COOL Days 2021: Business Day

The COOL Days are a conference all about Collabora Online – the online office suite by Collabora – and its possibilities for modern workflows. The Business Day focuses on key strategic and commercial issues: work productively everywhere, guarantee data security and how to partner to ensure successful deployment! Hear from executives, IT professionals, users how Collabora Online and partners give you best-in-class performance, control of your documents, and security.


The dates

The dedicated Business Day is October 1st.
September 30th is the Developers Day.


This first event will be virtual.
Details are share after registration.


Fee for the Business Day is €199.00.
Early booking: 50% off before September 17th

Program of the Business Day

Full details below – subject to change. All times displayed are CEST (UTC+2)

Time Topic Type By
10:00 Welcome to the first COOL Days Business Day Opening Cor Nouws
10:05 Why and how open source is winning. How Collabora Online challenges Big Tech Keynote Michael Meeks
10:20 Secure on-premise collaborative editing – Enterprise benefits of Collabora Online Support Talk Eloy Crespo
10:35 Bulletproof collaboration. How Collabora Online hardens the security of your documents Security Talk Miklos Vajna
10:50 Easy to set up. Anywhere. Integrating Collabora Online into your services SDK/Integration Talk Jan Holesovsky
11:05 Break
11:20 Benefits of considering alternatives to (too?) big tech. Panel session Holger Dyroff (ownCloud), Peter Ganten (Univention), Philippe Hemmel (Arawa), Jos Poortvliet (Nextcloud), Michael Meeks (Collabora Productivity)
12:00 Q & A Panel Audience
12:30 Lunch
13:20 ownCloud R&D Sales collaboration with SecureView Case study Patrick Maier
13:40 Nexcloud secure cloud providing privacy and scalability to large customers Case study Jos Poortvliet
14:00 Arawa Case study Philippe Hemmel
14:15 SURFdrive – a large scale secure environment Case study Jean-Marie de Boer
14:30 EGroupware – a smart online office integration Case study Birgit Becker
14:45 LibreOffice Technology, a FOSS platform for personal productivity Case study Italo Vignoli
15:00 European Pirate Party – Being in control of the own documents and data Case study Mikuláš Peksa
15:15 Moodle and Collabora Case study Davo Smith
15:30 Break
15:45 Discussion & Feedback Michael Meeks
16:05 Closing Michael Meeks

Panel “Independents’ reflections on too big tech”

This panel will be done by four executives leading the charge given their take and answer your question.


Holger Dyroff

Dyroff founded ownCloud along with Markus Rex and Frank Karlitschek after a wide-ranging career at SUSE. He is responsible for all aspects of ownCloud’s unified partner program, supporting Service Providers and Strategic partners with the marketing, selling, and technical tools they need to prosper.

Dyroff is an open source business executive with 19 years building and growing open source companies and markets. He joined SUSE in 1993 and developed early channels, marketing programs and product offerings.


Peter Ganten

Peter Ganten was a board member of the Linux Association until 2011. In the same year, the association merged with the Linux Solutions Group (LiSoG) to form the Open Source Business Alliance. Since then Peter Ganten has been its chairman. With around 170 members, the OSB Alliance is Germany’s largest network of companies and organizations that develop, build on or apply open source software.

Peter Ganten has been working on Linux since 1994 and became known as the author of a successful manual for Debian GNU/Linux.


Philippe Hemmel

As a versatile IT engineer, I have a broad vision of Information System
in various contexts (as a project manager, consultant, CTO or CIO, mostly in public organizations or IT companies) and special interests for collaborative systems, free software and change management. It led me to create Arawa at the beginning of 2016, to help organizations to develop document collaboration and access to information while keeping control of their data. I have been involved in the OpenOffice / LibreOffice community since 2003 and ownCloud / Nextcloud since 2015.


Jos Poortvliet

Jos Poortvliet is a long-time open source and privacy advocate, business consultant and community marketeer. He has worked in the public and telecommunications sector, and as a promo lead in various roles.

In 2016, he co-founded Nextcloud. As Nextcloud’s Marketing Director, he leads the company’s communications and PR.

Case study

Hear about their experiences and learn with examples.


ownCloud R&D Sales collaboration with SecureView

Hear the solution for sharing your exciting next generation designs from R&D to the customer without leaking critical future looking information in a highly secure environment. A case-study from an un-named security conscious customer.

Patrick Maier – ownCloud

Passionate for tech, internet politics and data ownership. Product Owner and Manager working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Linux, Cloud Computing, Open Source Software, Enterprise Software, and Management. PM professional with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) focused in Econometrics from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

13:20 CEST


Nexcloud secure cloud providing privacy and scalability to large customers

SIB is a major, global public actor of digital services for the healthcare and public sector. SIB supports around 500 healthcare structures and public entities in their digital transformation. Their headquarters are located in Rennes and they are also active in the city of Lille. They have been working on taking the infromation systems to the next level for the Ille-et-Vilaine department in France, including middle schools.

Jos Poortvliet – Nextcloud

People person, technology enthusiast and all-things-open evangelist. Head of marketing at Nextcloud, SUSE and KDE marketing veteran, loves biking through Berlin and cooking for friends and family.

13:40 CEST



Learn how Arawa’s expertise for implementing and deploying Collabora Online in a variety of IT environments is helping large administration and education institutions across France to benefit from collaboration and data control. Large government and educational institutions across France benefit from Arawa’s expertise in implementing and deploying Collabora Online in various IT environments.

