Collabora Productivity Turns Ten

Can you believe it, September 2023 marks the ten year anniversary since Collabora Productivity was incorporated?! It has been a brilliant decade, full of hard work, persistence, collaboration, growth, success and of course, fun!

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported, contributed and worked with us to make Collabora Online and Office the success it is today. Here are some of the team who have worked with Collabora Productivity along our journey so far. They come from an impressive range of countries, languages, tribes and tongues, we really love to work with the best people wherever they are based.

We loved to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with the LibreOffice community
Celebrations at the LibreOffice Conference 2023 in Bucharest, Romania


Thank you to all the coding engineers

It has been amazing over the years to work with 75 talented engineers working on developing the code-base, each one has made a significant improvement somewhere, from interns spending their summer with us, to developers who spent ten years making a huge impact – in alphabetical order:

Abigail Lowrie, Aditya Dewan, András Timár, Andrej Shadura, Andrew Lee (李健秋), Andrzej Hunt, Armin Le Grand, Áron Budea, Ashod Nakashian, Attila Szűcs, Caolán McNamara, Chris Sherlock, Christopher Gladman, Corentin Noël, Daniel Stone, Darshan Upadhyay, Dennis Francis, Emmanuel Gil Peyrot, Ezinne Nnamani, Faruk Uzun, Florin Ciornei, Gökay Şatır, Gopi Krishna Menon, George Wood, Grzegorz Araminowicz, Gülşah Köse, Henry Castro, Hubert Figuière, Iván Sánchez Ortega, Ivan Stefanenko, Jack Leigh, Jan Holešovsky, Jaume Pujantell Traserra, Justin Luth, Kohei Yoshida, László Németh, Lenny Horstink, Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne, Luboš Luňák, Lubosz Sarnecki, Luigi Iucci, Marco Cecchetti, Marc Rodrigues, Markus Mohrhard, Matúš Kukan, Mert Tümer, Mihai Varga, Mike Kaganski, Miklós Vajna, Muhammet Kara, Muthu Subramanian, Nick Wingate, Noel Grandin, Oli Baker, Olivier Hallot, Özcan Esen, Paris Oplopoios, Patrick Luby, Pedro Pinto Silva, Pranam Lashkari, Pranav Kant, Rashesh Padia, Sarper Akdemir, Shehr Bano, Skyler Grey, Szymon Kłos, Tamás Bunth, Tamás Zolnai, Thais Vieira, Tim-Philipp Müller, Tomaž Vajngerl, Tor Lillqvist, Ursache Vladimir, Will Thompson, Yunusemre Şentürk

Thank you to all the supporting team

Of course, it’s not just engineering – no company can run as smoothly as Collabora Productivity without a great team around them, its been great to have 41 people across many roles in Management, PoPs, HR, Finance, Marketing, Sysadmin…

Amélie Hanna, Anna Nazaryan, Asja Čandić, Ben Toynton, Cor Nouws, Deirdre Daly, Dorée Carrier, Elisa de Castro Guerra, Eloy Crespo, Ema Infate, Foad Vafaei, Hannah Greetham, Heidi Merrifield, Guy Lunardi, Iris Lee, Jassie Badion, Javier Llamas Mondragon, Jona Aziza, Julie Wilder, Lily Logua, Mark Filion, Mazin Alhaddad, Michael Meeks, Mike Dworski, Mitch Tester, Naomi Obbard, Niall McCarthy, Niamh Merrit, Philippe Kalaf, Richard Brock, Robert McQueen, Sam Tuke, Simon Lofthouse, Simon Napper, Stelios Milidonis, Swapnil Bhartiya, Tim Eyles, Timur Gadžo, Tina Lowe, Tracie Fabb, William Gathoye

Some of our team building events over the last 10 years included Sky Diving, High Ropes, Paddle Boarding, Punting…


Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our partners. We currently have over 230 partners in 60 countries who work alongside us and integrate Collabora Online into their products. We’d like to thank them for their continued support and trust that has allowed us to grow to grow our businesses together.

We love to work with partners all over the globe


And to our customers, with some four million paying users, who have entrusted Collabora Productivity to provide their secure online office suite – it’s a privilege to be part of your business!


We love to work alongside so many talented people in the community, with over one thousand four hundred (1400) individual developers committing alongside us to the underlying LibreOffice Technology code we build on over the last ten years, along with a huge number of translators and documentation, UX experts and more all across the world. Please do checkout their credits. We’re particularly grateful to those helping us out with Collabora Online, but for reasons of brevity omit this list of names – checkout the links.

