Collabora Online 4.2 Release Notes

Collabora Online 4.2.3

Collabora Online 4.2-updates

Released on May 14, 2020

New features since 4.2.2

  • You can now handle tabstops in text documents directly on the ruler
  • Support for drop down lists in form fields in ODT and DOCX and other text file formats
Drop down lists in Collabora Online
Drop down lists in Collabora Online version 4.2.3

Improvements and fixes

  • Started to support WOPI proof keys (see also:
  • Automatic WOPI proof key generation on installation, loolwsd-generate-proof-key tool
  • Packages for Ubuntu 20.04
  • Add segmentation fault metric for Kit processes
  • Fixed Insert – Image (from storage) on Firefox and IE11
  • Fixed PDF printing of multi-page documents
  • Fixed a crash in Image properties dialog (on Crop tab) and removed Macro tab
  • Calc cell validation dropdown button improved
  • Fixed Number format controls in Calc
  • Calc multiline formula bar improved
  • Updated translations


Collabora Online 4.2.2

Released on April 17, 2020

PDF and Chinese, Japanese and Korean date format improvements

  • Including PDF handling improvements (PDFium-based PDF rendering) from Collabora Online 4.0
  • Properly display Chinese (and other Asian) date formats in Calc

Most important fixes

  • Fixed ODP roundtripped in Online opened with huge zoom in desktop Collabora Office
  • Fixed that the view jumped far away when deselecting an image in Writer
  • Various stability fixes in core
  • Updated translations

Collabora Online 4.2.1

Released on March 30, 2020

New features since 4.2.0

  • Context menu option to put a shape or image to the background of text on Writer. (Wrap -> Wrap Through + In Background, Arrange -> To Background and To Foreground)

  • Writer documents can be exported to EPUB format. Use File > Download as > EPUB (.epub)
    This uses the default similar to File > Export As > Export Directly As EPUB in LibreOffice / Collabora Office.

Export as EPUB in Collabora Online!


  • Consistent Calc formula bar focusing in all cases

  • Possibility to easy navigate across wide merged cells in Calc

  • You can use Table of Contents links in Writer document

  • Updated translations

Most important fixes

  • In some cases the font dropdown contained only 2 fonts instead of all fonts installed. This has been fixed

  • Search bar did not accept letter ‘r’. This has been fixed

  • Fixed slide reordering by drag-and-drop in Impress

  • and more …

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Collabora Online 4.2.0

Released on March 5, 2020
Please see the original announcement.