Collabora Office for Android and iOS Release Notes

Collabora Office for Android and iOS is available for download from the Play Store and the App Store. The latest snapshot for Android is also available for download as .apk. The required Android version is 5.0 or later. The required iOS Version is 12.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Learn more about our mobile office suite on the product page.


March 25, 2020

  • Dozens of new fresh icons in menus
  • Updated translations
  • Spell checking: a long tap on misspelled words shows suggestions in Calc & Impress now too
  • Images and shapes in Writer, can be moved to background
    * on a long tap: Wrap → Wrap Through, and then select Wrap → In Background
    * the context menu also offers more background options

  • Fixed Edit → Cut, Copy, Paste in hamburger menu
  • Clipboard operations in Android are now significantly faster
  • Fixed a critical issue around truncating documents before overwriting them on save
  • >

  • Many fixes like Table of Contents links, and read-only Hyperlinks in Impress


Feb 27, 2020

Major update of Collabora Office for Android and iOS.

With the 4.2.o version, we released a true mobile version, with the features and UI that fit best on your phone.
You’ll find a lot of useful information in the release announcement.

4.1.55 and older

Earlier 2019

  • Many gradual improvements in UI, features and performance
  • Many preparing for the 4.2 major update