Photos from many of the community events we’ve taken part in over the decade

What have we achieved?

Throughout the decade, Collabora Productivity has focused on supporting our users and giving back to the wider LibreOffice community. We have brought LibreOffice technology to the browser and mobile in an easy to consume way for everyone.

We have released over 31 major releases across LibreOffice-from-Collabora, Collabora Online, Collabora Office, Collabora Office for Mobile and Collabora Online Development Edition.

We have pushed 57,000 commits to LibreOffice and 21,000 to Collabora Online.

We’ve hosted 7 Team and Partner events; Bern in 2014, Brno in 2016, Tirana in 2018, Almeria in 2019. COOL Days, for our partners and community was born during the pandemic. The first was hosted online in 2021, and two in the subsequent years were held in person in Berlin and Cambridge.

Of course, no software is without support tickets, enabling us to assist our customers and partners to get setup, migrated and working smoothly with Collabora products. Over the last 10 years we have closed 3596 tickets – that’s an average of around ten per day, with 19 currently open.

While our primary focus is supporting our product customers, part of Collabora Productivity is our bespoke consultancy work. We have worked with a large number of companies to build better features, provide better interoperability and solve their specific problems, all the while contributing the work back into the wider community. You can read about some of our projects.

Some Special Thank Yous

Some special thank-yous are necessary for the many people behind the scenes who worked hard behind the scenes to make the original spin-out from SUSE a succes – thanks to: Brad Haque, Gerald Pfeifer, Marie Louise van Deutekom, Melanie Reichel, Michal Svec, Nils Brauckmann, Ralf Flaxa and Vojtech Pavlik

Then thanks to our first significant customers, partners and supporters:

It took a special person ten years ago to have faith in this small, new spin-out and to support our work while we went through our teething period as a new company. Many of these people also helped us with support, advice, practical experience in negotiation, and ultimately of course funding. Without them we would not be here today – you are much appreciated:

Daniel Aquilino, Kyle Beam, John Blanton, Jean-Pierre Bordes, William Bridwell, Kent Davison, Holger Dyroff, Fernand, Adam Fyne, Tsahi Glik, David Gümbel, Chris Hall, John Hunter, Frank Karlitschek, Jagan Lokanatha, Robert McCullough, Meir Morganstern, Jos Poortvliet, Anil Raut, Jim Routh, Darren Ruotolo, Robert Schulman, Kismat Singh, Niels Spanjers, Adam Paclt, Antonin Prukl

And finally, a huge set of partners, customers and key users who have contributed so much love, feedback, financial and moral support:

Thank you to all those who have helped to fuel the growth and success of Collabora Productivit from a business perspective over this decade – the full list of names would need to be far longer here, but here are the people that came immediately to mind; thank you !

Maria Alandes Pradillo, Birgit Becker, Ralf Becker, Thorsten Behrens, Maurizio Berti, Oliver Biewald, Jean-Romain Bouquet, Ulrich Brandner, Anthony Callahan, John Carberry, Antonio Chaac Velazquez Rincon, Nicolas Christener, Jan Christoph Dageförde, Denny Dahl, Holger Dyroff, Denny Ehrenberg, Stephan Feldhoff, Eric Ficheux, Vincent Francois, Peter Ganten, Jonas Garstick, Tobias Gerlinger, Peter Gietz, David Gillard, Mark Götting, Nico Gulden, Julius Härtl, Philippe Hemmel, Darren Henderson, Jerome Herledan, Thomas Hildmann, Thomas Hilstad, Timo Hirvonen, Teo Hirvonen, Lars Hoeger, Ali Işıngör, Mihajlo Joksimovic, Niall Keaveney, Nico Kossuch, Devadas Kovilakath, Ryan Kruse, Steve Kucia, Gerald Langisch, Marina Latini, Michiel Leenaars, Jérémie Lesage, Lucie Lesage, Fabian Liedtke, Javier Llamas Mondragón, Giuseppe Lo Presti, Leif Lohdahl, Patrick Maier, Marcel Meyer, Andrea Mörike, Julie Murphy, Robert Nijhof, Robert Nouwens, Jez Nuzum, Jos van den Oever, Olivier Paroz, Jean-François Pellier, Benoit Penicaut, Régis Perdreau, Andreas Rhode, Dave Richards, Bernd Rodler, Ulises Rodriguez, Björn Schieble, Paolo Storti, Mathias Supp, Jorg Thalmann, Sebastiaan Veld, Nicolas Vérité, Arnaud Versini, Christophe Villeneuve, Sean Wilson, Markus Windecker, Andrea Wörrlein, Michael Wuttke

If you read those lists and think – “wow, that’s a lot of people” – you can share our joy at each of the relationships, insights and contributions that we’ve brought into the company from them. There has been a staggering amount of work done.

