Collabora Online Plugin for Moodle

The Collabora Online plugin for Moodle brings new possibilities to the popular open source learning platform: live editing of and cooperating on office documents.
It was first announced at the MoodleMoot Global Conference in Barcelona, Michael Wuttke of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

The Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin took the initiative for the plugin. Michael Wuttke, supporting Moodle at the university, worked on the project in close cooperation with Jan Dageförde, from the IT-department of the University of Münster. The actual development of the plugin was done by Davo Smith from Synergy Learning.

The new plugin allows teachers to add a live document editor to the course. So it actually gives students and teachers the possibility to have “in-class collaboration” on documents. And with Collabora Online that means that almost any text document, spreadsheet or presentation – can be used online, directly from Moodle!

Collabora Online Plugin for Moodle – Student creating and editing documents on the fly

Even more good news is on its way. New features, that will be delivered later on, will make it possible for learners to collaborate on documents in their assignments, when using Collabora Online.
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Check out the plugin at, and find the sources located at github.