Engineering Support

Bugs are an intrinsic part of any software development (even the most costly proprietary software). The availability of contracted support, to address potential software code issues, is vital when considering the deployment of any program in a corporate environment. Collabora supports its build of LibreOffice at the Source Code level. As such we analyse, diagnose and solve issues at code level. Then deploy relevant patches and pass the fix to the community portal.
Collabora has a large team of certified LibreOffice developers, who are recognised for their depth of knowledge and their bug fixing capabilities. Over the years, we have provided the solution to many problems; regressions, simple application flaws and interoperability issues. Based on this experience, the company offers annually contracted Level 3 support packages. In special circumstances we can also offer one-off fixes against specific client issues.

Engineering Support pricing

Bug-fix insurance / entitlements, with no-claims discounts if not used.

Multiple bug fixes, pre-purchased in support packages:

Annually contracted Level 3 (code issues) support packages
1 high & 2 medium severity* $15,000 €14,000 £10,000
2 high & 4 medium severity* $26,000 €24,000 £17,000
3 high & 6 medium severity* $38,000 €35,000 £25,000

Please contact Collabora to purchase a Level 3 support package.

*Case Severity Level Initial Response Work Effort Communication Frequency
High 1 Working Days (9×5) Daily, during Business Hours only Once every 2-3 Working Days
Medium 2 Working Days (9×5) Weekly during Business Hours Once a week

Custom packages available for 9+ cases per year.


We can provide bespoke code level consultancy and development work for any implementation of LibreOffice you may need. This could include (but is not limited to):
  • Specific application features.
  • Read / write support for an unusual file format.
  • Document format conversion or rendering.
  • Particular computational needs that only become possible with better performance.
  • Integration and interfacing with a back-office system.
  • Interoperability solution with disparate packages.
Collabora will be happy to help resolve operation issues through its consultancy services.
Collabora is dedicated to open-source development and is therefore committed to contributing all code enhancements up to the community portal in order to promote the improvement of the product for all users.
With an unparalleled team of certified LibreOffice developers, Collabora is ready to service all your office productivity needs.
Consultancy and support

Our team

We have a large team of certified and experienced LibreOffice developers, who are recognised for their depth of knowledge and their bug fixing capabilities.