Thanks too to everyone who has written about us in the media, liked our posts on social media, met us at a conference or event or just told their friends about Collabora. All of this has allowed us to keep doing what we love most – Making Open Source Rock! We’re excited about where we’re at, and are looking forward to another decade of fun!

Join the journey

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3 Ways Collabora Online Secures your Document Containers

Ensuring the utmost security of your documents and data is paramount. Collabora Online, a powerful document editing solution, goes above and beyond to fortify your security, providing you with a robust shield against potential threats. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the central security features that make Collabora Online the trusted choice for so many – including Seccomp BPF, Sparse File Systems, and Chroot. These are the pillars upon which our security stands. We’ll explore how these technologies work together to create a document environment that’s not only highly efficient but also exceptionally secure.

It is worth noting, in order to enact some these security measures, Collabora Online requires enhanced privileges to start with in order to limit access to the rest of a system. These are swiftly dropped after they are used to lock-down each document. This methodology may seem paradoxical at first, but we hope that in this post you will see why these widely-recognized industry-standard1,2 security layers, in fact bring about the greatest safety for your file storage and editing solutions.


Seccomp BPF

Seccomp BPF is a Linux kernel feature that enhances security by restricting the system calls a process can make3. This technology significantly reduces the total kernel attack surface, minimizing the risk of potential security breaches. It lets us shrink the access of Collabora Online document processes to system calls that have been problematic in the past4. All unexpected requests can then be instantly recognized as a malicious attack and cause immediate termination of the the relevant document process by the operating system.

One example threat that this eliminates would be an escaped application attaching a hand-crafted debugger (using the ptrace system call) to try and access data or disrupt other system operations. In this instance however, the use of ptrace or ‘kill’ system calls would be immediately recognized as illegitimate, not performed, the attempt logged, and the document immediately terminated.

As mentioned in the introduction, in order to provide this layer of protection, Collabora Online requires sysadmin capabilities, however these are rapidly dropped after startup, and provide one of the strongest security pillars. By enabling Seccomp BPF within Collabora Online containers, partners can rest assured that their document environment remains safeguarded from a whole set of malicious activities.

The Collabora Online ‘Security Onion’


Chroot, short for “change root,” is a mechanism that runs a process and its children within a confined directory, isolating them from the rest of the system. Integrating Collabora Online with chroot ensures that the application and its dependencies are enclosed within a controlled environment, minimizing the potential for conflicts with other software, and again ensuring any security breaches are isolated by default, greatly reducing the possibility of any system-wide disruption.

What this means in Collabora Online is that every document user is only able to access the document data served to them in the first instance, and cannot acquire access to the rest of the system files, or use the file-system to communicate or disrupt other documents. Similar to the way fire doors are used to prevent the spread of a fire through a building, except in this case the door is fireproof, and there is no key.

Sparse File Systems

Collabora Online has been optimized in many ways to streamline resource utilization whilst bolstering security measures at the same time. One key security optimization is the sparse file system setup.

With a sparse file system setup, Collabora Online minimizes its footprint by exclusively installing the libraries and fonts essential for operation. Unlike other installations that may include unnecessary elements, this streamlined approach both saves on system resource usage, and as with Seccomp BPF above, further reduces the potential system attack surface area.

Examples of exclusions from the Collabora Online chroot would be shell tools, or unnecessary device nodes. By heavily restricting access to system device nodes Collabora Online operates with a very limited set of resources, making it very difficult for any attack to develop within the system. Following on in the fire safety analogy, this would be like removing flammable materials from a building to prevent fires starting or spreading.

In order to remove unnecessary and potentially dangerous functionality from the Collabora Online chroot, enhanced privileges are required. As mentioned above however, this privilege is dropped rapidly after entering the chroot. By only incorporating the resources that are absolutely necessary, Collabora Online further fortifies your system against potential security breaches.

Sharing memory

So why does Collabora need its own containment system? In short – for memory efficiency.

