COOL Days 2021: All about Collabora Online

Join the first COOL Days

We’re excited to announce “COOL Days 2021”, virtual this year, and featuring all about developers for and deployment of Collabora Online!

Developers Day: 30th Sept 2021 · free

Short talks and Q&A intended for hackers, engineers and the technically curious on coding for Collabora Online.. C++, JavaScript, ..
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Business Day: 1st Oct 2021

Covering key business topics:
• Enhancing productivity and working from home more frequently
• Can you trust the giant monopolies with data security
• How to successfully migrate to Collabora Online
• Why open source solutions give you better value and long term control

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The Business Day fee is €199.00.
Early booking: 50% off before September 17th!

30th September “Developers Day” is reserved for developers to directly engage with, share experiences, tips and tricks for Collabora Online enhancements.

1st October “Business Day” is focused on key business issues as life returns to normal: Work productively everywhere, guarantee data security, how to partner to ensure successful deployment!

Hear from executives, IT professionals and users how Collabora Online and partners give you best in class performance, control of your documents and security.

Great that you want to join! Let us know, or directly use the link on this page!

(Use this form for the Developers Day – go here for the Business event)