Collabora Office 6.2 Release Notes

On this page are the information about the updates of the 6.2 series of our productivity office suite for Linux x86_64, Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit and macOS. You can get a free demo on this page and read more about the long term support options. Collabora Office 6.2 release is based on upstream LibreOffice 6.2 source code, and thus it contains all fixes from the upstream libreoffice-6-2 branch, plus more fixes and backported stable features from higher releases. This version is no longer supported.


September 27, 2022 – security fix release

  • Security fix: CVE-2022-3140 Macro URL arbitrary script execution
  • expat: upgrade to 2.4.5 that fixes CVE-2022-25235, CVE-2022-25236, CVE-2022-25313, CVE-2022-25314 and CVE-2022-25315


February 11, 2022 – security fix release

  • Security fix: CVE-2021-25636 Incorrect trust validation of signature with ambiguous KeyInfo children
  • expat: upgrade to 2.4.4 that fixes CVE-2022-23852 and CVE-2022-23990


December 6, 2021 – security fix release

  • nss: upgrade to release 3.73 that fixes CVE-2021-43527 (relevant only on Linux and macOS)


October 19, 2021 – security fix release

  • Content Manipulation with Double Certificate Attack (CVE-2021-25633)
  • Timestamp Manipulation with Signature Wrapping (CVE-2021-25634)
  • Content Manipulation with Certificate Validation Attack (CVE-2021-25635)
  • Various fuzzing fixes
  • Fixes in 3rd party libraries
    • upgrade to Expat 2.4.1
    • libxml2: upgrade to release 2.9.12
    • curl: upgrade to release 7.78.0
    • openssl: add patch for CVE-2021-3712


April 16, 2021 – security fix release

  • Improved checkExtension for Windows ShellExecute (CVE-2021-25631)
  • Fixes in 3rd party libraries
    • Python 3: CVE-2021-3177
    • openssl: CVE-2020-1971
    • raptor2: CVE-2020-25713
    • poppler: CVE-2020-27778, CVE-2020-35702, and lots of fuzzing fixes


February 17, 2021 – bugfix release

  • Calc performance fix (tdf#133858)
  • Impress SVG export improvements (e.g. fields in slide footer, slide background)
  • Other small fixes


January 6, 2021 – bugfix release

  • Fixed issues related to PDF signature verification
  • Fixed re-allow password removal (It’s possible again to save a password-protected document without a password)
  • Impress SVG export: export the value of the slide count variable instead of the placeholder
  • 0-byte files detected based on extension and opened in the right application
  • Noto Color Emoji Font working on Linux


November 2, 2020 – bugfix release

  • DOCX import: support altChunk (embedded DOCX in DOCX)
  • DOC export: Fixed last printed date
  • DOCX export: save multiple identical images in the document as one image in the file
  • Fix colour and gradient settings on Chart sidebar


September 15, 2020 – bugfix release

  • tdf#83779: convert TRUE/FALSE constants to functions TRUE()/FALSE()
  • SVG export: fix failure on trying to read graphic of a 3D shape


September 4, 2020 – bugfix release

  • Fixes related to “Text search in embedded PDF files” feature
  • curl: upgrade to release 7.71.0
  • nss: upgrade to release 3.55.0


August 6, 2020 – feature and improvements

New feature

  • Text search in embedded PDF files in Impress and Draw

Bugfixes and improvements

  • DOCX import: fix overlapping floating tables when anchored inside a table


July 29, 2020 – feature and improvements

Mail merge now can do password protected documents

  • From now on you can send encrypted PDF with mail merge, making this powerful feature be even more useful. Read more in this blog.


  • Added Turkish spelling dictionary (on Linux)

Bugfixes and improvements

  • HTML import of Writer now ignores hidden text frames.
    Hidden text frames are not supported in Writer, so now when a user pastes HTML content, these will not cause problems.
  • Writer XHTML export: <blockquote> can’t have character children. It fixes a reqif-xhtml validation error.
  • tdf#130479 FODG import: fix handling of <draw:fill-image> in styles. Now inline bitmap fills render correctly in flat ODG files, that are used in MS Publisher import filter, for example.
  • tdf#50879 PDF export: ensure only built-in fonts are used for forms
  • Other security and stability fixes


May 20, 2020 – security update

Improvements for presentations and Microsoft .doc files

Security fix

  • A fix for CVE-2020-12801 Crash-recovered Microsoft Office encrypted documents defaulted
    to not to using encryption on next save.
    In affected versions, a crash could lead to a user accidentally saving a Microsoft Office file format
    document unencrypted, while believing it to be encrypted.


April 23, 2020

New features

Extracted from a .docx document created in Word
Diagram after import into LibreOffice/Collabora Office

Important fixes & improvements

  • Improved handling of predefined table styles. The screen below displays results before (middle) & after (right) the fix

  • Writer paragraph signing optimizations
  • Numerous interoperability improvements with the MS OOXML files
  • Security and stability fixes

Release 6.2-2 – December 20, 2019

Major release of Collabora Office providing businesses and professionals with the best features, interoperability, LTS and custom support in open source as well as respecting user privacy and company data security. Find out more in the release announcement.