LibreOffice conference 2016

libocon16-logo.png_(PNG_Image,_304_×_294_pixels)_-_2016-09-12_17.19.05Collabora Productivity attended the LibreOffice Conference 2016 and it was amazing. The event was held in Brno. This easy to reach city is a technological hub in the Czech Republic and it boosts many tech companies, such as RedHat. In order to show our support for the LibreOffice project and for this event, we became one of the Main Sponsors.

Tuesday, Sept 6th – Team day

Great weather and the perfect time for a team day. With the team we went to “Lanové centrum PROUD – Brno”, where we had to work together to pass the most difficult rope challenges, at a dizzying height. A truly amazing experience everybody enjoyed a lot!

Afterwards, it was time for a nice dinner with the team, followed by a drink with the LibreOffice Conference attendees at the LibreOffice Conference venue, the campus of the Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology.

Wednesday, Sept. 7th – LibreOffice conference day 1

The first day of the event was packed with talks. At 9:00am the opening sessiones started and after lunch, Collaborians Tor, Pranav and Tomaz had their talks.

The opening of the event:

Michael’s keynote at the opening session:

Our goody for the attendees was a cool Collabora Productivity watch! A big success, because many people wore them and mixed and matched colours. At the end of the event there were no watches left.

Talk of Pranav:

Tomaz’s talk:

In the evening it was time for a party! We all went to the offices of RedHat:

Hacking on LibreOffice at the offices of RedHat:

Thursday, Sept. 8th – LibreOffice conference day 2

The second day started nice and early. Although many attendees were hacking until late the day before, talks were still very well attended. This second day our team members László, Ashod, Miklos, Olivier and Andras had talks.

Everything about graphic design with LibreOffice and LibreLogo at the talk of László:

Ashod at his talk:

Miklos talked about collaborative editing using LibreOfficeKit:

Time for some group photos!

We closed the day with yet another party, now at the restaurant/bar Charlie’s square in the city center of Brno. Great food and music, but the best were the people!

Friday, Sept. 9th – LibreOffice conference day 3

The last day Collaborians Kendy, Olivier, Ashod and Andras had talks, as well as some Collabora partners.

Talk from our partner from the Netherlands, Cor Nouws from Nou&Off:

Talk from our partner from Japan, Shinji Enoki from iCRAFT:

Collaborian Olivier gave an introduction about LibreOffice Online, followed by a session of deep diving into LibreOffice Online by Ashod:

The most retweeted tweet of the conference. In the talk of Ashod, the first ever live demo of collaborative editing in LibreOffice Online was shown!

Presentations of the Google Summer of Code LibreOffice projects, of which Collabora Productivity team members were among the mentors:

And the end of the conference. In the last talk it was revealed that the next conference will be held in Rome!


This has been a great event. Talks were very interesting, well attended and there were a lot of amazing social events. The organization of the event did a great job (thanks a lot!) and we hope that the next event, in Rome, will be as amazing as this one!

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