Technologies like Copy on Write (COW) and virtual memory sharing are essential components of Collabora Online’s resource-efficient yet highly-secure environment. When documents are opened in Collabora Online, COW enables multiple users to safely share large parts of the same memory space. This seriously cuts down on time and system resource usage, since other than the content unique to each document, the majority of each Collabora Online instance can be shared.

Given the above warnings about chroot and sparse file systems, this might seem like we are contradicting ourselves, but in this case the reality is that the shared components are only ever framework components, and due to the way COW functions, the new document ‘sharing’ another’s settings has no access to the actual sensitive file data, nor even the ability to modify the shared data from the original file. The key to COW’s speed and efficiency, is that only if/when the framework data is modified (written – as in Copy on Write), is an actual copy created, and new bytes written.

So why bother? Because COW is perhaps analogous to utility supplies, or other public services provided to houses or offices. Not using COW, and re-building the framework data for every document, would be like building new power stations, water treatment works, gas storage facilities, hospitals, schools, train stations, bus stations and road networks for every single house. This is of course not done, and you don’t hear of businesses complaining about the security implications of sharing a water supply with the neighbours.

In the same way, virtual memory allows the majority of memory used to be efficiently shared between containers. The Linux operating system provides strict isolation mechanisms to prevent any write access to another user’s code or document data.

This strikes a well-optimized balance between resource usage and robust security, bringing down the un-shared data cost for each document from perhaps 300Mb to 25Mb. In this way, collaborative working in Collabora Online can remain efficient, all the while safeguarding the privacy and integrity of each user’s data.

Additional security practices

Document editors are substantial applications, and Collabora invests heavily in hardening the LibreOfficeKit core, which forms the foundation of Collabora Online, and comprises over 8 million lines of code. In addition to the security pillars outlined already, further rigorous measures are in place to uncover any issues. These include crash testing, use of COVERITY5, and aggressive fuzzing in partnership with Google’s OSS-FUZZ6.

Crash testing involves subjecting the software to various stress tests and scenarios to uncover vulnerabilities that could lead to crashes or security breaches. COVERITY, a sophisticated code analysis tool, is deployed to scrutinize the code base for potential flaws or vulnerabilities. Complementing these measures is aggressive fuzz testing, where the software is bombarded with a wide range of unexpected inputs to discover and rectify any weak points.

The size of the core code remains the top attack vector, and we work hard to ensure that no code can break out and execute inside the context of the document. This however is why the above protective layers are key to ensuring the highest levels of security for your document editing solution.

Is it just us?

System administrators are rightly cautious when alerted to requests for enhanced permissions, but the reality is that this remains one of the best ways to lock down an application. Google Chrome in Linux for example is also a set-uid program. Other server-side software like Jitsi or Postfix also doesn’t drop all capabilities for similar reasons. Other app containment and sandboxing systems such as Flatpak employ the same strategy of running with elevated privileges to employ specific security measures like Seccomp BPF and utilize sparse file systems. This approach, which ultimately limits the program’s reach and ensures that potential vulnerabilities don’t lead to widespread damage, is a widely recognized and accepted industry practice.


Collabora Online is architected from the ground up to safeguard your documents and data while providing a feature-rich and efficient document editing environment. Operating with enhanced permissions, Collabora Online will ensure you have the best security measures available at your disposal, making sure your digital workspace remains safely locked down.

If you give Collabora Online the permissions it needs to do the job well – you will be much safer.

Keep your data secure with Collabora Online.

Try the Online Demo

Collabora Online – Safe, Powerful, Flexible.


A large number of system calls are exposed to every userland process with many of them going unused for the entire lifetime of the process. As system calls change and mature, bugs are found and eradicated. A certain subset of userland applications benefit by having a reduced set of available system calls. The resulting set reduces the total kernel surface exposed to the application. System call filtering is meant for use with those applications.

Collabora Online at the Nextcloud Conference 2023

On 16th and 17th September 2023, some of the team from Collabora Online had the pleasure of joining our partners Nextcloud at the Nextcloud Conference 2023 held at MotionLab, Berlin. It was a privilege to meet so many of their team, new and old, as well as wider members of the open source community.

The conference kicked off with the key note introducing Nextcloud Hub 6 which focuses on creating a healthy meeting culture and implementing a local AI, Nextcloud Assistant.

Fabrice Mous also presented the very latest Hub 6 Office features including features from our Collabora Online 23.05 release such as typography settings, shortcut overlays and change tracking for numbered lists and our 23.05.4 release which includes font previews. The new release also sees 2x faster performance in loading comments and rendering documents.

