Collabora Office 6.4 Release Notes

These release notes include all information on updates, features, and fixes of the 6.4 branch of Collabora Office. Details about security updates are found here.
Collabora Office is the enterprise-ready and long term supported version of LibreOffice. It is available for Linux x86_64, Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit and macOS. Collabora Office 6.4 is based on the upstream LibreOffice 6.4 source code, where all our code is contributed to.

This version is no longer supported.



April 14, 2023

  • Security fixes


September 27, 2022

  • Security fix: CVE-2022-3140 Macro URL arbitrary script execution
  • Various security and stability fixes
  • Impress: SVG export enhancements



February 11, 2022

  • Security fix: CVE-2021-25636 Incorrect trust validation of signature with ambiguous KeyInfo children
  • expat: upgrade to version 2.4.4 that fixes CVE-2022-23852 and CVE-2022-23990
  • PDF export: improve precision of pdf image sizes
  • PDF export of PDF images: preserve hyperlinks
  • VML import: handle <v:imagedata gain=”…” blacklevel=”…”> so when a document created in Word has a background picture watermark, and the “washout” checkbox is ticked on the Word UI, the rendering in Writer will be closer to the rendering in Word after the fix.
  • VSDX import: show bitmaps in Visio files tdf#73523
  • Add image preferred DPI document setting
  • SVG export: fix redefined paragraph ids
  • PPTX import: make Z rotation work with rotation transform tdf#146534



December 6, 2021

  • nss: upgrade to release 3.73 that fixes CVE-2021-43527 (relevant only on Linux and macOS)
  • other smaller security and stability fixes



May 21, 2021
Improved XML import

Various fixes

  • PDF export: fix re-exporting PDF images with arbitrary page-level rotation
  • CVE-2021-25632: fileloc extension added to macOS executable denylist



April 13, 2021
New Features

  • New Gutter Margins feature

Various fixes and improvements

  • PPTX interoperability improvements
    • handling of bitmaps with special stretching, cropping, filling shapes
  • Various code stability fixes.


Original: shaped image produced in MS Office
Before: the image would render rectangular in earlier versions of LibreOffice & Collabora Office
Fixed: true to the original import in Collabora Office 6.4-33



January 25, 2021

Various fixes and improvements

  • ODF 1.3 support implemented
  • Impress: You can now add shadows to tables via Table Properties.
  • Various smaller fixes.



December 3, 2020

Various fixes and improvements

  • Fix export of shape rotation in PPTX export
  • Fix lost bitmap fill for OOXML custom shapes in PPT export
  • Better handling of cached field results in Writer, as explained in Miklos Vajna blog.


November 6, 2020

Various fixes and improvements

  • All fixes from LibreOffice 6.4.7 and more
  • Try to detect 0-byte files based on their extension, helping some exceptional PowerPoint file behavior;
  • DOCX import: support altChunk (embedded DOCX in DOCX), unhiding various content;
  • DOC export: Fixed last printed date
  • DOCX export: save multiple identical images in the document as one image in the file
  • Fix colour and gradient settings on Chart sidebar
  • SmartArt improvements in Impress
  • Support rotated text on shapes when rotation is implemented by camera rotation
  • Interoperability improvement in Calc: convert TRUE/FALSE constants to functions TRUE()/FALSE()



August 27, 2020

PPTX filter improvement

  • The import of PowerPoint SmartArt with unlimited shapes is now much improved. Details in this blog.


  • Various bugfixes from upstream LibreOffice 6.4


Released on August 4th, 2020

Major release of Collabora Office providing businesses and professionals with the best features, interoperability, LTS and custom support in open source as well as respecting user privacy and company data security. Find out more in the release announcement.

New in Collabora Office 6.4

  • PDF output of Mail Merge can produce password-protected PDFs. More information in our blog.

  • Adding visible digital signatures to existing PDF files in Draw
  • Set distance of shapes  to the bottom of the page
  • Export larger pages from Draw using PDF 1.6
  • Padded numbering in Writer. Now up to 5 characters. The previous version allowed prefixes with up to two zeros.

  • Semi-transparent text in Writer
  • Text search inside embedded PDF files in Draw

Searching for information about previous versions of Collabora Office? Please refer to the release notes of the 6.2 branch!