Vajna, Mike Kaganski, and Michael Meeks are assisting the work on several projects around LibreOffice. And our companies involvement is not just limited to that. Andrej Shadura, a developer from our parent company Collabora, is in charge of various projects around the Debian operating system. Collabora’s support of these Google Summer of Code reflects our commitment to open source software and is also a matter of personal attachment. Several of today’s Collaborans like Elie Tournier and Rohan Garg have successfully participated in the GSoC program in the past. So have the current mentors Muhammet Kara, Miklos Vajna, and Pranam Lashkari from Collabora Productivity team.

A success story – development camps in Turkey

The successful application of no less than six LibreOffice office projects for this year’s Summer of Code would not be fully told without mentioning some previous happenings in winter. Collabora Productivity had sponsored the LibreOffice Developer Bootcamp in Ankara and the LibreOffice Development Workshop at the Anadolu University in Eskişehir (Turkey) during the Free Software Wintercamp 2020. These ambitious development courses by Muhammet Kara spawned no less than three of the six successfully submitted LibreOffice projects of GSoC 2020. Find out more about the great outcome of these development camps within our community news blog post.

LibreOffice projects mentored by Collabora Productivity

The student Ahmad Ganzouri has successfully submitted two projects. Supported by the mentors Tomaž Vajngerl, Miklos Vajna, and Michael Meeks, he will work on a project adding blurry shadows to objects in LibreOffice and on a second one that aims to move the current gallery data in favour to easier to handle ZIP files. Yusuf Keten, another participant of the LibreOffice Developers Bootcamp in Ankara, will be working on additions to better integrate extensions. Keten’s project is being mentored by Collabora’s Muhammet Kara.

Also Collabora’s parent company developers are mentoring

Another interesting GSoC project is bringing a CiviCRM integration to LibreOffice and Collabora Office. “Styles Inspector“, also mentored by Tomaž Vajngerl, is another project aimed at LibreOffice. We all look forward to the results of the students work. And for sure we will try to cover some of that here. Another wonderful story is that of Collabora Productivity developer Pranam Lashkari. He was a GSoC student during the last two years while graduating and this year he is already a mentor for two projects within the Boost C++ libraries. Collabora developer Andrej Shadura is mentoring no less than three projects focusing on Android SDK Tools for the Debian operating system. Find out more about these and other noteworthy projects in the Collabora news blog.

About Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code is a program awarding a three months stipend to students who successfully complete a free and open-source software coding project during the summer. The annual program started in 2005. This year, 199 organizations and 1199 student projects are taking part. Within the last 15 years more than 15.000 students from over 100 countries had been accepted. Developers from free and open source projects serve as mentors. Between 80 – 90% of the accepted projects get completed successfully.

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Online development CI accessible via the internet

It’s now easier to check the status of your /libreoffice/online patches

Recently the CI (continuous integration) infrastructure for Online has been made accessible via the internet. Now developers from outside Collabora can directly check the status of their patches and builds.


Already for a while there was a Jenkins instance that checks patches on gerrit for the online-project (and our other projects), before they are submitted to
This service is now running on dedicated hardware, what allows us to make it accessible directly from the internet. Links pointing to this server in TDF gerrit will work from now on.


How to participate in the project

This growing  access to our development makes it easier to join the project. Which we of course encourage 🙂  Therefore… read more about participating in developing LibreOffice online here!

If you have any questions, please leave a message here.

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Collabora Office for iOS and Android

Collabora brings smooth editing to Android and iOS

Cambridge, February 27th, 2020, 12:00 CET – Today we are releasing Collabora Office for Android and iOS which will allow you to edit documents directly on your phone or tablet, guaranteeing your privacy and putting you in full control of your data and documents. This release fully integrates the iOS and Android apps into our Collabora Office product family. They are now a supported part of our business suite and come with every Collabora Office Enterprise subscription. Take a look: it’s a great app: feature rich, providing smooth editing, a polished user experience and lots of design goodness.

Rich editing for mobile devices – developed with your privacy in mind!

Collabora Office for Android and iOS
From opening … to viewing … to a rich editing experience

Collabora Office for Android   (minimal version 5.0) and iOS is fully open source and brings you slick and useful editing features, like rich copy and paste, that the competition fails to deliver.
The app does not depend on external storage or services, so can be used offline. There is no longer a reason to hand over your data to somebody else to get rich mobile editing. Thus you can regain control over your documents and edit them without compromising your privacy!

One-handed touch tools for all sorts of editing


Collabora Office allows tables to be changed easily and in many ways. Handles in the document, as well as an attractive palette of tools, helps you perfect your table layout.
In our new mobile app, you will find the features where you expect them to be, giving you access to powerful functionality.

Slides and sheets at your fingertips

Choose layout and animations for presentations. A unique feature allows slide masters to be edited as well as applied.

Collabora Office for iOS and Android comes with a refined touch of usability. Sort the slides in your presentations using the convenient slide sorter. Scroll through the different sheets of your spreadsheet with the touch of a fingertip. Mobile document editing has never been easier and more fun.

Experience the polished user interface & design

Lay out of presentation in Collabora Office for iOS and Android
Full control over layout of presentations

Rotating an image in a presentation
Rotate images with your fingertips

Text highlighting in a presentation
Highlight text with the tool at the palette

Copy & paste rich text objects on mobile

Our mobile solution stands out from all its competitors because of the smooth way in which it facilitates editing on mobile devices. Collabora Office allows you to actually copy and paste rich document content on your iOS or Android device. Try it out!

