CODE 4.2 Release Notes

Collabora Online Development Edition

You’ll find all information on CODE releases, installation and how to get involved on our code-page.

Released on July 2, 2020

New features in 4.2.5

Released on July 2, 2020

  • SharePoint 2016 integration. Find more information in our blog.

Released on June 11, 2020

New features in 4.2.4

Released on June 11, 2020

  • Introduced welcome message (CODE)
  • Delete tab stop from ruler with context menu/long tap (PC/mobile)
  • Add First-line indent, paragraph indent, and tab spaces to ruler
  • Multiple slide selection on Slide pane
    • Delete multiple slides
    • Duplicate multiple slides
  • Log page on Admin Console where admins can view logs and set log level
  • Insert table menu item in Writer and Impress (PC)
  • Dropped dependency to locales-all package
  • Updated translations

Fixes in 4.2.4

  • Fixed zoom of drop-down list in Writer documents
  • Fixed document title overlapped with dialogs (PC)
  • Fixed missing text selection handles on formula bar
  • Make selection from Borders dropdown work again (tdf#133078)
  • Fixed flickering during zoom in Writer
  • Report back save result (tdf#131123)
  • Fixed reuse_cookies support
  • Fixed sheet rename dialog loses focus when waiting a bit (PC/tablet)
  • Fixed theming of spin buttons in dialogs (PC/tablet)
  • Fixed unrealistic values on Admin Console due to uninitialized variables
  • Do not import hidden text frames from HTML/Clipboard that Writer does not support
  • Use ODF format instead of RTF for copy&paste from Writer to Writer
  • Fixed missing icons in CODE-brand RPM package (tdf#133496)

Detailed information of previous releases can be found on Collabora Online 4.2 Release Notes.

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