Collabora Office 21.06 release notes

Collabora Office is an enterprise-ready and long term supported version of LibreOffice. It is available for Linux x86_64, Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit and macOS. Collabora Office 21.06 is based on the upstream LibreOffice 7.1 source code, where all our code is contributed to. If you want to try out Collabora Office you can request a free demo or even test the latest snapshot. For business use, please read about the support & services Collabora Productivity offers.


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Collabora Office 21.06.40

Released on 10 December 2023

  • Security fixes
    • Fixed CVE-2023-6185: Improper input validation enabling arbitrary Gstreamer
      pipeline injection
    • Fixed CVE-2023-6186: Link targets allow arbitrary script execution

Collabora Office 21.06.39

Released on: September 18th, 2023

  • Security fixes
    • CVE-2023-4863 – Heap-Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in libwebp<1.3.2

Collabora Office 21.06.38

Released on: May 30th, 2023

  • Fixed CVE-2023-2255 – Remote documents loaded without prompt via IFrame

Collabora Office 21.06.36

Released on: March 16th, 2023

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug in PDF export (embedded PDF in PDF case)
  • Various security and stability fixes
  • Impress: SVG export enhancements
  • Updated 3rd party libraries (various security fixes)
    • curl 7.88.1
    • expat 2.5.0
    • libjpeg-turbo 2.1.2
    • libxml2 2.10.3
    • nss 3.88.1
    • openssl 1.1.1t
    • libpng 1.6.39
    • zlib 1.2.13

Collabora Office 21.06.33

Released on: September 27th, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • Security fix: CVE-2022-3140 Macro URL arbitrary script execution
  • Various security and stability fixes
  • Impress: SVG export enhancements

Collabora Office 21.06.29

Released on: May 20th, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed unexpected change of color property after changing once, and selecting another image (tdf#149023)
  • Various code stability fixes
  • Security fixes to 3rd party libraries
    • libxml2: upgrade to release 2.9.14
    • curl: upgrade to release 7.83.1

Collabora Office 21.06.24

Released on: April 6th, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • PDF export: improve precision of pdf image sizes.This helps exporting full-page PDF images from Draw more accurately. In case the page size was A4, then the page height is 841.8897637795276 i.e. 842 points. Full-page PDF images are scaled to this size, so the referred PDF form XObject has the reciprocal of that scaling. We used to just write 0.00118, doubling the precision leads to 0.0011878840.In practice the old precision resulted in e.g. hyperlink rectangles to get out of sync with link text after 2 roundtrips, while the new precision doesn’t result in any noticeable modification to the link text position after a roundtrip.
  • Show image pixel size below logic size in Image Properties dialog
  • Fixed slow typing with version 7.1 or above on Windows 11 (Writer)
  • XLSX import: hide hidden named range of autofilter (tdf#127301)
  • ODT import: fix MSO-style <text:list text:continue-numbering="true">The ODF spec says that text:continue-numbering="true" should only continue the numbering in case the styles of the previous and the current list match.In contrast, Word continues the numbering even in case there is e.g. numbering, then bullets, then numbering again, in case the list styles of the two numberings are the same.Work this around at import time when the generator confirms that the document is coming from Word. At least Office 2019 and the latest renderer at is affected.
  • Record sort command in macros (tdf#147761)
  • Custom field results of DocProperty fields from binary DOC are now preserved (tdf#147861)Microsoft Word does not update these fields when the document is opened and users expected the same behaviour.
  • Security fixes to 3rd party libraries
    • libxslt: upgrade to release 1.1.35
    • expat: upgrade to 2.4.6
    • libxml2: upgrade to release 2.9.13
    • icu: add patch for CVE-2021-30535

