Collabora Online 4 Release Notes

Collabora Online 4.0.4

Released on May 9, 2019

New feature

  • Added RenameFile Support for WOPI


  • Fixed the duplicated character issue with certain Chinese and Korean IMEs
  • Fixed entering ‘.’ character with French AZERTY keyboard
  • Prevent view from jumping on zoom in/out on mobile
  • Show progressbar centered in the mobile
  • Changing text properties in Impress now makes the presentation modified
  • Fixed PDF export of multi-page documents
  • Fixed file corruption of spreadsheets that had frozen rows/columns

Collabora Online 4.0.3

Released on March 25, 2019

New feature

  • Add sort buttons to the toolbar in Calc


  • Fix Save As when ‘%’ character is used within the filename
  • Disable Thesaurus menu, when thesaurus is not available
  • Fix a crash, when trying to accept changes
  • Fix a crash, that occurred when no spelling dictionaries were available
  • Make PDF export watermarks look like watermarks in online editor
  • Fix that edits from multiple users got mixed up sometimes

Collabora Online 4.0.2

Released on March 14, 2019

New features

  • Follow other editor: the flag with the user name is always displayed above the other users’ caret when they are typing or moving around in the document. When the other users stop, the flag fades away after a second or two.
  • It is possible to switch slides with up/down arrow keys on the left hand side Slide pane.
  • Help URL is configurable in /etc/lookitconfig.xcu and when the URL is blank, the Help buttons on dialogs are hidden.
  • LOKit is built with MPLv2 subset configuration (excluding (L)GPL licensed 3rd party components)


  • Cleanup convert-to folder more reliably
  • Show user colors when no avatar is available
  • Do not disable the Close Document menu for read-only docs
  • Last modification link should lead to revision history only when revision history feature is enabled
  • Show normal statusbar in narrow window
  • Localization fixes

Collabora Online 4.0.1

Released on February 28, 2019


  • Watermark of tiles appears in printed document
  • Dropdown button of Data -> Validation in spreadsheets is rendered again
  • Clicking on individual chart elements is possible again
  • Typing in one view does not cause the other view to jump back to its cursor anymore
  • In mobile Chrome the ‘>>’ on the toolbar is now hidden after scrolling to the right
  • On mobile devices toolbar buttons are not enabled anymore in read-only mode at start
  • Moving caret around in text box in presentations by clicking around is possible again
  • Fix various functions, e.g. insert image function after creating a new file from a template on Nextcloud
  • Display slide background in full-screen presentation (tdf#115549)
  • Logo is customizable again with the document-logo class in CSS
  • Updated translations

Other changes

  • Discontinued support of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP4
  • Started support of openSUSE 15.0 and SUSE Linux Enterprise 15

Collabora Online 4.0

Released on February 14, 2019
Please read the announcement.