Developers Day: 30th Sept 2021 · All recordings available!

This day is reserved for developers to directly engage with, share experiences, tips and tricks for Collabora Online enhancements. You will find short talks and Q&A intended for hackers, engineers and the technically curious on coding for Collabora Online.

Short talks and Q&A intended for hackers, engineers and the technically curious on coding for Collabora Online.. C++, JavaScript, ..
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The dates

The dedicated Business Day is October 1st.
On September 30th is the Developers Day.


This first event will be virtual.
Details share after registration.


This day is free to attend! Please use the form here.

Program of the Developers Day, 30th September 2021

All talks are around ten minutes in length, with fifteen minutes for questions between sections, and a forty-five minute lunch break.
All times displayed are CEST (UTC+2)

Subject Name Start
Opening Session Jan ‘Kendy’ Holesovsky 09:30 CEST
SDK: creating a new integration Marco Cecchetti
Mobile design improvements Pedro Silva
Cypress tests – howto, notebookbar & more … Rashesh Padia
Canvas for rendering UX Gokay Satir
Editing simulation Mert Tümer
Kubernetes setup & deployment Pranam Lashkari
Q & A
iOS new features Tor Lillqvist 11:15 CEST
Canvas Overlays and Improvements Dennis Francis
How COOL is used in 1&1 Alexandru Vlăduţu
Android new features Mert Tümer
Fuzzing / asan / string-vectors Miklos Vajna
Translating Collabora website Rute Correia
Q & A
Break for lunch
New sidebar & dialog backend Szymon Klos 13:15 CEST
Collabora Online Forum update Mike Kagansky
How to get involved in translation Andras Timar
Stability & cleanup improvements in Online Gabriel Masei
OOXML document analysis Gülşah Köse
Performance improvements Tor Lillqvist
Q & A
Async-save design Ashod Nakashian 14:30 CEST
Macro Dialog feature Henry Castro
Rendering wasteage and performance wins Lubos Lunak
Symfony bundle integrating WOPI and Collabora Online Pol Dellaiera
Multi-page PDF viewing Gokay Satir
How to bisect your bug to a single patch Nnamani Ezinne
Desktop design improvements Pedro Silva
Q & A
User sentiment reporting Pedro Silva 15:55 CEST
Setting up your own Collabora Online Michael Meeks (replacing Aron Budea)
Easy hacks to get involved Jan ‘Kendy’ Holesovsky
Community website – how to edit it Pedro Silva
Notebookbar structure Andreas Kainz
Document searching Tomaz Vajngerl
Q & A
Nextcloud integration update Julius Härtl 17:10 CEST
EGroupware integration update Birgit Becker
Mattermost integration update Chetanya Kandhari
Moodle integration update Ashod Nakashian
Collabora Online and WOPI in ownCloud Infinite Scale Willy Kloucek
Q & A
Closing session Michael Meeks Finish at 18:25 CEST