Collabora Office 21.06.15

Released on: February 7th, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • Security fix: CVE-2021-25636 Incorrect trust validation of signature with ambiguous KeyInfo children
  • Add image preferred DPI document setting
  • Icon size of conditional formatting in spreadsheets aligned to font size
  • Fix unexpected paragraph border inside Writer table cell
  • Print preview: use new paper size after switching page tdf#129638
  • Interoperability fixes:
    • Support for the WebP image format tdf#114532
    • DOCX: fix tables in footnotes tdf#95806, tdf#125877, tdf#141172
    • DOCX import: fix negative page margins tdf#119952
    • DOCX import: handle a subset of
    • DOCX import: floating table with negative top margin has to be a fly frame
    • DOCX import: handle anchored objects as at-char tdf#143591
    • PDF export: allow setting filter data keys from the cmdline
    • PDF export of PDF images: preserve hyperlinks
    • PPTX import: make Z rotation work with rotation transform tdf#146534
    • PPTX export: fix endParaRPr size value for empty paragraphs tdf#146690
    • SVG export: fix missing custom bullets
    • VBA: add support for Application.WindowState
    • VBA: add support for Application.GetOpenFilename tdf#118246
    • VBA: fix copy-paste using same and separate document in Calc
    • VBA: fix registering shortcuts keys defined by the VBA macros
    • VSDX import: show bitmaps in Visio files tdf#73523
    • Backported various code stability fixes
  • Security fixes to 3rd party libraries
    • libjpeg-turbo: add patch for CVE-2020-17541
    • expat: upgrade to 2.4.4, CVE-2022-23852 and CVE-2022-23990
    • openldap: upgrade to 2.4.59, CVE-2020-36230 and CVE-2020-36229
    • postgresql: upgrade to 13.5, CVE-2021-23222

Collabora Office 21.06.10

Released on: December 19th, 2021

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed overflow in Cairo downscaled bitmap cache that caused blurry images in Impress (tdf#137719)
  • VML import: handle <v:imagedata gain=”…” blacklevel=”…”> so when a document created in Word has a background picture watermark, and the “washout” checkbox is ticked on the Word UI, the rendering in Writer will be closer to the rendering in Word after the fix.

Collabora Office 21.06.9

Released on: December 6th, 2021

Fixes and improvements

  • nss: upgrade to release 3.73 that fixes CVE-2021-43527 (relevant only on Linux and macOS)
  • Compatibility with LibreOffice 6.x and older wrt. converting strings to floating point numbers in BASIC. If you want to keep the string to floating point conversion semantics in BASIC as they were in LibreOffice 6, set the LIBREOFFICE6FLOATINGPOINTMODE environment variable to some non-empty value.

Collabora Office 21.06.6

Released on: November 12th, 2021

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed wrong ZOrder after import for images anchored to non-1st page
  • Fixed a scaling problem on chart driven by a macro (tdf#136111)
  • Fixed a document signing issue, where the 3rd signature was always invalid
  • Other smaller fixes

Collabora Office 21.06.5

Released on: October 27th, 2021

Fixes and improvements

  • Includes all fixes from LibreOffice 7.1.7

Collabora Office 21.06.4

Released on: September 9th, 2021

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved XLSX support for Calc buttons with macros (find out more)
  • Includes all fixes from LibreOffice 7.1.6
  • Fixed import of escaped Unicode characters from XLSX (tdf#118470)
  • Fixed display of embedded XLXS in PPTX (tdf#143222)
  • Fixed import/export of chart data labels from cells (tdf#143942)
  • Fixed import of chart date categories


Collabora Office 21.06

Released on: June 25th, 2021


  • Style Inspector tool: analyse and change styles in Writer
  • New style preview widget in NotebookBar (Tabbed UI)
  • Preview of and description of interface before changing UI
  • New internal integration for Extensions like templates, icons and galleries
  • Glow and Soft Edge effects for shapes
  • Gutter Margins in Writer
  • Universal Accessibility checker for PDF exports
  • HTML colours for Formulae in Math
  • New blurry shadows effect
  • Shadows for tables in Impress

Fixes and improvements

  • 50 percent faster Find & Replace feature
  • Improved Input for Excel style formulae
  • Improved PPTX import Filters
  • Improved opening speed of large XLSX files
  • Faster scrolling through large XLSX files
  • Improved spell checker performance in Calc
  • Better language handling in Writer

Find all the details about the major release of Collabora Office in our announcement.

Preview and description of UI variants
Glow ad Soft Edge effects for shapes
New blurry shadow feature


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