Attractive icons and an attractive layout

Sheet editing options in context menu

Collabora Office for iOS and Android text document
Editing your text file

Collabora Office for iOS and Android presentation
Editing the content of a presentation

Native platform document storage

Collabora Office gives you back control over your documents. This includes the freedom to decide where to store the documents you edit from your mobile device. Our app allows you to easily integrate with privacy respecting, open source storage services such as Nextcloud, ownCloud or Seafile as well as proprietary file services such as OneDrive, Dropbox etc. Naturally you can also store and edit documents locally on your device without an external storage space. We think it’s good to notice that all the features in Collabora Office are available for all users, independent if it’s for private or for business use.

Yet more polish

Smooth inertial scrolling has been added for this release, with significant work on performance and stability. We’ve added the ability to export to various different file formats, to provide a great collaboration and interoperability experience with the users of other apps. Many usability wins too numerous to mention have been implemented. We have bundled spell-checking for English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and German for now – while we investigate shrinking the installation size to fit more. (Note selecting spell checking language currently is only on tablets.)

Two apps – one philosophy

Creating new document in iOS

Opening documents in the Android app

Last year, we paved the road so that the development of our mobile apps would be more consistent. In particular, the completely new development of the iOS app blazed the train. Both apps now share a substantially common codebase with our flagship product Collabora Online.

After our successful implementation on iOS, we re-used the same approach for our Android app. This replaced the existing LibreOffice Viewer code which had seen only very little activity for a long time, creating a fully functional and productive mobile office solution.

Welcome to the Collabora Office family

With today’s release, the apps for Android and iOS have officially become a part of our Collabora Office for Enterprise product. The family is now complete. These mobile apps complement Collabora Online and our existing desktop versions for Linux, MacOS and Windows. What does this mean for you? We can provide SLAs for our customers, as well as a close product management relationship to help steer our future development. Each improvement or issue addressed for one solution (online, mobile, desktop) can enhance all the others. Last but not least, it means the consistent and sustainable development of the mobile software.

For use on F-Droid, please use the APK file from this page.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Collabora invested huge effort and resources to bring into being a fully functional open source office suite for mobile devices. This success is built on the support of many individuals, the great LibreOffice community. Fundamentally this could not have been achieved without the support of SUSE, CloudOn, Smoose, Adfinis SyGroup and The Document Foundations’ generous historic donors. We cannot thank everyone involved enough for their passionate work. Please check our previous articles about the beta releases of the Android and iOS app, where we credit several of the people involved and where you can read more about their valuable contributions. All of our code is contributed to LibreOffice, and can be expected in LibreOffice 7, although we have our own theme. Would you like to be part of the story ? get involved today.

About Collabora Productivity

Collabora Productivity is the driving force behind putting LibreOffice in the cloud, providing Collabora Online and a range of products and consulting to enterprise and government. Powered by the largest team of certified LibreOffice engineers in the world, it is a leading contributor to the LibreOffice codebase and community. Collabora Office for Desktop and Collabora Online provide a business-hardened office suite with long-term, multi-platform support. Collabora Productivity is a division of Collabora, the global software consultancy dedicated to providing the benefits of Open Source to the commercial world, specializing in mobile, automotive and consumer electronics industries. For more information, visit or follow @CollaboraOffice on Twitter.

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Great Response to the LibreOffice Development Workshop at Free Software Winter Camp 2020

Every Winter the Anadolu University in Eskişehir, Turkey, hosts a large Free Software Winter Camp. This year it took place from Jan 25 – Jan 28, 2020, covering over 50 different classes with more than 40 different topics, and close to 1500 participants tutored by over 100 instructors. One of those classes was the LibreOffice Development Workshop, sponsored by Collabora Productivity.

For the four days of intensive training 20 students from all over the country were accepted. While the workshop itself was free, the participants were expected to cover the costs for travel and accommodation. This year 16 students showed for LibreOffice Development Workshop given by Collabora’s Muhammet Kara – a number which was a significant increase compared to the number from the previous year!

The participants of the LibreOffice Development Workshop at Free Software Winter Camp 2020.

In order to be accepted, the students had to have knowledge in C++, the principals of object-oriented programming, and at least user-level experience on a GNU/Linux system. During the workshop the 16 participants got familiar with the processes and tools of LibreOffice development and bug fixing.

Within the four days workshop the students contributed 64 commits, documented in the LibreOffice wiki. Two memorable examples of contributions were an important improvement by Onur Yilmaz for the Automatic Redaction feature and a Python script to analyse the LibreOffice code-base for styling issues written by Batuhan Taşkaya.

Muhammet Kara reported, that the feedback from the participants was very positive:

“Almost all pointed out that they have improved their development skills, and they would like to continue contributing.”

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation once again to the effort of Muhammet, the Linux Users Association of Turkey and Anadolu University for providing this exceptional training opportunity. We look forward seeing more contributions from that dedicated group of participants.

Are you searching for a interesting open source project to join? Remember, you’re really welcome to participate in CODE – the Collabora Online Development Edition.

Participate in CODE

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