Check out the Nextcloud Hub 6 key note – it’s definitely worth a watch to see all the exciting advancements that are available now!

Over the weekend, key note speakers Max Schrems, Simon Phipps and Katrin Fritsch shared about various European data privacy policies, The Fourth Sector and why digital sustainability is important. There were also panel sessions, lightning talks from the community and practical workshops.

French partner, Arawa, presented 2 lightning talks: “Usability testing” by Clementine Hemel and “One year of contribution to Nextcloud” by Jérôme Herbinet.

Live stream day one:

Live stream day two:

Collabora Online’s contributions

On Saturday, Michael Meeks gave a workshop in the ‘big blue bus’ about how to contribute to Collabora Online.

Michael’s workshop on Saturday

On the Sunday, Michael Meeks also presented a lightning talk about the updates that have been implemented to Collabora Online (Nextcloud Office) over the past 6 months. We’re not sure how he managed to fit it all into 10 minutes as there’s been so many new features and improvements!

Watch Michael’s lightning talk here:

Download the Lightning Talk Slides
Download the Workshop Slides

To find out more about our integration with Nextcloud, check out our Nextcloud partner page.

See where we’ll be exhibiting or visiting next:

CODE & Collabora Online 23.05.4 Released with New Font and QR Code Features

They say time waits for no man, and that’s certainly the case at Collabora. Our latest update to Collabora Online Development Edition has now been released, with a number of exciting new features and improvements, including font previews, QR and barcode generators, as well as a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Font Previews

Gone are the days of guessing what a font might look like, with our new font preview drop down, you can immediately view a sample of the font before applying it to the document.

Preview fonts before selecting them

Barcode/QR Code Generator

New to Collabora Online, create and edit barcodes and QR codes with the easy to use QR and Barcode generator dialog. Produce modern documents, with all the functionality you and your users expect and need.

Insert QR codes within documents

Additional Fixes

As well as the exciting new functions listed above, a number of bug fixes have also been carried out, including:

  • Fixed: Navigator Sidebar: Headings Do Not Update Nesting Instantly
  • Fixed: Calc: With multiple views, an edited comment is committed when the other user switches sheets
  • Fixed: Calc: Elements in Chart Type dialogue when editing chart positioned incorrectly
  • Fixed: Calc: Wrong column width after save .xlsx file
  • Fixed: Dark Mode – Document and text is dark
  • Fixed: Calc: No info is shown that spreadsheet is read-only
  • Fixed: Android app or browser: cannot open PDF
  • Fixed: Notebookbar: Online help mixed with keyboard shortcuts (economed)

New Release for your Pocket – Collabora Office for Mobile 23.05

Powerful Office Productivity in Your Pocket

Cambridge, September 21, 2023 – Today we are pleased to announce the availability of a new major release of Collabora Office for Android and iOS. This updated version of our free app includes new and improved productivity features, greater document compatibility and a much improved user experience.

Today’s world of work is far more distributed and mobile. Collabora Office for Android and iOS allows you to edit documents directly on your phone or tablet, maintaining your privacy and putting you in full control of your data and documents, any time, any place.

The apps for Android and iOS complete our enterprise-ready Collabora Office product range – consisting of desktop versions for Linux, MacOS and Windows and our flagship product Collabora Online.

New Features

Dark Mode

The widely requested dark mode functionality that was added in Collabora Online 23.05 has come to mobile. There are multiple ways to activate dark mode – either from the main screen, or whilst in a document.

  • From the Home Screen, select the hamburger icon in the top left, click ‘Settings’, ‘Choose theme’ and choose between ‘Dark’ ‘Light’ or ‘System default’.
  • From within a document, select the hamburger icon in the top right, click ‘View’ and select ‘Dark Mode’. To switch off, do the same and untick ‘Dark Mode’.

Insert Form & Content Controls

You can now create forms and insert content controls in Writer, and export them into a fillable PDF file. This feature has been included from our Collabora Online 23.05 release.

  • To insert a field on mobile, select the ‘Insert’ icon on the top right bar and scroll to the bottom, select ‘Form’. From there you can choose which content controls to insert.
  • To modify the options, select the content control, re-select ‘Insert’, ‘Form’ and choose ‘Properties’.
Create forms on mobile with a variety of options

Calc Sparklines

Calc has seen the addition of Sparklines and the ability to define spreadsheet print areas which were introduced in the Collabora Online 22.05 release.