Philippe Hemmel – Arawa

Versatile IT engineer with a broad vision of Information System in various contexts and special interests for collaborative systems, free software and change managment. Founder of Arawa.

14:00 CEST


SURFdrive – a large scale secure environment

Come and learn about the secure environment for 60.000 users in Dutch education and research, provided by SURFdrive, offering a personal cloud service to save, share and edit files.

Jean-Marie de Boer –

Jean-Marie de Boer has over 25 years of experience in hosting and developing web applications, the last 5 of which he has been working for SURF, the Dutch NREN. He is one of the specialists responsible for the day to day operation of SURFdrive and development of the service.

14:15 CEST


EGroupware : a smart online office integration

Collabora Online is flexible and easy to integrate in powerful services. EGroupware – the smart online office – shows an excellent case, providing rich features and full data control and GDPR compliance.

Birgit Becker – EGroupware

Birgit Becker is one of the managing directors of EGroupware GmbH, which has been developing its namesake software for more than 15 years. She is the specialist for consulting & support of the software. Due to the close customer contact, she also forms the interface between the customer and the development department. She is also responsible for the personnel department at EGroupware GmbH.

Stefan Unverricht – EGroupware

Stefan Unverricht is the Community Manager at EGroupware, taking care of the forum and the community translators. He passes on ideas on improvements from the user on to the developers and is present at many German OSS events.

14:30 CEST


LibreOffice Technology, a FOSS platform for personal productivity

LibreOffice was announced in 2010 as a desktop productivity software for Windows, macOS and Linux. From 2010 to 2020, it has evolved from a single desktop product to a technology platform supporting applications for the desktop, the cloud and mobile. All products share the same engine, which provides superior consistency. The goal of the presentation is to present the different stages of this evolution.

Italo Vignalo – The Document Foundation

Italo Vignoli is a founding member of and the LibreOffice project, an Open Source Initiative (OSI) board member, and the Chairman Emeritus of Associazione LibreItalia. He co-leads LibreOffice marketing, PR and media relations, co-chairs the certification program, and is a spokesman for the project. He has contributed to several large migration projects to LibreOffice, and is a LibreOffice certified migrator and trainer. From 2004 to 2010 he has been involved in the OOo project.

14:45 CEST


Being in control of the own documents and data

Digital sovereignty and being in control of the own documents and data, should be a major topic, also for public administrations. The European Pirates set a good example! They share their experience in the use of open source and Collabora Online in particular.

Mikuláš Peksa – European Pirates

Mikuláš PEKSA is a Czech biophysicist, political activist, and an elected member of the European Parliament. His work falls under the Committees on Industry, Research and Energy, as well as Budgetary control, Economic and Monetary Affairs and Tax matters. He started his political career with the Czech Pirate Party where he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament.

15:00 CEST


Moodle and Collabora

Get a richer Moodle e-learning experience with Collabora Online integrated. Synergy Learning will show all about how the plugin can help students to work together.

Davo Smith – Synergie Learning

Davo is a Senior Developer at Synergy Learning, who has been writing Moodle code for nearly 15 years. Before being a full time Moodle developer he was an IT teacher (and before that, he spent some time as a computer games developer). He lives in Sheffield, where he is married with 2 teenage children and is an active member of his local church community.

15:15 CEST


Hear from Collabora online from inside.


Why and how open source is winning. How Collabora Online challenges Big Tech

Come and hear how we have been enabling our partners to liberate their customers from proprietary Office Solutions to take back control of their documents. Get a taste of the latest developments, and our vision and roadmap for Collabora online.

Michael Meeks – Collabora Online

Michael is the General Manager of Collabora’s Office division, leading Collabora Online and Office products, and supports customers and partners alongside our extremely talented team. He also serves as a Director of The Document Foundation, has been involved in both ODF and OOXML standardization, and as a long history of contribution to Open Source.

10:05 CEST


Secure on-premise collaborative editing – Enterprise benefits of Collabora Online

Life is returning to a new normal with a focus on in office / at home working with data security and productivity. Online office suites are now more important than ever, allowing people to work collaboratively and productively with their teams. Learn how Collabora Online is helping many different enterprises to work and collaborate on documents online with a secure online office suite, which they can host themselves, in their desired solution, on a private or public cloud, without any vendor lock-in.

Eloy Crespo – Collabora Online

Eloy Crespo has lead Collabora Productivity’s Sales and Business Development since 2016. He loves to help new customers of every size, from small to huge enterprises, experience the fun of their own private, on-premise office suite. He specializes in getting partner and customers setup, switching on their SLAs, and plugging them into the rest of the company for a smooth Collabora experience.

10:20 CEST


Sanitizing & fuzzing Collabora Online

LibreOffice Technology brings a large and old C++ codebase. Online adds its own server on top of it. Come and hear what efforts Collabora does to make sure that the end result is secure and reliable, similar to slower solutions, written in higher level languages.

Miklos Vajna – Collabora Online

Miklos got involved with development in 2010 when he completed two Google Summer of Code projects to improve the RTF import/export filter of Writer. Later he became a full-time LibreOffice Writer developer for SUSE, now a contractor at Collabora.

10:35 CEST


Easy to set up. Anywhere. Integrating Collabora Online into your services

Jan Holesovsky – Collabora Online

Engineering manager responsible for the Collabora Online development. Jan has more than 18 years of experience of the codebase that forms the product.

10:50 CEST