CODE 6.4 Release Notes

Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) 6.4 release notes

The Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) is aimed at home users and small teams. It includes all the latest and greatest features later available in our business-ready online office suite Collabora Online. Please visit the Collabora Online page for more details on the scaleable edition for professional use. For more information on the CODE releases, installation and how to get involved please visit our code-page.

New features in 6.4.0

Major release of CODE. Find all details in the announcement post.

  • New (optional) NotebookBar with more familiar look to part of the users (Classic toolbars can still be chosen in the installation’s configuration)

  • Re-written spreadsheet rendering to allow freeze rows and columns
  • Collaborate with annotations around PDF files
  • Interoperability & rendering improvements
    • Semi-transparent text
    • Improved PPTX filters & SmartArt import
    • Gradient backgrounds in slides
    • Continuous Endnotes
  • Performance & stability improvements
  • Skip in version numbering (4.2 → 6.4)

Older releases
The 6.4 development branch is the direct successor of the Collabora Online 4.2 branch. With the release of Collabora Online & CODE 6.4.0, the numbering was adapted to our desktop product Collabora Office to better reflect the state of technical development. Detailed information of previous releases can be found on CODE 4.2 release notes.