Sparklines are mini-charts found in Microsoft’s XLSX format. There are three different ways of displaying Sparklines: as lines, bar charts or stacked as win-loss charts. Sparklines are always defined for one cell, but different ones can be grouped together.

  • To insert a Sparkline, long tap and scroll to the bottom of the ‘cut, copy’ dialog. Select ‘Sparkline’, customise the options, and select ‘OK’.
  • To edit or remove, long tap on the Sparkline, scroll to the bottom of the ‘cut, copy’ dialog. Select ‘Sparkline’, and choose between the various edit and delete options.
Sparklines are now available on mobile

Define Print Area

For anyone who has tried to print a large spreadsheet, you will know that having a defined print area is essential to avoid wasting paper or having cells spread across multiple pages. Now you can define print areas on the Collabora Office for Mobile Apps to easily print on-the-go.

  • To define a print area, select the cells you want to be in the print area, click the hamburger menu in the top right corner and select ‘Define print area’.

Feature Improvements

Many already available features have seen improvements and updates in Collabora Office for Mobile 23.05. For example:

  • More list options – newly added “Outline Format” and “No list” buttons.
  • Improved Formula bar – the formula bar has been revamped. It’s now completely rendered on the client side. Also seeing many more enhancements such as better collapse and expand functionality and much better text selection handling.
  • Improved Active Slide – when using Impress, the active or selected slide is now easier to discern with an outline style.

MobileWizard Popup

The MobileWizard popup is now being utilised in more dialog boxes for increased consistency throughout the app.

  • Hyperlink panel – this has been completely revamped and improved. It’s now appears as a MobileWizard popup, making it easier to work with hyperlinks.
  • Improved Comments – similarly to the hyperlink panel, this has been revamped in a MobileWizard popup and all the following actions are operated within the same place/component: View comment list, Modify comment, Reply comment and Insert comment.
  • Improved Rename Sheet – long tap on a sheet tab then choose “Rename Sheet…”. This now uses the MobileWizard popup, making it easier to reach those input fields no matter the size of the smartphone.
MobileWizard popups are more consistent in the latest 23.05 mobile release

Performance Improvements

Collabora Office 23.05 for mobile has received many performance improvements that we have been working on throughout the 22.05 life-cycle, and you will already see included in the Collabora Online core.

Collabora Office 23.05 on Tablet

The Collabora Office tablet apps have also seen some updates. Along with various performance and bug fixes, there are a few notable new feature improvements.

Rename Document Dialog

It is now possible to rename the current opened document without closing it. Before this change, or whenever the window was too small to show the document name, renaming from within the file was not possible. The user would have to use the native files app to do so.

  • Now simply navigate to “File” tab, tap the “Rename” button. The “Rename Document” dialog appears and the user can rename the current document without leaving the app.
Renaming documents can now be done without leaving the document

New Document Search Button

With the new “Search” button, it’s easier to trigger a document search without multiple clicks, even if the Status bar is hidden.

  • Navigate to the “Home” tab and swipe left to see the last buttons in that tab. Tap “Search”.
Search documents more easily with the ‘Search’ button in the notebook bar

Thanks to the Community

Collabora has invested significantly in bringing a host of new features and functionality to this latest release and contributes the vast majority of the Collabora Online code. However, this release is a community effort, and we fully appreciate and acknowledge everyone’s hard work that has made it possible! We want to acknowledge all of our friends and colleagues in the wider LibreOffice community who helped to contribute not only to this, but also to the underlying LibreOffice technology upon which CODE and Collabora Online are built.

All of our code is open source and available to the public on GitHub. Join the Collabora Online Community, take part in easy hacks and discussions in the forum.

Download Collabora Office for Mobile 23.05

Collabora Office for iOS, Android and Chrome OS is available through the Play Store and App Store. We also provide the latest snapshot .apk for Android for download! While the iOS version is already available to all users, the Android and Chrome OS releases will be rolled to Play Store users gradually. A vibrant and welcoming community has evolved around Collabora Online & Collabora Office – so if you would like to get in touch or get involved, visit us in the forum or at GitHub.

About Collabora Productivity

Collabora Productivity is a leading provider of innovative software solutions, catering to the needs of individuals and businesses worldwide. With a focus on usability, performance, and security, Collabora Online empowers users to accomplish their goals efficiently and effectively.

Collabora Office for Mobile 23.05 is the latest Android and iOS release of our widely integrated, secure office suite.